Does God Have the Thing All Men Have Dangling From Them, or Not?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1891

Swordfish and yellow-fin tunas are to be found in the middle of the ocean. They each weigh about three hundred pounds, which is about 150 kilograms. That is one and a half times my weight. Because such big, heavy fish move around in schools, once one is caught, you can catch hundreds of them. These schools of fish become the prey of shark attacks. Once a shark makes an attack, blood spreads through the water. Then all the sharks in the vicinity gather round, and about two-thirds of those fish will become food for the sharks. This is shocking. Due to these shark attacks, the situation becomes instantly hopeless for the seamen aboard, who had have hope and expectations for a big catch. (192-152, 1989.7.3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1004

Your eyes are blue whereas my eyes are black, and our hair is different. My hair is white. I am an Asian, and my face is flat. When taking after True Parents, you only need to resemble the most essential parts. By essential parts, I am talking about winning over Satan and loving God absolutely. That is all you need to inherit from me. Then you can dominate and control Satan. (170-237, 1987.11.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 1

The Original Being of God

Section 2. The Incorporeal God Needs a Body

2.2. Adam is the first ancestor and visible God

    Why did God create Adam and Eve? The incorporeal God cannot have dominion over this substantial world. The formless, invisible deity cannot rule over the visible world of created beings – the universe. For this reason, God must acquire a body, based on love. This is why He created. When He takes on a body centered on love, He can feel internal and external stimulation. Stimulation occurs. (166-232, 1987.6.7)

    Since the invisible God has no bodily form, the True Parents represent His form. The True Parents are parents on the level of the individual, family, tribe, people and nation. In the future God will appear in the form of the True Parents in the spirit world. (98-224, 1978.8.1) This teaching marks the greatness of the Unification Church. The greatness of Rev. Moon is that God wants to assume his form. (166-232, 1987.6.7)

    God is without form. The incorporeal God has now appeared as a God with form. What is this corporeal God? It is what we call the True Parents, who have not fallen. (201-83, 1990.3.4)

    Ultimately, since God is spiritual and without form, people can neither directly receive what He teaches, nor receive the experience of rebirth from God. Hence, God established central figures so that people can be taught and experience rebirth through them. They are the corporeal and incorporeal True Parents. (91-101, 1977.2.3)

    What was God’s purpose in creating Adam and Eve? As human beings we have a body, but the invisible God does not. Without a body, God cannot govern the spiritual and physical worlds. Hence, although God exists, if He wants to manifest as the parent of humankind, He must acquire a body. God’s representatives who have that body were to be Adam and Eve. God was to appear by assuming the form of unfallen Adam and Eve.
    Therefore, while Adam and Eve are the first ancestors of humankind, they were also supposed to be God, who rules over heaven and earth. Adam and Eve were to be God in bodily form; that is, they had the responsibility to govern the world in the position of parents, assuming the external form of God who dwells in the eternal visible world. (133-91, 1984.7.10)

    God’s aim was not only for God and human beings to perfect a vertical love relationship as subject and object partners. He also sought on the basis of the perfection of their vertical love to bring the horizontal love of Adam and Eve to fruition.
    When God comes as the internal parent, and Adam and Eve as the external parents achieve complete oneness with Him, in that moment the ideal of love is realized. As the invisible parent, God becomes the eternal parent in the visible world by taking on the form of Adam and Eve. At this point, Adam and Eve would become the true parents and true ancestors. (135-10, 1985.8.20)

Section 3. God is a Personal God

3.1. A personal God with intellect, emotion, and will

    Today, many Christians say that because God, the Creator, is a unique and absolute being in the position of the Most High God and the being of supreme goodness, He cannot have a relationship with human beings whom He created, that is, with created beings. In other words, they say His creatures are profane, whereas He is absolute and divine. But from the viewpoint of love, no matter how elevated and good God is, and no matter how lowly His creatures are, they must have the same character as God if they are to have a relationship of love. They must have the same heart. It means God must have the same personal qualities as a human being. (138-245, 1986.1.24)

    What kind of deity is God? He is a personal God, with intellect, emotion, and will. Since what this personal God wants most is love, He created human beings as His partners in love. This is an amazing fact. (143-149, 1986.3.17)

    How did God, the First Cause, shape human beings? He made us like Himself. He made us in His image. This means that the Father resembles us as we resemble the Father. This leads us to the answer. In seeking to know about God, what might we find about His nature? If we conclude, “He is someone like me,” we will be right on the mark. (127-233, 1983.5.15)

    Whom do you think God resembles? If it is love that God needs, would He love something that resembles Him, or would He love animals, which do not resemble Him? God needs a partner whom He can like and with whom He can share love. If human beings are indeed God’s partners, upon looking at the human race we are led to the conclusion that God must be a personal God. All His elements must be able to harmonize one hundred percent with those of humankind. God must be one who harmonizes all elements of the body and mind. This is why God must have the attributes of intellect, emotion, and will. (162-271, 1987.4.17)

    If God exists, what kind of relationship does He have with human beings? To have a relationship with human beings, He must be a personal God. And to be a personal God, He must resemble human beings.

    People have the attributes of mind and body. Then God, as their Creator, has to have similar attributes if he is to share with them a common purpose. This point marks the origin of the concept of dual characteristics. (167-243, 1987.7.21)

    Do you think God has a personality as people do? If He is like a person, do you think He is a man or a woman?  Then, do you think He has the thing all men have dangling from them, or not? What kind of internal nature did I say God has? As the Subject of dual characteristics, do you think He has both the concave and convex parts or not? Have you thought about that? (181-203, 1988.10.09)


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