God Has an Ever-Replenishing Storehouse of Love

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1826

Since everybody wants to live in a nice place, I have initiated research into submarines. Where is the most wonderful place? Apartments are the best places, aren’t they? How will you live deep in the middle of the ocean? You will need a submarine at that time. With a press of a button you can descend to a refreshing place. There will be no need for an air conditioner. There will be all sorts of exotic fish dancing in all their colors, and beautiful scenes with a myriad of colors spread before your eyes. Nothing will be inaccessible. You can go anywhere day and night. Think how convenient such a life would be. Wouldn’t you want to live in such a place before going to the spirit world? Wouldn’t it be wonderful? I am doing this for all of you. I am not doing it just for myself. I am doing it for everyone. That is why we are carrying out this research. I want to make it possible to live in the ocean, without being a burden to anyone. (217-212, 1991.6.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1080

Even your clothes must be hung in a principled way. You should put men’s clothes on the right side and women’s clothes on the left side of the closet. When you put your clothes in a drawer, you should put men’s clothes on top and women’s on the bottom. That is the principled way. You all need such training. You are hearing these things for the first time, are you not? You have to do things this way. What happens if you put men’s clothes on the bottom and women’s clothes on top? It is a violation of the Principle. (131-283, 1984.5.3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 1

The Original Being of God

Section 4. God Is Our Father
4.1. God and human beings are related as parent and child

    What did God mean when He said, “I am love.” He was teaching us to cherish love by night and day, while working, resting, dancing or crying. In like manner, He could say, “I have love, I have love in its entirety.” Having love in its entirety would mean that everything was invested into it. The one who cherishes love most is God. He has all of that love, yet once we have tasted it we are unable to let go of it even in death. (44-188, 1971.5.7)

    As an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being, there is nothing God wants to withhold for Himself; He lacks nothing. Although He has everything, if there is one thing He values highest and takes the most pride in, it is love. There is nothing He needs apart from love. (108- 223, 1980.10.16)

    Where does the completion of the ideal of creation begin? It does not start with God, but with human beings. It begins with the things of creation because the ideal of creation destines them to be. Humankind stands at the center of creation. For this reason, without human perfection, there is no perfection for God. This is because God and humankind are one. (149-9, 1986.11.1)

    What is it that makes us one with God and His will? What is it that can unite with the central core of the Will that is complete rather than the Will that is in process? Is it God’s omnipotence? Omnipotence will not work. Is it His full authority? No. Then is it His omnipresence? Again, no. Then what should it be? God is alive and dwelling in the spirit world, transcendent of time and space. What is the center of His life? It is not His infinite power, omnipresence, full authority, or anything like that. God lives with love as His central focal point. This is how I see it. He has lived focused on love from the beginning and throughout His present course, and He will do so for eternity. This is because God feels joy when He has a true object of His love. (126-223, 1983.4.24)

    Since God is absolute, all-knowing, and omnipotent, He has a storehouse of love which keeps replenishing itself even after He gives and gives. If we were to steal a lot of love from God’s storehouse and give it out day and night, will God punish us, saying “You, scoundrel, thief of love!”? Since God is all-knowing and all-powerful, He would say instead, “Okay, do that! That’s good. Take as much as you want. Keep doing it forever. Even after you’ve been here at my storehouse, there is still some left. That is why I am God. That is why I am the Subject!” He will say, “I am the Subject Partner, and the subject partner must have more than he can give to the object partner. As the Subject Partner I must have more than I can give to you as my object partners; otherwise, I would not be God. That is what I am like!” He will again say, “If you want to steal love from me and distribute it like my power plant of love, I will supply as much as you need.” If you then say, “When I run out, I will want to get more, so may I connect myself to Your pipeline of love?” God will say, “If you want, go ahead!” (116-240, 1982.1.1)

4.2. God is the closest person to you

    What is the highest embodiment of all truths? Parents, husband and wife, and children are. There is nothing higher. Then, what is the center of truth? It is love. Based on this principle, what is the center of the highest truth? We say that God is the ultimate source of truth, goodness, love and life. What does all this mean? They all go to the same point – the establishment of truth requires love and life. For this reason, God is the deepest core, the ultimate source of life, love and truth. Then what kind of being is God? He is both our Father and Mother. The core is the parents. From this point of view, God becomes simply a person. (21-183, 1968.11.20)

    God should have a white beard. That would befit Him well. So God would be stroking His beard, and if the son were to say, “I like your beard long,” His beard would become long, and if the son were to say, “I like your beard short,” it would become short.
    Since God is all-knowing and allpowerful, when He relates to men His face will look rough. To Adam, who likes masculine features, God’s face will look masculine. To women like Eve, it will have an appearance women can like. (110-281, 1981.1.1)

    Do you think God existed before the creation of heaven and earth, or not? Then how old do you think God is? It’s okay for those who can only count up to the number seventy to say He is seventy. To such people, God will chuckle, “Ho, ho; I am seventy.” When someone who can only count up to five asks Him how old He is, He will say, “Ho, ho; I am five years old” – because they do not know anything more. No matter how many numbers there are, God cannot be calculated in terms of numbers. He is beyond numbers. That makes you happy, doesn’t it? This is how our God is. (173-252, 1988.2.1)

    God also likes jokes very much. He likes humor. Who do you think the great king of humor is? It is God. He has a good sense of humor because He is all-knowing and all-powerful. Who is the great king who can make others roll around laughing, laugh until they burst and fall over? It is God. I am saying that this great king is God. (171-148, 1988.1.1)


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