Are People Better than God, or Not?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1611

The time has now finally arrived when everyone should unite, starting with the True Parents’ family and extending to all tribes, clans and Blessed Families, and for all to settle. When North and South Korea are united, the world will want to follow us in every ideological aspect. Thus it will become one world. The words “cosmic expansion of the true Blessing and the rooting out of Satan’s lineage” signify the complete elimination and transformation of that of satanic lineage. From the year 2000, which marks my eightieth birthday, all tribes living on earth will be bound for heaven. In other words, just as the Israelites departed from Egypt, we will depart from this world which is the hell created by Satan. Moses headed out of Egypt when he was eighty; similarly, as the king of families, the True Parent will set out from this fallen world. (300-305, 1999.4.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 852

The spirit world is a place filled with the concept of true love. The Kingdom of Heaven is where you go after fully experiencing true love on earth equally with all your five senses. When you reach that state, you can do everything in the spirit world. The ideal environment for life begins from there. You do not know how wondrous this is. (246-44, 1993.3.23)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
True God
Chapter 2

God and the Work of Creation

Section 3. The Ideal of Love to Be Attained Through Adam and Eve
3.1. God created Adam as a body of the invisible God

    Why did God create human beings? Man is east and woman west. Centering on the vertical God, a plane of four directions is needed. Since this covers 360 degrees, it has infinite area. What do we want to do with this space? The production unit, the starting point that produces the people for God’s kingdom, is the earth. Hence, the people of God’s kingdom are those who have lived on earth. Go and take a look around sometime. There is no kingdom other than the one on earth. Some say that there are people living in other parts of the universe. But that simply is not so. The entire universe was created for us. (206-209, 1990.10.7)

    Are people better than God, or not? In creating human beings, God could make only the vertical Adam and Eve. However, we can give birth to more than twenty children. God cannot do this. God made only one Adam and one Eve. Why? Because each is one absolute norm, and that which is vertical can make only one absolute man and one absolute woman. (236-259, 1992.11.8)

    Adam and Eve were born as God’s son and daughter, and they are the substantial manifestation of the twin embryos within God. This substantial manifestation of the invisible twin embryos of man and woman is Adam and Eve, a visible man and woman. This is how God’s sons and daughters came into being. The ideal of creation is to perfect God’s invisible realm of heart in a substantial realm of heart and unite the invisible and the visible. The ideal of creation is to establish the realm of the object partner based on love. (237-160, 1992.11.16)

    Who is Adam? He is the substantial expression of half of God’s internal characteristics. Who is Eve? She is the substantial expression and manifestation of God’s feminine characteristics. Manifesting means they each assumed a body, a substantial expression. Before their manifestation took place, there existed a hidden motivating force which had not been revealed. This hidden motivating force is the person we in the Unification Church know as God, the invisible and incorporeal being. (140-123, 1986.2.9)

    The only son and only daughter were the children born to be the corporeal object partners for the incorporeal God. Man represents God’s positive characteristics, and woman represents God’s negative characteristics. The Principle of Creation operates by separating into two objects the unified characteristics of the internal nature of God. He then harmonizes the two characteristics representing Him, and reunites them in a form that resembles His original internal nature. Man and woman each are born resembling one of God’s characteristics. Hence, the union of the only son and only daughter is the union of God’s positive and negative characteristics. In other words, they become a harmonious union resembling God. For this reason, two people, a husband and a wife, are a unified body that represents God in His entirety. (9-83, 1960.4.16)

3.2. Husband and Wife Stand as Second Creators

When a husband and wife become one and have children, they can go on forever. As they rise to the position of creator and have children, they can feel God’s joy of creation on this earthly plane. For this reason, your wife must be like your son or daughter. She combines the positions of son and daughter and brother and sister. Thus, you cannot separate from each other. Love is not arbitrary. Only when you have your children after following all this tradition, will you reach the original standard that God initially desired as the ideal of creation. This is why the family is called the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven. (223-24, 1991.11.7)

    As a husband and wife have children and rise to the position of parents, they come to feel deeply how much God rejoiced when He created human beings. Having children transforms the environment of having deep experiences into the essence of those experiences. Through those experiences, we become able to inherit the full authority of God, the great Subject of heaven and earth. The parents’ responsibilities include giving birth to and raising their children with care, continuing until the children marry. God should have raised Adam and Eve and blessed them in marriage, but He was unable to do so. Similarly, having given birth to children, Adam and Eve were unable to bless them in marriage. This bitter sorrow must be resolved. These are the fundamental principles of education. The conclusion is simple. (223-196, 1991.11.10)

    Human beings stand as horizontal parents. Adam and Eve are children, and brother and sister, and husband and wife at the same time. They then rise to the position of God by giving birth to sons and daughters. To give birth to and love children means to inherit everything that was joyful after God created human beings. (223-267, 1991.11.12)

     Your children are the way God helps you feel joy in the position of a creator, the joy God felt when He created Adam and Eve. Children are the second creation, coming through Adam and Eve. The incorporeal God created Adam and Eve as beings of substance having a physical form. If Adam and Eve had reached perfection, they would have become the central representatives of love as the perfection of God’s corporeal being. Just as God felt joy after creating Adam and Eve, children are given to you so that you can substantially feel and experience God’s joy of creation. (238-62, 1992.11.19)

    God seeks to realize His ideal of a harmonious family in the universe. That is why He seeks to bequeath His love by bringing children, brothers and sisters, husbands, wives and parents into being. Because He has love, He positions us as second creators, creators of our sons and daughters, and He reveals to us the preciousness of our sons and daughters. (238-40, 1992.11.19)

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