How Many Christians Clearly Understand God’s Grievous Heart?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1517

There is only one fundamental concept common to the three main ideals of true parents’ love, true teacher’s love, and true owner’s love. This is the concept of parents in a true family. Even I myself return home at night, don’t I? Even a nation’s president returns home at night. The school should be a place where a teacher possessing parental love teaches, and the president should be someone who governs a nation with parental love. (213-124, 1991.1.16)

Cheon Seong gyeong 695

    Unless the spirit world is united, the physical world cannot be united. If there is a Lord who has unified the spirit world, what would be the problem in unifying the physical world? It is not difficult.
    From now on we have to manage even spiritualists. I am now their commander. They too must come here to learn from me. They only know a one-way direction. For that reason, even if they receive messages from the spirit world, they should not regard them as absolute. If they do not interpret their messages according to the Divine Principle and select the right direction, they will easily become satans.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon

True God
Chapter 4

True Father’s Insights on God
Section 1. A God of Historical Bitterness, Grief and Pain

1.2. The bitter pain of restoration and God’s six-thousand-year search for His children

    According to the Unification Church, what is the original sin? It is love gone wrong. Our love should have been connected to God’s love, life and lineage. Instead, it was connected to satanic love, life and lineage. Because Adam and Eve became the personifications of the devil and left behind the satanic lineage, they produced lasting regret in history. Why was the all-knowing, all-powerful God of autonomous authority, who created heaven and earth from its root, so helpless in the face of the evil being who brought human beings to the state they are in today? If you do not know, it may seem natural for you to deny the existence of God. (211-21, 1990.12.28)

    In my background there were many incidents that evoked indignation at unjust treatment. Although many were very terrible to endure, I clenched my teeth and focused on occupying Cain’s world. I had to digest the Cain world rather than merely Cain as an individual and his family. How bitter this has been! It was as if I had to melt something as frigid and huge as an iceberg. Digesting this bitterness, I have had to silently bring Satan to submission. He has been our arch enemy since time immemorial. He brought God and humankind to ruin. (163-163, 1987.5.1)

    Satan became the father of the first ancestors of fallen humankind. They received Satan’s love and life, and thus the history of their restoration has been so difficult. Why did God, whom Christians have always understood to be almighty and all-knowing, not intervene in the Fall, rather than just standing powerless? It appeared as though He had died. God cannot liberate human beings until they themselves establish the conditions for their liberation, because it was they who committed sin. If God had been able to liberate Adam and Eve at the outset, He would not have driven them out from the Garden of Eden. If He could have done as He pleased, He would not have expelled them. But He had no recourse but to send them away. (224-46, 1991.11.21)

    We should have the true heart that God seeks. God comes to find true love. Should there not be a true son whom God has sought throughout the providence of salvation and restoration? The cascade of pure love from such a son would enable God, who had been defiled, wounded and filled with sorrow, to extend His chest in pride. Could we not imagine a situation where God would embrace that true son, forget everything, and even say that, although the Fall had occurred, He could still find no greater joy? Every man should be able to say that. (127-39, 1983.5.1)

    Satan scornfully says to God, “The lineage of love that was needed to create one true tribal domain, the ideal of an absolute realm of love centering on Your ideal of creation, was ruined and destroyed in this way. Yet do You still insist that the ideal principle of creation can be applied?” How should God respond to that? How shocked He is! How many Christians are there who clearly understand God’s grievous heart as He sees human beings, who were originally to become the children of the Lord, become the children of the enemy, trapped in an inescapable state of misery? (200-235, 1990.2.25)

    The parent of humankind came, but the people could not attend him as their parent. Could there be such a parent who came to shed blood and die for them? That parent came to host a festival of love at which he could say, “My son! My daughter! My family! My nation!” and the entire universe could reconcile. That parent who was to receive praise for that day of peace and glory should have met his lost children. Yet instead he was killed with the thrust of a blade from those children. Think about how miserable Jesus was. How grieved God was to be choked in circumstances that prevented Him from teaching ignorant human beings! (145-152, 1986.5.1)

    I have sorrow and regret from times past. But my pain and grief are nothing compared to God’s. God has not been able to fulfill His role as God. We should know that God’s bitter tears which melt the marrow of His bones, and His bloodstains that spread throughout the course of history are crying out from the ground. I have been doing this work because I know that my remaining mission is to liberate God from His anguish. (137-175, 1986.1.1)


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