Trueness Must Be Centered on God

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2353

The Family Pledge was created forty years after the founding of the Unification Church. The Family Pledge never existed before in history. Now that the Family Pledge has appeared, satanic families living in the physical world have no place where they can dwell in the future. The Family Pledge represents the fact that I indemnified four thousand years of history, and the victorious foundation made during World War II which had subsequently been lost. On this forty year foundation, the Kingdom of Heaven could now begin on earth. What is the first element of the Family Pledge? It is “Our family… by centering on true love”. Our families must live by centering on true love. What is true love? True love means we should be one with the unfallen love of God and True Parents. We should be connected to true life and true lineage based on true love. (266-143, 1994.12.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1434

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 1

What is a true parent?

Section 2. The Origin of Trueness

2.2. The source of trueness

    Being true is not limited to individuals. It applies even beyond the whole and seeks to make connections of value. Since trueness is liked and sought after by everyone, it must be everywhere. (63-88, 1972.10.8)

    We have not gathered here for our individual purposes, but for the purpose of the whole. Thus, we should serve our family before ourselves, our own people before our family, our nation before our people, and our world before our nation. In addition, before we as individuals become true, our families must be true and, furthermore, our nations and the world must be true.
    Human beings are engaged in the course of restoration where they as individuals cannot be the motivating source of all blessing. Then what is that motivating source? It is trueness. For human beings to realize their true selves, they must have a relationship with God, who is the source of all life, death, adversity, and blessing. Without making that relationship, they cannot attain their true selves as individuals.
    Trueness must be centered on God. This is why trueness is realized when the decisive foundation is laid, upon which humankind can be brought into order and governed as a whole. You should know that without such a foundation trueness cannot be established. God is the source of trueness. Trueness is established because God exists. When God departs, so does trueness. Then, rather than trueness, the origin of evil will emerge.
    We can have true results only when there is trueness. In other words, God’s desire can be fulfilled because God exists. Hence, concepts such as trueness and goodness are mainly established by God rather than by human beings.
    From this point of view, we can understand that trueness is not something human beings can define in any way they please. In other words, trueness is not subject to the arbitrary management of fallen people. Rather, trueness is to govern fallen people. Therefore, we should always submit to that which is true. We should elevate trueness and meekly follow it.
    Even looking at your daily reality or at your conscience, there is no way to deny that trueness is owned entirely by heaven. (24-315, 1969.9.14)

When we pray, we often say, “Our true God, our holy God, who is in heaven” just vaguely out of habit. However, until now, trueness has not existed in the genuine sense. Because it has not existed, its origin cannot be found in the history of humankind, but at some point beyond human history. It transcends history. In other words, since this origin has to be pursued in a place beyond our present circumstances, religion is not something through which one’s faith is based on a single person as the central point.
    Of course, there are people who see their religious founder as the standard of their faith. However, there are also people who transcend this point and pursue “trueness” by inviting God in. In light of this, we can say that throughout history many people have been unable to grasp the source of trueness either in the course of their lives or in the society around them. Any situation that only connects people among themselves cannot provide a source of trueness.
    Trueness is the absolute standard. Hence, it is necessary that God, the Absolute Being or deity, make an appearance here. Why is this so? It is because, until now, there has been no true person on earth. Thus, the person who lives in pursuit of trueness cannot of himself be the motivating source of trueness. This motivating source has to be God. In religion or history, God inevitably appears when humankind’s situation comes to the final and crucial crossroads. A definite need for the Absolute Being then arises.
Even when you seek the value of existence which is the final goal of philosophy or dig into the origin of existence which is the final goal of true knowledge, these pursuits will inevitably involve God, the transcendent being or Absolute Being. Why is this so? It is because without building a relationship with the Absolute Being, questions about the origin of knowledge or the value of existence cannot be answered. This is why people in serious situations have always sought to resolve matters through that which is true. We cannot deny such a fact.
    Hence, human beings alone cannot be the source of trueness. God, the Absolute Being, must be involved here. A religion that proclaims trueness without God is unthinkable. Human morality that emphasizes that which is true cannot deny God.
    This is why Confucius said, “Those who follow heaven will prosper and those who go against heaven will perish.” These are words centered on heaven. Heaven must certainly be involved. They are saying that prosperity, downfall, advance, and decline are not determined by people, but by heaven. Considering these things, since trueness cannot be attained without an originating point, the motivation for which comes from Heaven, the question arises, “Where is the true person among the people living on earth?”
    Where is the place where trueness can dwell? With heaven as the origin, God would want to establish a place of trueness on earth. This is God’s desire. So, the question is, “Where on earth can it reside?” It would stay in the vicinity of our daily life. This is why Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” The Kingdom of Heaven, which is the true nation, is in the mind. It has secured its place in a deep, deep valley where there is no selfishness.
    Our mind’s fundamental aspects are the intellect, emotion and will. Among these, where is the kingdom going to dwell? Which is most fundamental among the intellect, emotion and will? It is neither the will nor the intellect. It is the emotion.
    If you have something most precious to you, where would you want to keep it? You would want to keep it in a place that only you know, a place where no one else can touch or interfere with it. It would be a place where only you can handle it. Where is that place? It is in the deepest part of your heart. You bury it deep in your heart and, thus, you are led to say, “It is safe here; I can relax.” In other words, you put it in a place similar to a chest where people commonly keep valuables. From this point of view, the place where trueness can stay is the deepest part of your heart. (24-317, 1969.9.14)

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