The Lord at His Second Coming Must Unite Divided Peoples

Cheon Seong Gyeong 966

Couples who were blessed on earth will be together even when they go to the eternal spirit world. No matter how many couples and children of this world there may be, they will be scattered and separated in the spirit world. They will be separated and will not know where everyone went. It will be difficult for them to meet each other. Without a reciprocal relationship they cannot meet. They are all separated in the spirit world according to the state of their spirituality. That is extraordinary. If their whole family can unite based on love, they can be together in the spirit world. Is that something joyful or unfortunate? (250-334, 1993.10.15)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1060

    You must pray. In deciding the time to pray, you should try praying at daybreak, in the morning, at lunch, in the evening, and even at eleven or twelve at night. When you lead a life of prayer like that for many years, you should know which period of time is the best time for you to pray. Knowing this, you should offer devotion to God at the time that is right for you.
    If possible, you should pray with a person who has a high standard of grace. By doing so, you will receive grace through that person. If your husband has a higher standard of grace than you and if he leads an exemplary life of faith, you will come to receive grace because of him. After receiving grace in this way, you will look upon your husband as the most handsome man in the world. In reverse, if the husband receives grace through his wife, his wife will surely look most beautiful to him; she will be the most beautiful woman in the world. This is how couples should have been.
    Thus, when you are awake, you want to see each other, and whisper to each other throughout the night. That is not something that brings ruin but rather prosperity. (31-288, 1970.6.4)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 2

The Messiah and True Parents

Section 4. The Second Coming and the True Parents

4.2. The Task of the Lord at the Second Coming

    What is the task that the returning Lord should carry out? He must win over Satan and then win over all the people in the spirit world. There are many spiritual masters today who brag about who they are in heaven and earth. However, in expectation of the time to come, they should not merely be making spiritual efforts, no matter how sincere, without knowing how to resolve the world that came about as a result of the Fall.     We should be victorious first over the satanic world, which is a visible world rather that an invisible world, and then over the spirit world. Without fighting in the visible world and defeating Satan, no road will emerge by which we can make progress in the spirit world. Without this, we would surely face obstacles; then what would happen when we entered the spirit world? We would not be able to enter, and even if we could, we would not be able to win the battle.
    So we should attain victory within the satanic world, and next enter the spirit world and attain victory there, subjugating all religions from the least to the greatest – to Christianity, if Christianity is the highest of the mainstream religions. What this means is that we must inherit everything these religions have. When we have fought this battle and received official recognition of our victory over heaven and earth, God will say to us, “You are the victors over Satan and the spirit world!” Then we will begin to take action here on earth. Such a history remains to be made.
    Then what does the returning Lord have to do? He has to subdue Satan and subjugate, one by one, myriads of spirit people, religious leaders and leaders as a whole. As he guides them with God’s character and true love, they will come to understand the true reality of religion and the universe and they will surrender. This will happen because all beings in this universe desire to be absorbed into the sphere of a lord of love on earth who is higher than they. Even birds and dogs will go to a village that loves them more and takes care of them. It is the same for all beings. Therefore, we should subjugate them through true love and inherit all their authority. We should inherit that unified world. This is the responsibility that the Messiah must fulfill on earth.
    Uniting Christianity will not suffice. Christianity may be unified on earth, but this is not enough to create the all-encompassing cultural sphere. That sphere includes the Buddhist cultural sphere and the Islamic cultural sphere, which together form the background of the spirit world. As long as cultural barriers remain on earth and are not all removed, and as long as the source of unity is not created in the spirit world, the root of all these diverse cultures, we will not be able to bring them into unity. (100-16, 1978.10.04)

    The person with the responsibility to make the nations one, make the world one, and make heaven and earth one with original love is the Messiah. Can the Messiah actually fulfill this role alone? I am asking you if he can do it when even God Himself cannot. From this perspective, what kind of religion is it that will be introduced by the Messiah and established by God? The conclusion is that it has to be a religion that has great strength to unify individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, and cosmos with love. Even Satan says, “Isn’t this the purpose that the Messiah should come for and pursue? Isn’t this God’s purpose of sending the Messiah?” (130-174, 1984.1.15)

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