Fallen Parents have Lead Us Down a Continuously Self-Centered Path

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1837

    In the organization of our economic activities, the last remaining obstacle is the battle to take a leading position in sales in the nation. If we can take the lead in the marine products industry in America through Seilo – a global machine marketing organization – and are united in our approach, then we will automatically develop an influential position in America and the free world. As we build an economic foundation in this field, we are preparing simultaneously the Washington Times and a magazine, Insight, aimed at securing a global media base. Through these media, we are creating the means to influence the world. Fortunately, America has vast resources in the marine products industries. However, it lacks an owner.
    It is amazing that we have risen to the point where the Rev. Moon and the Unification Church are evaluated as the only ones who can become the leading force at this time. I am looking to establish the Seilo organization in fifty states in order to have the foundation of a commanding position in sales in America through the expansion of our markets, based on science and technology. The Seilo organization has gone beyond national borders. Until now, there had never been an exhibition hall or sales market that transcended national borders. (135-97, 1985.9.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1451

3.3. True Parents’ instructions to Registered Families

a. Steadfast defense of the pure lineage
b. Settlement of unchanging heart
c. Education of children in practicing
true love
d. Breaking down of national boundaries and cross-cultural marriage
e. Restoration of the homeland and establishment of the Kingdom of Heaven
f. Memorization of Hoon Dok Gyeong
and Divine Principle
g. Fulfillment of the Family Pledge
h. Settlement of Noon
(333-233, 2000.9.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 3

The Need for True Parents

Section 2. True Parents and Our Natural Parents

    In what position are your fallen, biological mother and father? Have there been, in a world untainted by the Fall, unfallen sons and daughters of whom God could say, “Oh, you are our sons and daughters!”? In the Garden of Eden, was there a concept that one had to forsake his former mother and father in order to find a new mother and father? No. Then why are we born with such a fate? This fate was not created by God but by Satan. It is the result of the Fall. This is a world created by the devil.     Here, Satan separates everything. He separated mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, the families, and nations and divided the world into small pieces. The culmination of all this is the Last Days. The Last Days refers to the end of the world. In the Last Days, something new begins. In our Principle, if a new ideal is to begin in the Last Days, what does God do? He creates a movement to bring together everything that has been divided. (125-166, 1983.3.20)

Then what are True Parents? How do your physical parents and True Parents differ? In terms of love, what is the difference between your physical parents and True Parents? True Parents and your biological parents have different concepts of love. Again, they have different concepts of love. Your physical parents teach you love with a focus on the physical reality, and your spiritual parents teach you love centered on a world that is spiritual. They have different content.
    It seems that physical parents should suffice, so why do you need spiritual parents? It is because of the Fall. What fallen parents have been teaching has led us continuously down a self-centered path. Through your parents’ love, a decisive line has been drawn holding you eternally within the satanic world; and there has been no way to sever it. (129-99, 1983.10.1)

When True Parents appear, they love with God’s love. Accordingly, God loves everything that True Parents love. This is a principle. So try to follow while saying, “Although we are born in the satanic world, let us follow True Parents! I like the nation of True Parents and their family even more than my mother and father, my house, and my sons and daughters. God’s love is the best!”
    When you are receiving the love of True Parents, Satan will not be able to drag you away no matter how hard he tries. Since the sphere of the love of God and True Parents is the ideal realm of the original world, Satan cannot take away these sons and daughters.
    There are people of all five colors among the members of the Unification Church. Your parents are your natural parents. Next, there are the True Parents of the Unification Church. They are special parents. True Parents are different from your parents.
    There is a great commotion as your natural parents try to kidnap you from Rev. Moon, as you try to go to the special parents. But the special parents are staying undisturbed with their eyes closed. They do not even tell you to come. They tell you to come if you like but not to come if you do not want to. Whereas your parents are stirring up trouble and screaming, “Rev. Moon is Satan, a heretic!” True Parents are unperturbed. Do your parents say, “We are special parents”? (128-137, 1983.6.11)

    You ask who I am. I am the parent of the three ages, that is, the parent of the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age and the Completed Testament Age. This is why I am the True Parent. You pray in the Parents’ name, but you should not pray in the True Parents’ name; the only one who can pray in the True Parents’ name is me.
    Then, what is the difference between the parents who gave you birth and True Parents? They are not the same. Your parents are in the position of the parents of one age. I am in the position of the parent spanning three ages, including the spirit world, the present age and the coming future age. True Parents are the root and the physical parents are the bud. They are connected in this way.
    Your parents are branch parents, and branches grow from sprouts. So these parents are branches of the age, but I am a parent of the three ages. I can be the parent of the root age as well as the parent of the trunk and branch age, and of the leaf age.
    You should never forget the words True Parents. Because I pray in the True Parents’ name, everyone follows me and says “I pray in True Parents’ name,” but this is not acceptable. It is against the Principle. What will the consequence of this be? When a mother and father say parents,” their children will ask, “Then who are our parents? What’s the difference?” So there will be confusion that should not happen. Your parents are parents of one generation while I am a parent of three generations. I am a parent of a vertical generation. So grandfathers, fathers and grandsons call me Parent. This involves three generations and three stages.
    This is why the Parent cannot do things as he pleases. The root cannot leave its place and do things as it pleases. It may say, “Oh, I wish I could hang around like the branches,” but it cannot do that.
    Can the root do anything it wishes? Can a bud go wherever it wishes? They long for the branch. How stifling it must be to stay in one place for hundreds of millions of years! They stay in one place until they dry out and die. There is no freedom there. But branches can go around as they please. You should know this. (141-226, 1986.2.22)


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