True Parents are Needed to Dismantle the Foundation of Satanic Love, Life and Lineage

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1421

Jesus, who failed to accomplish the will of God on earth, should have found a bride in his time and established the relationship of true parents and raised true children. He should have prepared a foundation on earth that would secure, with heaven’s authority, the right of inheritance and the right of registration into the kingdom. He passed away to the spirit world without having done so. In registering, would you register as servants? If you cannot be a son of direct descent, you must at least be registered in the name of an adopted son in order to become one of God’s heirs. Then you will share the right of inheritance. (155-309, 1965.11.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 893

You will not be free to go anywhere in the universe. You will have no place to run to. You cannot run away as you wish. You have to know that you are unable to free yourself from the realm of universal law and order. You have to follow the right path. You should realize that you are living under the rule of the universal law based on the standard of the official constitution. This affects everything relating to the order of love and morality: family, society, nation, world, cosmos and God. The path of giving love and living for the sake of others is the only way to attain an autonomy that is supported and upheld by all the laws including the laws of nature. Unification Church members do not have a clear concept of hell. You should know that hell exists. You should know that there is a severe and fearful hell if you do not follow the way of carrying the banner of love. Did you know that? I hope that you can stand in court and be victorious. (117-312, 1982.4.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 3

The Need for True Parents

Section 4. The Conditions for the Appearance of the True Parents

    What has to be done in order for True Parents to come? Without the Archangel’s restoration, True Parents cannot come. Without Jesus being restored, True Parents cannot come. Also, without the bride being restored, True Parents cannot come. This must be resolved in the religious world.
    The entity that has appeared after resolving all the difficulties in God’s providence of restoration is the True Parents. True Parents are not easy-going, good-for-nothing people.
    True Parents would not appear unless the archangel was restored. They would not appear unless Adam was restored. Also, they would not appear unless the bride – that is, Eve – was restored. That is for sure. (46-214, 1971.8.15)

Section 5. The True Lineage Must Come Through the True Parents

    It is the True Parents whom we need. What began with false parents must now begin with True Parents. False parents inherited false life and false lineage through false love. This must be reversed. The issue relates to inheriting true life and true lineage through the love of True Parents. The question, in other words, is this: how can we, after having wrongly received the seed of life, receive the original seed?
    The Messiah has to return to earth to address this question and plant the seed of the Messiah, the True Parents’ new seed of life. We cannot receive this seed without True Parents. Through this we will return to the position of the original true olive tree. This is simple.
    So God is our real parent. How close He is to us. God as the vertical parent and True Parents as the horizontal parents together realize ideal love. (218-223, 1991.7.29)
    Democracy is the ideology of brothers. This is why they fight. That is why I have declared, “We need parents. Only parents can stop the fight. What we need in this miserable situation is the way of the parents, and Godism, the ideology centered on God!” What kind of parents are these parents? These parents do not exist in the satanic world. They are an exact opposite of the parents in the satanic world. These parents are called True Parents.
    Why do we need True Parents? We need them in order to dismantle the foundation of satanic love, life, and lineage. How did men and women fall into such a situation? It was because of the sexual organs. In the original sense, sexual organs are a palace of love. But what happened to that palace of love? It is the palace of love, palace of life, and palace of lineage. The human sexual organs are that precious. They are holy.
    Through the Fall, they became something dirty. From God’s viewpoint, they were originally not something dirty, but holy. The human sexual organs are the most precious things. Life, love and lineage are connected to them. Satan defiled something so precious. (218-176, 1991.7.28)

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