The Term “True Parents” Brings with it all the Blessings in Heaven and Earth

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1112

You pass through the realm of dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle and by fulfilling your portion of responsibility as a human being you are connected in love. You there by enter the realm of direct dominion. Then, the vertical dispensation can be realized horizontally and horizontal dispensation can be realized vertically. If you push it down, it becomes horizontal and if you pull it, it becomes vertical. That is why you can have dominion vertically and horizontally. (193217, 1989.10.4) When the perfect love of God manifests, Satan cannot appear. That comes with the completion of one’s portion of responsibility. When that is fulfilled, a connection of love is made between the realms of indirect and direct dominion. This is where vertical and horizontal love is connected. When that occurs, relations based on God’s lineage and flesh and blood are formed through that vertical and horizontal love. A lineage is born. Satan cannot interfere with that lineage which is initiated through the love of God, through the connection with vertical and horizontal love. There is no connection with Satan. Thus, in order to inherit the heart of God, you must inherit the pure original lineage centered on the love of God. That is the issue. (173285, 1988.2.21)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 612

    What stage have we reached now? The time has come to link the spiritual and physical worlds on the global stage. Such unification does not take place quietly, but rather both heaven and earth are shaken. The world tried to stop God from achieving it in a bitter struggle, but He won. It was accomplished at the Washington Monument Rally. Starting from 1976, the satanic world can no longer accuse God. Satan can no longer accuse God directly. He might still accuse our ancestors in the spirit world, but not God.
    In addition, all the spirits in the spirit world will be mobilized to drive away the satanic forces from the earth. In this way, a foundation is formed for goodness to exceed the works that Satan has done until now. The spirit world will guide people to believe in the Unification Church. Jesus, other great religious leaders, and their own ancestors will appear to them and push them by spiritually chastising and punishing them if they do not.
    The spirit world will bring together everything that was divided until now and initiate a movement that binds together all the divisions of the world today through heart; a movement that brings together the world representatives based on a standard that transcends racial differences to unite their hearts. Therefore, when the spirit world is united and makes contact with the physical world, a light will shine forth and a worldwide movement will begin on a large scale.
    Until now East and West have had different spirit worlds. How was it possible to unite them? Through love. I brought together people from East and West into races and tribes centered on God’s love through the joint weddings of the Unification Church.
    I have laid the groundwork on the levels of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation and world. Heaven and the spirit world are completely depending on us. (91160, 1977.2.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 5

Section 5. True Parents and Eternal Life

The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents

    In order to meet your spouse and receive the children you can love, you must follow the Parents. When you have received your children, you should be able to say, “Oh, I am following the path through which I can command an entire heavenly nation.” How splendid this is! It is the same in the earthly world. You are walking the path in order to receive the unified tribe, unified world and unified heaven together with your family. Why then do you have to follow True Parents? You follow them in order to inherit this entire universe. How wonderful this is! God and True Parents embrace every thing. This is the Way of the True Parent, and what a tremendous ideology it is. Those Unification Church members who are determined to be loyal to God’s will consider the Unification Church as their own, whether they are in Korea, in South America, in Africa or elsewhere.
    The amazing thing about True Parents is that, through them God will bequeath this entire universe to us. We gain this amazing inheritance through True Parents when we meet them, make a determination to be eternally one with them, and follow through with this determination. (12439, 1983.1.16)

    How would you find me if I were on a far away star? You would set the direction automatically with a loving heart. When you set the right direction and say, “Teacher, Father!” it will immediately strike the core. In fact, you would rush to where True Parents were even if I told you not to come. This is the True Parents’ ideology of love. It will click into the right direction and you will know immediately. You should therefore live your daily life with a heart that longs for your True Parents until you die. You should live a life in which you can shed tears for your True Parents before you leave this world. Only then will you enter the Kingdom of Heaven after you pass away. This is a basic principle. Because this has not happened, True Parents have come in order to remedy the situation. True Parents’ efforts to revive this movement will lead you to the heavenly kingdom. (12441, 1983.1.16)

There should be no objection to my assertion that I am the clear owner of our Unification Church. Why? I have invested and served more than anyone else. Also, I am the teacher. No one can replace me. No matter how much some one may try, he cannot match the effort I have put forth. He would give up in less than a month. For this reason, even if I were to climb a mountain, dig a hole in the ground and hide there, you would try to take me back even by digging me out of the hole. Why? Because there is no teacher like Rev. Moon.
    The term “true parents” brings with it all the blessings in heaven and earth and a certificate that guarantees eternal life. The name itself is a form of certification before God and Satan. You should know that. Once you attain this, your ancestors will all bow to you, even if you do not realize why they are doing it. On the day you receive it, your third generation ancestors will come and bow down. This is an amazing fact. (20073, 1990.2.23)

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