Adam Should Realize God’s Ideal of Creation and Bring the Devil to Surrender

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1665

     When you have achieved mind-body oneness, the universe will protect you. When you have attained this state of being protected by the power of the universe, your parents as well as your siblings will also be protected by the universe. In short, everyone around you will be protected. Your race and nation must also form this connection. This is a wonderful conclusion. So, if you were 1666 Book 11 • The Root of the Universe to go to another nation and maintained mind-body unity, then you could connect to the people of that nation also. It would work wherever you were.
     In playing soccer, what happens when the ball stops rolling? It becomes one with the ground through a perpendicular. Hence, a sphere is considered to be the most ideal shape. That perpendicular could rest at any point on its surface, and this is how it is possible for the ball to roll around on any surface anywhere. So, once you have achieved mind-body oneness, and formed a perpendicular, you would fit in anywhere. Regardless of whether the person you meet is a Westerner, an Oriental, a person from the past, present or future, you would be able to relate with any situation. (205-53, 1990.7.7)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1271

There is no other way of becoming one with Jesus except through love. You cannot become one with him through truth or justice. Love is necessary before there can be life. Love goes beyond history, and is not limited by distance or space. (35-164, 1970.10.13)

Richard:  Only through love, which means a spousal relationship, can we become one with Jesus.  Not through truth or justice. 
    And Christianity emphasizes love.  Those pioneers, who followed Jesus and worked to make a just world also emphasized love, like Dr. Martin Luther King, who used the technique of non-violence taught by Mahatma Gandhi. 
Yet, the current Palestinian protests are completely different.  They emphasize hatred and war.  Therefore we can see clearly they are not righteous at all.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 4. Grace and Self-Realization

4.3. The future secured through True Parents

    The title True Parents used in the Unification Church is a great one. Of course, the content of the Principle is very deep. It can ensure one’s confidence in the future, and give meaning to it. Also, if there is an original point that can guarantee value on the stage of real life, it comes from these words. So, what do we have to do? We must unite. With whom should we become one? You should not become one with yourself as the center. Nor should you try to become one with your family at the center by pulling in True Parents. On the contrary, you should be pulled by True Parents. In being pulled, you should not be pulled just by yourself, but take your parents and husband or wife together with you. Moreover, you should take your children with you and even your material possessions. You should become one in this way. (35-274, 1970.10.25)

4.4. The value of True Parents

    There is one focal point to the purpose of God’s providence. It is precisely the point where God’s ideal is realized, where we can meet the lost parents, the lost True Parents. This foundation is thus the center of everything. That position is known as the True Parents. There have been many positions in history, but this is the most valuable one. Think about how important it is. All the saints have fought for this foundation. God considers it important, as do all the spirits in the spirit world. So all the people on this earth should also understand its importance. You have not understood its true value. It cannot be exchanged even for thousands of pieces of land. It cannot be exchanged for a diamond as wide as a stretch of land. You would not be able to attain it even if you offered the United States to God as a sacrificial offering.
    How happy would you be if you can see this place directly with your own eyes! How miserable you will be if you cannot see it! You should think deeply about this again. God’s eyes and the eyes of all spirits and all people must be focused on this. To look at history from this point of view, there has been no history. There is nothing in history that connects with this. Since this place is the place of the first human ancestors before the Fall, there can be no fallen history after it. A new beginning starts from this point. In other words, the center of everything, the substance of everything, and the result of everything will begin from here. Those who can participate in this will be the first winners on earth. From this, we can start forming a family centering on God’s love. We can defeat the sovereignty of Satan and build a new, heavenly kingdom on earth. Moreover, the fruits of history will emerge from this point. It will be the center point of the entire world, the starting point of the future. The culmination of all past history will occur, the fulfillment of present history will be preserved, and the completion of the future world will begin. If you take hold of this point, this place, you, as a human being, can be the conqueror of everything. Then, how great the value of this place must be! How splendid it will be, how much you will love it, and how much you will praise it, respect it, and come to like it! This place has to be the highest place. It is unacceptable if it is not placed in the highest position in history. All those great people, however great they were, cannot compare with this. When you see it, you will surely be deeply moved by joy.
    Have you ever danced in a dream while you are asleep? Every time you come to think of this place, this position, you will have that kind of feeling and be able to dance even during your sleep. Your heart should be drawn to this place more than to any other places, your life, or anything else. You should want to see it again, want to live with it, and feel that you cannot live without it. (52- 94, 1971.12.23)

If you want to become the parent, heaven and earth must respond in harmony. You must go to the heavenly world and win over God. Adam turned reality into a non-reality by saying “Yes” to something that God said “No” to. For this reason, without acknowledging a non-reality as a reality, regaining the original standard will not be possible. Whoever can physically resolve all problems in the process to become True Parents in both heaven and on earth brightens heaven and earth, resolves all the complex issues of history, and removes the nail embedded in God’s heart. The liberation of love desired by God results in rejoicing, dancing, and laughing while embracing and loving these sons and daughters. Great shouts of victory, will rise up from every being filled with tremendous joy, to resound throughout all of creation and all of heaven and earth.
    Without suggesting something affirmative in the face of denial, the parent cannot come to the earth. How serious this is! In the heavenly world, Confucius, Buddha and Jesus get together to perform this kind of test. God pushes this aside and negotiates this Himself. In God’s ideal of creation, there is a heart that cannot be expressed in words. Adam should realize this by himself in the period of perfection and bring the devil to surrender. He should be the sovereign of liberation. Adam is the ruler of all nations, the master of salvation, and the one who can be the first son among all brothers and sisters. The opposition of the satanic world put the spirit world into chaos for forty days. Since God is the judge, he must receive fair judgement from God. It was here that I received the verdict of victory and appeared on the earth. (215-86, 1991.2.6)

Richard:  My understanding of the above is that True Father, Rev. Moon had to realize his mission at the True Parent by himself.  He had to confront this false world of lies with the truth.
    Confucius, Buddha and Jesus all got together to challenge Rev. Moon in the spirit world, as well.   Yet Rev. Moon stood firm and could win the approval of God as the True Parent. Hallelujah!

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