You Should Become Substantial Representatives of True Parents

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1666

You may look at nature and say, “Oh, I don’t need the four seasons. I only like spring; I hate summer, autumn and winter.” However, if you were to ask God, He would answer, “I love all the four seasons.” Hence, you need to learn to like summer, autumn and winter, even though you may have disliked them in the past. When the winter snow comes, God looks upon the world covered in white and derives pleasure from it. So you should also be saying, “Oh, I like it too!” That is the way it should be. (133-28, 1984.7.1)

You should be able to look at nature with a mind similar to that of God’s. Such should be your mindset. If there is a flood or streaks of lightning, you should not say things like, “Oh, how I hate that!” God is thinking, “Ha ha, heaven and earth are kissing and making love!” He tells those who say they do not like it, “Ha ha, you good-for-nothing rascals!” (133-28, 1984.7.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 989

Offer your first words to Heaven after rising from your bed in the morning. When you step outside your home, you should step with your right foot first, dedicating your first step to Heaven. If you develop such habits, your life will become a life of attendance. From this viewpoint, you should maintain the standard of a principled attitude in daily life. (17-296, 1967.2.15)

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 5. What We Need to Do

5.1 Our responsibilities

    You are each walking the path of restoration as an individual, but you are not walking it individually. You are always walking that path on behalf of True Parents. Otherwise, you will not be able to prepare True Parents’ victorious foundation at the tribal, ethnic, or national levels. For you to proceed correctly on behalf of True Parents, if True Parents are going out to establish the worldwide spiritual standard of victory, you should go out to establish the national standard of victory. You should know this clearly. Now that True Parents’ standard of victory is established spiritually, it must be established on earth. You are going beyond the level of one people, carrying out True Parents’ responsibility on their behalf. To explain this from another viewpoint, you are going over the national level towards the worldwide level, to spiritually establish the cosmic standard of victory. The Lord, who is coming as the True Parents for us, has to spiritually pioneer the cross we must bear, achieve substantial victory and take responsibility for everything. This is the difficult aspect of restoring parents.
    Looking at heaven, earth, and humankind, has Heaven ever been able to attend the victorious True Parents? Heaven could not yet do so. Has the earth been able to attend them? It has not yet been able to do so. Has humankind been able to attend them? They have not been able to, but they are now on the way to doing so.
    Then, is it enough just to attend True Parents? It is not. After attending True Parents, you need to restore a true family, a tribe, a people, a nation, and the world. The people of Israel was prepared for this. To stand before True Parents as true children, the children’s course of individual-level restoration, course of family-level restoration, course of tribal-level restoration, course of ethniclevel restoration and course of nationallevel restoration are to be accomplished. Through the completion of the parents’ course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation and the children’s course of restoration for the individual, family, tribe, people and nation, the standard of parents and children having become one and victorious is established. Only after this can we finally conclude national-level restoration and make a fresh start toward the global level.
    Then, what is the mission of the Unification Church and in what kind of position are you who have joined the church? You have been called into the Unification Church, of which I am the central figure. You are in the position of having to horizontally and physically develop what has been a sorrowful six thousand years of vertical history. What kind of resolution do we have to make? What is the goal we must aim for? We must establish the nation of True Parents on a worldwide foundation. We must establish the world-level nation of True Parents.
    We must eliminate the remaining sorrow, pain and tears of the world as soon as possible. This is the responsibility and mission of our Unification Church. You are now on the path you are meant to follow. You should not turn to look back, either with your heart or with your body, as the Israelites did when they were on their way to Canaan. What is the hope we should harbor? We should have the sincere hope to be able to truly attend the True Parents who are coming to earth on behalf of God. In attending them, we should not desire to attend them when the victorious foundation is already laid and all people have come to admire and respect them; rather, we should desire to attend True Parents as they pass through history’s sorrowful course. Our ancestors are deeply pained that they were unable to attend the True Parents who have walked through the sorrowful course of history. All humankind harbors the hope of being able to sincerely attend True Parents. Thus, you must become true sons and daughters of filial piety who attend them from a miserable situation rather than trying to attend them from a glorious position. To be such true sons and daughters of filial piety, even in difficulty, despair and misery that makes one cry out, we should be able to say, “Dear God, dear God who is guiding me, True Parents are walking the path of the cross of suffering that is more severe than that of Jesus. As someone who attends True Parents, I therefore accept any kind of heavy cross as a matter of course. I praise that, so please, God, do not worry on account of me.”
    I am saying that we, on our own, should be able to indemnify the worries, pain, and sorrow that reach us, instead of giving them to God to bear. Only then can we be engrafted, on the individual level, to the parents’ individual victory. Currently, our Blessed Families are spread throughout Korea. Why have I spread the Blessed Families out everywhere in Korea? God works with the thirty million people of the Korean race and the entire Korean peninsula, and True Parents are coming to the thirty million Korean people and the Korean peninsula.
    The entire Korean peninsula of three thousand ri – every village, valley, mountain and field – desires to attend the coming True Parents. Serving True Parents is the desire of all people in history. You, as children, should establish the individual and family standard of indemnity and become substantial representatives of True Parents. You should be people whom those in the village want to serve without any regret. Of course, the True Parents are in the center and make a spiritual relationship with everyone. Since there is only one set of True Parents, however, they cannot relate with everyone personally. That is why the Blessed Families are the representatives of True Parents and stand in the position to relate with all people. True Parents have the responsibility to go over this nation and bear the cross on the worldwide level. Therefore, the cross of the people should be carried by the Blessed Families who live locally as true children of True Parents. All Blessed Families must serve as the foundation of a tribe and of a people in order for the works of Heaven to gain victory based on such a people. (13-288, 1964.4.12)

    We must love True Parents and separate from Satan based on the standard of original love. We must fulfill our responsibility to go beyond the standard of perfection on the world level. (137-116, 1985.12.24)

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