We Should Not Insist on Having Our Own Way

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 496

Is there a limit to parents’ love for their children? Parents love their children not only during the childhood years, but throughout the child’s entire life, and even into eternity. If a relationship is established between a parent and a child through which they can feel increasing worth and value, then infinite force, infinite stimulation and something infinitely new will arise within that relationship. (32-12, 1970.6.14)

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The mass holy wedding is held to find and establish the new family of God. In other words, the ceremony is held so that you can learn to love God more than anyone else in the world. (Blessed Family – 563)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 6

True Parents and Us

Section 6. Things We Should Cherish as Our Own Life

6.1. Insisting on your own way is not acceptable

    What you have is surely gold dust, but it is gold dust in the sand, contained in ore or in the earth; hence, it needs to be placed in a furnace and melted down. It must be smelted. This is the standard procedure. As the granules of gold melt and become liquid, would they say, “This is good!” or make a big fuss, saying, “Oh no, I am dying, I am dying?” Although they may say they will die, granules of gold do not actually die. If you want to be pure, you have to deny up to 98 percent of yourself. That which is truly you is only 2 percent. So then, what do you think you need to do? How miserable this is! Think whether the life of a Unificationist is miserable or happy. Then would Rev. Moon, the center of the Unificationists, be happy or miserable? I have a hope that although I was miserable at the beginning, I will be happy later. When there is persecution, you should think, “I am going into the furnace. This is coming because I am still not perfect.” If persecution comes, let it come. If people want to persecute us, let them persecute us! You should want to be inside the furnace until you become pure gold. This is how you can become pure gold quickly. As for those who are walking the path of abandoning their 98 percent and becoming 100 percent pure gold, how much endurance do you think they have to have? How much pain do you think they will endure? But you should still have the conviction to go forward.
    Even if the people of the world evaluate you as 100 percent pure gold, the question is whether you will be a 100 percent when God picks you up with a tweezers and evaluates you. This is my worry. God has His view of 100 percent pure gold and I have my suggestion for 100 percent pure gold. Between the two, I want my 100 percent to be greater. How about that? I want my claim to be greater. Then, there should be no impurity, no insisting upon your own way. Does not God insist on His own way? Yes, God insists on His own way. God also has a nature to insist on His own way. In order to be purer, we should not insist on having our own way. Then, we will be 100 percent pure gold and be at a standard higher than the pure gold evaluated by God. We can think this way. If we are totally and eternally free from a mind of self-insistence, which thinks of the self as the center, we can be something that is more than 100 percent pure.
    What is pure gold? It refers to its original form, without any impurity whatsoever. To meet the standard of pure gold, a nation must be a place where the people live enraptured in love, without any self-centeredness for hundreds and thousands of years. Those who possess such love are like a great queen or king. I am telling you to be such a wife or husband. When you become pure gold this way, do you need God? God is already contained within you. You will not need Him. So you should be such people. (128- 206, 1983.6.26)

    Are you genuine pure gold or fake “pure” gold? When I look at you, I see you are not genuine. Perhaps if we put together four or five of you, beat you up, and remold you, you will be the real thing. This is how I see it. I cannot place you as if you were in a real market or store and sell you as genuine items. I cannot display you there. This is how I see it. So, there is a lot of training through adversity and the smelting process; a great deal of this process still remains to be completed. If you are asked if you are pure gold, I do not see you that way. Since a lot of the metal smelting process still remains for you to go through, you all have to be put in the metal smelting furnace whether you like it or not. Until you are put in there and all the bad things get burnt up, resulting in pure material in a form that is the same both inside and out, you cannot be called a Unification Church member. (138-200, 1986.1.21)

    We need a device to measure the time period, the moment, and the time for calibrating ourselves. We should set these in accordance with the standard clock. Scales also have an absolute standard measurement, of which there is only one in the world. There is only one standard measurement for one meter, not two standards. Then, do you think there was originally a standard for the calibration of humankind or not? Are you a person whose current arbitrary standard naturally fits in with the absolute human standard through a zero calibration, or are you a person that it does not fit, even by force? You do not fit even by force. But you are still asking to be recognized as people meeting the original standard or standard meter measure. Then, the person giving that recognition would be a crazy person. That kind of person should be smacked on the head! God will say, “You fool, he looks that way and you are approving him? He should be rejected and chastised, yet you are going to sympathize with and help him?” Among the Blessed Families today, there are many who respect the word “family” and yet ignore the essential nature of the family. (127-202, 1983.5.8)


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