How Will You Experience True Parents’ Heart and God’s Heart?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1891

Swordfish and yellow-fin tunas are to be found in the middle of the ocean. They each weigh about three hundred pounds, which is about 150 kilograms. That is one and a half times my weight. Because such big, heavy fish move around in schools, once one is caught, you can catch hundreds of them. These schools of fish become the prey of shark attacks. Once a shark makes an attack, blood spreads through the water. Then all the sharks in the vicinity gather round, and about two-thirds of those fish will become food for the sharks. This is shocking. Due to these shark attacks, the situation becomes instantly hopeless for the seamen aboard, who had have hope and expectations for a big catch. (192-152, 1989.7.3)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1403

The whole world is to accomplish the Blessing of 360 Million Couples and root out the lineage of the satanic world. This is the end. There will be no more after this. For this reason, the gates to hell and heaven are being thrown wide open. Those who were our enemies in the past will attend the True Parents and hold welcoming banquets for them. The True Parents had not been welcomed by families, tribes, races, nations, and the world. Therefore, in the first banquet held on the cosmic level, the people who until that time were enemies will enter the heavenly way according to God’s laws and, from that point on, move toward His kingdom on earth. (296-298, 1998.11.18)

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Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 7

A Life with True Parents

Section 7. Enjoy Eternal Glory in True Parents’ Name

     Once we offer something, we have to offer in the name of God, and from God’s name it must return to True Parents. Just having True Parents will not be enough. Our offering must return to True Parents from the name of God, the Creator. It must become a possession of Adam and Eve. In other words, we need to receive it back. The inheritance must take place in True Parents’ family. After this occurs, then first will come an age of redistribution. We will have an eternal heavenly nation, where there is no Satan to have to separate from. Second, life according to the ideal of creation will be possible, and there will be no accusation from Satan. There will be no struggle or breakdown there. Since life under the ideal of creation starts within a completely unified system centering on true love, we will have the perfect Kingdom of Heaven on earth. After having lived here we will go straight to the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven. There will be no need for religion. Thus third, the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven on earth together existing for the sake of true love will be realized. Next, the conclusion. May you receive eternal glory in God’s name, in True Parents’ name, and in all of our names! May you receive eternal glory in God’s name, in True Parents’ name, and in all of our names! May you receive glory without end! There will not even be any religion. That is it. (212-143, 1991.1.2)

Section 8. Bequeathing and Inheriting True Parents’ Heart

 8.1. Bequeathing of heart

    How will you deeply experience True Parents’ heart and God’s love and heart? This is the issue. The question is how to enter that state. For this you have to become the Adam and Eve who have not fallen, free from Satan’s accusation. How, then, will you become liberated from the satanic world? You have to win in the battle with Satan. To achieve this, how hard will you have to work and how much will you have to suffer? Jacob and Moses were each deceived ten times. Jesus Christ was also deceived in the same manner. It was the same with me. We must overcome this. We will come to know God’s heart through this. We will come to know the Parents’ heart. Otherwise, we will never know. Without this experience, Satan will never leave you alone. As long as you do not triumph over Satan, you will never be able to know True Parents’ heart or God’s heart.
    Thus we must go to the front line. Everyone must go to the front line. As long as we do not do this but, instead, live a comfortable life, we will not be able to find God’s love, the Parent’s love, the Parent’s realm of heart, or God’s realm of heart. I must send everyone to the front line. You need to be persecuted, despised and beaten, and receive all sorts of harsh treatment. Only then can there be an inheritance of heart. A ceremony of inheritance will take place there. You must therefore always stand at the forefront and march forward like me. How harsh the persecution is on the front line! But this is natural. When you digest it, God will protect you. You will be able to deeply experience the same heart as you stand in the same place.
    The question is how to experience this heart deeply. The question is how you can come to know that True Parents are the real True Parents and that God is your Father. How will your bones and flesh know? The question is whether those cells, that body of flesh, know it even when you are not thinking. You must overcome the situation of being exposed to Satan’s accusation. This is the biggest problem. The question is how to experience True Parents’ love deeply, but it is simple. You must be able to stand in a position like that of the original Adam and Eve, who have defeated Satan on the global stage. To achieve this, how much blood and sweat you will have to shed, and how much accusation you will receive from Satan! How hard it will be, because it can happen only after you have triumphed over the course of indemnity! If you do not appreciate being in that situation, then it will not matter how hard you pray or what you do, you will not be able to go beyond it. You have to experience it deeply yourself. You will experience it deeply immediately upon entering into such a situation. You will receive direct guidance. In understanding the Parents’ heart, the great problem is how to feel what is called oneness. It will never happen until you have defeated Satan. It will not come. Power transmission towers have been established. They have been erected in individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world, the cosmos, and even in God. Now the power lines of heart must be hung there. Who will hang them? It is not I or God, but you who must do it. (125-206, 1983.3.20)

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