You Should Become Bold

    We remember and thank those who sacrificed their lives to preserve freedom on this Memorial Day. And we thank their families.
    Stacey and I are always touched by the National Memorial Day Concert.  I recommend seeing this year’s concert, which was broadcast last night from the National Mall. Watch the concert here.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1666

You may look at nature and say, “Oh, I don’t need the four seasons. I only like spring; I hate summer, autumn and winter.” However, if you were to ask God, He would answer, “I love all the four seasons.” Hence, you need to learn to like summer, autumn and winter, even though you may have disliked them in the past. When the winter snow comes, God looks upon the world covered in white and derives pleasure from it. So you should also be saying, “Oh, I like it too!” That is the way it should be. (133-28, 1984.7.1)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 455

Everyone should get married and have and raise their children so they can know both children’s love and parental love. It seems that western people are not like this. They avoid having and raising sons and daughters. They hesitate to have children because the children may limit their freedom to marry and divorce. But when people fail to establish the fourposition foundation, they cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven because they do not know God’s heart of loving people. (Blessed Family – 934)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.6. How we should conduct ourselves after the proclamation of True Parents

    Our purpose is to liberate and save God, humankind and everything under the satanic dominion. This is our goal. This is True Parents’ purpose. We are declaring the heart of such parents as we march on. Satan cannot survive in such a place. This is the Principle view. It is the same with all things. They will shout Mansei! as they see you being saved. You have to be able to hear this kind of sound.
    Wherever you go, all the things of creation will welcome you and all people will welcome you. The original world, centered on true love, is filled with the true-love sound of everything in creation. In the world of true love, you can understand everything as God does. It is there that you will inherit everything and have the right of participation, enabling you to join in wherever you are. True love provides these three privileges. This means that we can grab hold of true love automatically. We inherit God. God becomes mine. We can be with God wherever He is. How great this is! How happy we are! Nobody can deny this. We have such an amazing thing. How can we worry in our hearts? There can be no shadow. It is bright like broad daylight. This is the pride of Unification Church members. (202-354, 1990.5.27)

    Therefore, from now on there will be no opposition from Satan on the path that Unification Church members are taking. From now on, whatever we shout will be absorbed and resurrected; whatever we shout out will appear.
    There has been opposition until now because we have been on the rise. But we have reached the top and since there is no right-wing or left-wing at the top, the vertical thought has appeared. Head wing is higher. Everyone likes it because it is higher. Communism is an ideology of master and servant. There is no freedom. Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood. As such, it is about freedom. People have freedom among themselves. This is why fights continuously arise. They fight among themselves, each claiming to be the best.

    Headwing thought is based on the parental heart and viewpoint. In America, senators and congressmen fight, and Republicans and Democrats fight. Why are they fighting? Because there have been no parents. When the parents come and ask them, “Hey you kids! Why are you fighting? You are not servants, but our sons!” Then all the fighting will stop. Parents should be happy to see black people and white people intermarrying. Parents want their sons and daughters to love one another rather than merely showing filial piety toward their parents. This is how children can love their parents.
    If you make God’s true love your central focus, you will be eternally one. You will be connected with me from that point and once that connection is made no one can sever it. (202-356, 1990.5.27)

     You will decide, “We also will walk the path of True Parents.” It is the same. You will also in the future take roots, rise as a trunk, spread branches, have blossoms and bear fruit. Everything is the same. This means that you will be true parents in the future. Things will happen this way in the future. How proud we should be! Open the door and try shouting, “Look here. What an amazing master is this person who is appearing here!” You will feel great. All the animals will feel the same. The spirit world will also say, “You are a savior with true love like your center, like Jesus the Messiah. Wherever you go, everyone there will be saved.”
    With the proclamation of True Parents, Satan’s authority will disappear and, centering on religion, all the struggle due to the laws of indemnity will disappear. Since the good spirits will attain a position equal to the angelic world, an unfallen world will come about and the time will come when good spirits can help the earth as much as they want. Those angels are your ancestors. So from now on, all kinds of things will happen to those who oppose the Unification Church. They may get sick and die and all kinds of other things will happen.
    You should become bold. This means that you should exercise the rights of ownership. Then, no matter how difficult an environment you may find yourself in, no problems can arise. If you say, “God does not want these things. Get lost!” they will be gone. They will rapidly decline. It is the same with the spirit world. If you say, “I do not want such things!” they will immediately disappear. You will be able to exercise such power all around you. When the center of love appears, everything will turn around towards it. When the morning sun rises in the east, all of nature turns towards it. This is the essence of life, the essence of love. True Parents are the central foundation for universal true love.
    Thus, when True Parents appear, the entire world of creation will turn towards them, just as all of nature turns towards the rising sun in the morning. All creation is like the leaves or branches. In the spirit world everything faces God. Likewise, in the Unification Church, when I go somewhere, the attention of all the members is automatically upon me. It is the same.
    Your entire purpose is true love and the center of the world is true love. God is the parent of true love. All liberation takes place there. When you stand in such a place the doors of the four directions will open automatically. The spirit world is the same as this. In the spirit world, wherever a master of true love may go, there are no closed doors. Doors will open automatically everywhere. Such a person is welcome everywhere. People in high positions will come and say, “Welcome. It has been so boring for too long. I welcome everything that is fun.” How splendid this will be! So you should understand this clearly from now on. You have inherited everything of True Parents’. No one can tell you to do this or that. You will automatically be the owner. You will be a teacher and true parent. No one else can teach you. You need no other teachers, owners, or parents. You will stand in such a position in the near future. (202-358, 1990.5.27)

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