You Must Ignore Your Own Fundamental Existence

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1200

At the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, the thief to the right of Jesus and the thief to his left fought, but in front of me, they became united. This division had to be restored through indemnity. This became a historical indemnity condition. Then, where would these people go? When the Lord says, “You should both go to the Kingdom of Heaven on earth,” and they reply, “Yes!” then it’s finished. Well, has that happened, or not? Jesus passed away while the thieves on his right and left were fighting, and accusing each other. However, from the Principle viewpoint, both of them ought to have made peace and welcomed Jesus, so that they could be resurrected and make a fresh start on a new level. Is this in accordance with the Principle or not? (135-68, 1985.8.22)

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    We need indemnity for restoration. Restoration is also re-creation. You should leave behind a life of value. Some people say to themselves that when they get old they will believe in Jesus, die and then go to heaven, but when we get old it is difficult to rectify anything. Therefore, the younger the better: it is more valuable for you to know the truth at the age of fifteen rather than twenty, and even more so to grow up knowing the truth from infancy.
    Is the water inside your bodies pure or dirty? It would contain sand and pebbles. After heavy seasonal rainfall, rivers and streams become dirty with all manner of refuse floating in them. Likewise, you are full of all kinds of impurities. Thus, you need to go through the stirring and straining processes of a filtration system. Do not be egoistical otherwise there will be blockage. If excessive dirt accumulates, the filter gets clogged up, and the water flow is stopped.
    Have you ever thought that you would be inspected by a system like an X-ray machine when you go to the spirit world? God also needs people who have passed through the filter. (97-60, 1978.2.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 2
True Parents
Chapter 8

The Three Great Subjects Principle and the Proclamation of True Parents

Section 2. The Proclamation of True Parents

2.7. What we need to do after the proclamation of True Parents

2.7.1. Be grateful for the proclamation

    What will happen through the proclamation of True Parents? All the good spirits in the spirit world that have served God and all the evil spirits centered on Satan will be sharply divided. When you are centered on True Parents, you stand in the position of perfected Adam and Eve. Perfected Adam should always be protected, nurtured and helped by the archangel. When you stand in the realm of perfected Adam, the archangel must not only help you, but must also serve you as the real master in keeping with the ideal of love. This is the stage where you can give the orders. You will rise to such a position. This is why this is the end of the world.
    Everything in the spirit world that started with the love of false parents will come to an end and there will be a new world centered on the new love of True Parents. With this as the soil, a new world will spring up. With this proclamation, those who unconditionally oppose our Unification Church in the future will all fall sick, little by little, and collapse. They will wither away like trees that have lost their sap and immediately become food for beetles.
    Thus you should follow a new lifestyle. The origin of new life is new love. What is new love? It is the love of True Parents. It is the new love of the ideal of creation. This is why you should be grateful to me. Be grateful because you have been liberated from Satan. You have been liberated from the satanic world through True Parents. What is the next thing you have been liberated from? You have been liberated from the satanic lifestyle. Next, you have been liberated from satanic lineage. Lifestyle is grounded in culture and accompanied by habits. You are liberated from Satan and from the satanic lifestyle. Lifestyles differ according to cultural background. The British live according to British culture and Americans live according to American culture. They are all different. Their living environments differ. You should be liberated from this kind of lifestyle. What follows? It is lineage. Three great liberations will occur. This is why the Unificationist culture will automatically emerge. What do you do after you are liberated? Since you are liberated from Satan, you will go to God.
    If you are liberated from Satan that which has been shackled through its connection to the false parents also becomes liberated. Therefore, you will return to the free heart of the Parents. When returning, you cannot carry on with the habits of the satanic world’s lifestyle. You must thoroughly burn them away. (202-273, 1990.5.25)

    When you say True Parents there is God, who is the vertical True Parent, and there are the earthly True Parents, who are the horizontal True Parents. You should be created through the love arising from the union of the two. Because at the zero point – that place where there is no love – you will finally develop the character of a true subject; if you desire love, you must start from nothing. You must ignore your own fundamental existence. This is why in the Bible we find the paradoxical expression that those who seek to die will live and those who seek to live will die. Thus, you should be grateful for your having been liberated from the satanic world. Next is lifestyle. A history and tradition are established on the basis of culture, so when I say lifestyle I mean culture. Next is lineage. Lineage revolves centered on love. You need to be liberated. This is why you should say to yourself, “I am part of God’s lineage. God dwells within me.” Your mind and body should not fight with each other.
    From now on, ask your mind and heart. God has already entered your mind and your heart; you are God’s bud and leaf because you attend True Parents and have the root. Everything experiences the ambient atmospheric pressure, but, because that pressure is completely balanced you do not feel it. Everything is protecting you to prevent you from deviating but because it is all perfectly in balance, you do not feel it. However if you act against your conscience – against God’s will – even a little bit, the power of the universe will strike you, saying, “You numbskull!” This power is so strong that even if you try to go one way, your body will be spun around.
    So if you pray for God to be in your mind and for True Parents to come into your body, they will come; God will dwell where mind and body intersect and correct the angle between your mind and body. You need to be liberated from the three great satanic realms. First, you must be liberated from the vertical representative, Satan, and next from the cultural realm, or lifestyle tradition you have received from your natural parents, such as the Korean culture or the American culture – and all other cultures. All of them are heading towards one center, but the farther away they are, the more trivial they are. (202-278, 1990.5.25)

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