Love Does Not Change

Cheon Seong Gyeong 865

In the spirit world, people will come to you from hundreds and even millions of miles away in an instant. When you meet them, you will know where they have come from by looking at their forehead. You won’t ask where a person is from, look at him, and then bow your head. That is not the custom in the spirit world. When you meet people who used to live hundreds of years ago, if the standard of your character of love is high, they will naturally first bow their heads to you. People are moved by love. How much you love humankind and all the things that God created out of love is measured according to the standard of how much you love them in the way that God loves them. You would know at once, faster than a computer. Married women proudly talk about how much their husbands love them, don’t they? Likewise, in the spirit world, you can be proud of how much you receive God’s love. Original true love is the love of the highest dimension. Compared to it, every other level is determined. (216-171, 1991.3.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 715

    Once born, we must eventually die. That is the formula. Then after death, where do we go? All Unification Church members know they have a spirit self. This spirit self must grow.
    What will become an issue for you in the future is that one day you will have to write your autobiography. Such a time will come. The question is what you have done since joining the Unification Church and what will be contained in that record. If you worked at a company as an employee, it is not a valuable condition and such a record will not be helpful at all. It will be shameful to have worked at a company after joining the church. Such a time will come.

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 3

true love

Chapter 1

What Is True Love?

Section 1. Love Is the Source of Peace and Happiness

    Even God yearns for love. Because love is so expansive, even God is engulfed in love. That is how it should be. It is only logical. What God is wishing for more than anything else is love. That is why love is greater than He is. (132-113, 1984.5.27)

    Love, which is the center of all vitality, does not change. Love occupies the center of ideal circumstances, and is in unity with God. Therefore, as long as God exists, there is love. (157-226, 1967.4.10)

    You can find money, knowledge and power in the midst of love. The power of love is eternal. Those who know real love do not have to learn anything in the spirit world. (202-86, 1990.5.6)

    What is true love? At the intersection of vertical and horizontal, true love forms a ninety-degree angle and must fit in anywhere it goes. It should fit in Eastern homes and in Western homes alike. True love can fit in anywhere and everywhere, regardless of whether there are differences in racial, cultural and religious backgrounds. (180-86, 1988.8.7)

    The universe contracts and expands. In other words, it breathes in and out. It is not political power that controls the contraction and the expansion of the universe. Neither is it knowledge or money. It is the giving of love. (121-103, 1982.10.24)

    When you look at the world with eyes filled with love, you would say of a bird flying past you, “Why is that bird chirping? Oh, he must be missing his beloved.” Lines of poetry and prose would naturally spring to mind. The history of our everyday lives is harmonized with nature and reproduced in the symphony of love. That is why a breath of love, a caress of love, a song of love and a whisper of love are all pleasing. (112-257, 1981.4.19)

    The most evil of forces dissolves in the presence of true love. Though one just looks at or passes by true love that is enough. (Blessed Family – 380)

    Love is certainly the element that forms the essential part of a person. It is at work before that person is given life, and it is the source of life itself. (177-313, 1988.5.22)

    A life lived for love is a productive and fruitful one, and a life lived without knowing love leads to exhaustion and destruction. God, humankind, and even the universe desire to live for the sake of love. This is the original way of life. (Blessed Family – 1062)

    True love is absolute, unchanging and eternal. (God’s Will – 219)

    There can be no development or revolution when it comes to love. Love in its original form is perfect, unchanging, eternal and absolute. (Blessed Family – 351)

    The love attained in a natural setting and in the most natural atmosphere is real love. (Blessed Family – 353)

Once someone opens his or her eyes to love, the body and mind of that person will want to form multi-dimensional relationships within the universe. That person will thus come to understand the order of nature from the leaves falling in the autumn wind. He will smile to himself, wishing even to become a flower blossom in order to appreciate the beauty of a flower blooming in a spring garden. (Blessed Family – 376)

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