Whom Will God Seek as His Partner in Love?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1570

    The purpose of the Bible is to seek out the one True Parent. That is the most hopeful gospel. Since Satan was also a created being, he will disappear with the appearance of the True Parents. Since that time is close at hand, communism has collapsed and North Korea is on the verge of collapse. Whichever way they look there is no solution.
    I am fully aware of this. Now God’s kingdom will come to fruition and the liberation of hell on earth and in the spirit world will take place. (202-351, 1990.5.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1619

    God’s kingdom in heaven and on earth must be unified through love. The sphere of the royal family of heaven will become the center of everything, both in the spiritual and physical worlds. Thus, unity comes about wherever members of that family may be. My theme here is the unity of God’s kingdom on earth and in heaven through love. For the first time, everyone can become united through love centering on the royal family. All nations in the world will be unified, as will all tribes in heaven. (232-326, 1992.7.10)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 3

true love

Chapter 1

What Is True Love?

Section 2. Love Is Boundless Giving

God had only one dream, which is to realize the ideal of love. However, God cannot accomplish this dream on His own. Neither love, nor happiness, nor joy can be achieved by one entity. They can never be realized without partnership. (Blessed Family – 302)

Where does love come from? It manifests from your partner. If your partner is ugly and you dislike him or her, you want to withdraw your love. And if the partner is beautiful and good, the dynamics of love are set off that much quicker. In other words, the workings of love are determined by the qualities of those in partnership, such as their words, beauty, fragrance and flavor. (Blessed Family – 342)

Where does love come from? It does not come from us, but from our partner. Since it comes from our partner, we should bow to and live for that person. That is why the law of nature instructs us to, “Live for the sake of others.” Since something so precious and valuable is coming to us, to receive it we should practice the philosophy of living for the sake of others. This means we must revere and live for our partner. (143-277, 1986. 3. 20)

It is not without meaning that I am vibrant and active in many fields; I do so because I have a purpose. That purpose is none other than to realize the world of love. Human beings exist with the aim of realizing and attaining love. Since the purpose of human life lies in the realization of true love, the value of human existence is also decided by this true love. How wonderful this is! (Blessed Family – 1062)

All people hope that their partner in love will have thousands of times the value, or infinitely more value, than they have. In the same way, God wishes for human beings, His partners in love, to be beings of infinite value. When someone is perfected, he or she achieves a divine nature, thus becoming as flawless as the Heavenly Father and attaining the same value. (277-196, 1996.4.16)

What is true love? It is a love that moves you to want to stay with your partner for a thousand years, and that makes you want to love that person forever. With such a love, there can be no hell and Satan cannot get at you. (Blessed Family – 380)

If God is seeking an absolute partner in love, whom will He place in that position? It is none other than human beings. It follows that a partner in love who has become one with the eternal love of the Creator must also live forever. An important issue for religion is how to establish a logical understanding of eternal life based on relationships of love. Eternal life does not lie in a man or a woman. It does not lie in God. You must clearly understand that eternal life is in the love of God. (218-210, 1991.7.29)

If one has no subject partner in love, you feel empty and alone. But if there is a subject partner of love, then everything feels full. Only when something is filled to the brim with love can everything else be filled up as well. You can then give out love infinitely and truly. The reason you exchange love with others is in order to achieve an ideal and to multiply that ideal. The world of love transcends distance. Love is so fast that even light cannot follow it. Love is the fastest thing in the world. It is also the brightest and the most perfect. Love is the only thing that fills things up completely. (95-39, 1977.9.11)

Who is closer to the center: someone who is willing to sacrifice love to sustain life, or someone who is willing to sacrifice life for the sake of love? Who is closer to the truth? One who sacrifices his life to attain love is close to the center and close to what is true. This is because the one willing to sacrifice love for life is self-centered, whereas the one willing to sacrifice life for love is not. (174-15, 1988.2.23)

As I wandered through the five oceans and the six continents, I preached earnestly about the path of love. I have sought to shine the light of love on all people, who, living without love, are like a desert. If the path people are ultimately to follow will lead them to that other world of love, the most important thing for humanity must be the “love beacon.” Only that beacon of love can lead humanity to the original homeland. (Blessed Family – 404)

Once you become one with God, circular motion manifests in all kinds of forms and figures. That is why the older sibling must love the younger, following the example of their parents in loving them. In such a family that is united into loving oneness, the love within the family blossoms. Then that love becomes the love within a society, and then the love within a nation. In this way, it later becomes the love of the whole world. (28-168, 1970.1.11)

Lost in the rapture of love, God created man to live forever. Therefore, aging is not the enemy. People are born from love, they live with love, and finally they are harvested as the fruits of love. When you die, you are harvested as a fruit of love. We have lived receiving the love of our parents and our children and after having experienced love as a couple, we have loved our children as their parents. Therefore the love of God and everything we have sown in the inner world of love is to be brought to fruition over the course of our lives. When we pass on to the next world we reap the fruits of our lives and take them with us. (83-198, 1976.2.8)

God maintains life on the foundation of true love; His omniscience and omnipotence should be based on true love. Only then can He stand as the ideal subject partner for humankind, a subject partner who has transcended history. If He seeks to assume the position of the subject partner with only the power of life, then all things of creation will not want to unite together. Even microscopic animals and plants wish for a master of love to tend them and take care of them. They like to feel the touch of loving hands. You should not say, “I’m stronger than anyone else, so you have to do as I say!” Only when love is involved is life set in motion. The root of life begins in love. The basis for God’s continued existence is not life, but love. (173-84, 1988.2.7)


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