Love Transcends All Borders and Races

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1683

Evolutionary theory is used to explain today’s world, but in order for amoebae to reproduce species that are greater than themselves in their present state, an extra input of energy must be added. In short, additional energy is necessary. Can the amoeba induce additional energy, all by itself, in order to develop? Does it have such ability? For it to climb a little higher and become something bigger, it needs greater energy within itself. Then, since it does not have the ability to create additional energy by itself, from where would it procure this extra energy? Can such logic be established? Whether it is Mr. Kim or Mr. Park, if a man claims, “I can knock down Muhammad Ali in a heartbeat,” would he really be able to do so? In order for him to do so, he would need to acquire a greater capability compared with the inherent force he currently possesses, as there would be limits as to what he could do as he is. If Mr. Park were to claim, “When I grow stronger through mutation I will knock Ali down,” do you think that is likely to ever happen? Do you? (89-73, 1976.7.11)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 677

    The final problem is opening the blocked spiritual gates of hell and heaven. It is impossible to enter heaven without opening the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world. Only those who overcome hell can go to heaven. You must overcome not prayer, but God’s love. Otherwise, you cannot enter heaven. This is why I paved the way from earth to heaven by opening the gates of hell on earth and in the spirit world, centered on God’s love. The name of the International Peace Highway came from this. This is to break down the wall, which has been blocking us. Jesus had the authority of the prince of heaven and God’s only begotten son because he was able to love not only the satanic world, but also the spirit world.
    Even the spirit world has been entirely blocked by walls. The Buddhist and Confucian realms are entirely blocked by walls. These must be taken down through a higher standard that comes from God’s heart. From the high throne of heaven, work must progress downward having all the walls broken down. Starting with the walls of our ancestors of ten thousand years ago, a thousand years ago, several hundred years ago and those of the people who passed a few years ago, all must be broken down. Also the walls on earth must be removed as well, and a way to connect this to hell must be paved. Otherwise, the gates of heaven cannot be opened. (140-41, 1986.2.1)

Richard:  Read about Father Moon’s vision for the International Peace Highway, which is a project that is needed right now more than ever.  Imagine if we focus government funding on this, rather than the incredible waste in lives and resources of the war in Ukraine.
Here is one quote from the document linked above:

What is the unifying vision that lies at the root of the International Peace Highway? Rev. Moon has called upon the United States (and other nations) to go beyond its commitment to “One Nation under God,” and to join him in aspiring to what he has described as “One World under God.”

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 3

true love

Chapter 1

What Is True Love?

Section 3. Harmony Arises in the Presence of Love

When the wind of love blows, the whole world seems beautiful. Everyone becomes a poet or a romantic when he or she falls deeply in love. (145-317, 1986.10.26)

The taste of love is similar to that of the schizandra berry. The schizandra berry has a sour and bitter taste, but is really a blend of five tastes. I do not know much else about the schizandra berry, but I know its unique taste. It tastes strange at first, but after you swallow it you want to eat more. (173-87, 1988.2.7)

A flowing love that embraces the spring and has still more to give in reserve, a love that melts the snow and thaws the ice in a cold winter – infinite love, immeasurable in height or width – should form a bond with us and never leave us. It should take its place in the core of our being. Without love, we cannot find anything of value in the world. But when we can vividly feel and sense such a love inside us, that love can more than compete with the universe. Someone with absolute love in the center of his heart, meaning love that is the same from the beginning to the end, can compete with the universe even though he is merely one individual. (33-75, 1970.8.9)

Even when we look at a tuft of grass, we must be able to do so from the standpoint of God, and when we look at a flower, we must do so while relating to and embodying the heart of God. Even when we look at insects, birds or other kinds of animals, we must be able to experience the connection between our inner feelings and the heart of God. (6-340, 1959.6.28)

Those who live with the love of God inside their hearts are sons or daughters of God. These are the central figures of the whole universe who can govern heaven and earth. Love is the essential element enabling people to attain this position. (9-173, 1960.5.8)

Our minds can be infinitely enlarged through heart, rather than through knowledge. A heart of love is so big that it can more than embrace the universe, so once we develop this original and mighty domain, even God will want to come and take naps there. Since we cannot embrace God through our knowledge, we must know how great a heart of love is. (Blessed Family – 1053)

Love transcends all national borders, for God’s love knows no boundaries. It is transcendent of the five different races of humankind, drawing no distinction among the black, white and yellow races. That is why the love of God is great. When love begins to flow regardless of the environment in which it is flowing, the environment adapts to this flow and develops. God will be pleased only when we adopt the perspective that can make this happen. That is why we must walk the path of love. (164-93, 1987.4.26)


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