The Appearance of True Parents Is the Hope of History

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1422

The era of tribal registration is coming upon us. It is not the era of individual registration. The coming era is the era of tribal registration, be it Kim, or Park. Once that phase is passed, the era of national registration will soon follow. Things are happening quickly now. Everything will happen so quickly that it will be like being caught in a whirlwind. Isn’t the world situation changing so quickly that it almost makes you dizzy? Why do you think this is? The world is changing so quickly because of True Father. There is no other reason for it. (197-363, 1990.1.20)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1188

When you all think about Cain and Abel in the Principle, who do you think is more precious, Cain or Abel? Who is precious? Everyone thinks Abel is more precious, but that is a mistake. Abel is in the younger brother’s position, and Cain is in the elder son’s position. You must understand this correctly. The position of the firstborn son is more precious than that of the second son, Abel. There is only one firstborn son, but younger brothers can be many. Can there be several firstborn sons? There is only one first child. The reason why the first child is precious is that there is only one. The following children can be many in number. You must understand this. (136-126, 1985.12.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong

Selections from the Speeches of Rev. Sun Myung Moon
Book 3

true love

Chapter 2

The Reality of Love

Section 2. True Parents’ Love

2.1. Sinless true ancestor and Savior of humankind

Where does true love begin? True love begins in True Parents. This is the best news among all good news. Although there may be some good news declared in the world, and although “husband” and “wife” are good words, there is no better news than that of True Parents. This is because without the appearance of True Parents, no true husband or wife can appear in the fallen world. You must understand this clearly. (131-187, 1984.5.1)

Human beings need True Parents. Why is that so? The fundamental task to connect us to the axis of true love has been completed for the first time in history. This is unprecedented in history, and it will not be repeated in the future. You should know this clearly. The axis is one, not two. This axis is true love. The love that your mother and father are engaged in right now is not true love. (137-107, 1985.12.24)

The purpose of God’s providence has only one focus. The place where God’s ideal is realized is none other than that. This is where we can meet our lost parents, our lost True Parents. The basis for this is the center of everything. This reality is called True Parents. There have been many junctures in history, but this is the most valuable one. You should think about how important this is. All the saints have fought for this foundation, and for the sake of this issue. (52-94, 1971.12.23)

What is it that human beings desire? It is to attend True Parents. Although six thousand years ago Adam and Eve should have been blessed in holy marriage and all humankind should have become God’s descendants, the Fall made human beings Satan’s descendants. Therefore, on this earth we must re-establish the True Parents, who are on the side of heaven and who were lost six thousand years ago. We must be reborn through connecting with True Parents’ love. Only then can we become citizens of the heavenly kingdom. (19-202, 1968.1.7)

God absolutely needs True Parents, for even the omnipotent God is unable to fulfill the providence without True Parents. Also, the hundreds of billions of spirits in the spirit world absolutely need True Parents, for without the birth of True Parents the spirits in the archangelic realm cannot find value in their work to support the realization of God’s will on earth. You need True Parents so you can stand before God. (Blessed Family – 454)

All history has been for the sake of receiving True Parents. Religions have been seeking True Parents, the world has been seeking True Parents, and nations have been seeking True Parents. They all have been seeking the way to True Parents. (God’s Will and the World – 75)

Throughout the ages of history, people had no way to unite because they had lost their parents and become orphans. Everything should have been resolved through the love of the original parents, but this could not be achieved. So True Parents are the ones everyone needs. (128-107, 1983.6.5)

What has been our hope throughout history? It is to attend True Parents. The reason God established the nation of Israel and the Jewish faith was to receive the Messiah. The Messiah is True Parent. Also, it was to receive the Lord of the Second Advent that God created Christianity and the Christian cultural sphere, and the returning Lord is the True Parent coming as the third Adam. (God’s Will and the World – 75)

Where does everything come to its conclusion? Everything concludes at the point of meeting True Parents. The appearance of the True Parents of humankind is the hope of history, the hope of the nations, the hope of philosophy, and the hope of the providence. The time when True Parents appear is the pinnacle of history that comes only once – an unprecedented time, never to be repeated. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

What kind of people are the True Parents? How do your physical parents differ from True Parents? Who are the True Parents? What is it that they do? In terms of love, how do your own parents differ from True Parents? They have different concepts of love. Their concepts of love differ. Your parents teach about love centered on the earthly realm, while the spiritual Parents teach a love that is centered on the spiritual realm. The content is different. (129-99, 1983.10.1)

Democracy is an ideology of brotherhood, but above that there is a parent-centered ideology. You should be aware that the age of the parent-centered ideology is coming in the future. Do you decide who will be your parents by holding an election? Can you elect the returning Lord through a vote? Can you choose God through an election? You cannot. Democracy has the basis to foster an atmosphere of distrust. Why? People do all kinds of things for their own profit. They do all kinds of things, using their money, mobilizing manpower, plotting against others, slandering them, and so forth. (211-343, 1991.1.1)

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