God is the Lord of Sorrow and Pain

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Cheong Seong Gyeong 679

The people to enter heaven first must
be the True Parents. If I were to say that
heaven is empty, people would think I am
demented, yet even Jesus could not enter
heaven. One cannot go there alone. Our
original ancestors should have grown
through adolescence, established the
ideal of love centered on God, become
parents and bequeathed the seeds of true
love. Then, the first place they entered
would have been heaven. As yet, there
have been no parents centered on God’s
love who were able to bequeath the seeds
of true love and thus no foundation of
leaving behind such descendants. Heav-
en, thus, is empty.

Cheon Seong Gyong 1854

We are raising many species of par-
rots on our Jardim farm. Parrots can
live together with people naturally. The
ostriches frequently come to us because
we give them food. They have become so
close to the people now that they do not
run away even when someone approach-
es them with food. I am thinking of cre-
ating a world where Adam can mingle
together with creation, just like the time
when God was happy to gaze upon His
creation. That is what I am doing now.
(278-103, 1996.5.1)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

God is the lord of sorrow and pain. Although God desires to be happy and glorified, He has never had a source of joy and glory. What does He have instead? You have to understand that God is a God of sorrow and agony, burdened with the grief of the Fall and stories of pain and sadness. Isn’t this true?

We think that the Kingdom of Heaven is a garden of joy, but that is not true. You go and see for yourselves. No matter how hard you look for a cause of joy, you will not find any. God, who should command all the authority to rule the world and possess only glory and joy, has lost all joy and glory, all the fruits of goodness, and the elements of the ideal. Only sorrow and anguish remain. This is truly mournful. There is nothing more grievous and sad than this in the entire universe. Those who are genuinely overcome with grief over this and call out “Father” in desperation and humility are sons and daughters close to the heart of Heaven.

Jesus came to this earth as the King of Kings. He came with the recognition from Heaven as the one with the authority of the leader. However, from the moment of his birth, he did not have even one moment of happiness. Although he appeared as the Savior for the sake of humanity on the earth and to save all people, he could not receive glory. Before he could receive glory, he had to pass through a world of agony and a path of sorrow.

Why was it so? It was because Jesus was responsible to pay indemnity for the four thousand years. To become the King of Kings, first he had to pass the qualification as the prince of sorrow and pain. Otherwise, there was no way to comfort the many spirits who had endured sorrow for Heaven while they were on earth.

For this reason, Jesus, who lived some thirty odd years with three years of public ministry, walked a sorrowful path. When he shed tears, he wandered through the valley of tears which his ancestors had shed in the past. Jesus labored arduously as he inherited the path of the people who had cried out in tears as they crossed over the hill of death, stained with the blood of the four-thousand-year history. Eventually, Jesus walked the path of the cross. Today many of us think that Jesus was a prince of love, joy and glory; he was actually a prince of agony and sorrow.

God is Looking for Lost Adam and Eve

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1542

Christ at his Second Advent is com-
ing to save humanity. Once the heaven-
ly standard has been established, God is
ready to strike. He takes the offensive.
That does not mean that He kills His
foes by executing them in the style of
Stalin; instead, He makes them surren-
der at once. He must make Satan sub-
mit to Him, firstly through His ideology,
secondly through His citizenry, thirdly
through His sovereignty, and fourthly
through His territory. Everyone desires
to have ideals, friends, power, and mon-
ey, and these four items represent the
four that have been listed above. (12-169,

Richard:  This is a formula for building Cheon Il Guk, the Kingdom of Heaven, on earth.  We will teach God’s Word, this will influence our friends and they can receive the Blessing of marriage, as newly weds or as existing married couples, through this influence will build, and godly people will gain territory(money).

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1415

I conducted the first international
joint wedding in 1970 – the 777 Couples
Blessing, which signified that everything
on earth was drawing together globally.
After the 430 Couples Blessing, I went
to other countries to bless them because
it was not providentially allowed to
have them come to Korea to receive the
Blessing. For the first time ever, then, an
international joint wedding of 777 cou-
ples was performed in Korea with par-
ticipants from ten nations around the
world. In this manner, based on the fam-
ily ideal, the path through which any
nation on earth can return to God was
completed.  This event made it possible
 for the fortune of the world to be related
to the fortune of the Unification Church.
From this day onward, we do not need
to go through the trouble of shedding
sweat and blood in order to establish
our nation. Once we give birth, multi-
ply, and form a new tribe, then a nation
is naturally created. Just like the Israel-
ites gave birth to many healthy children
while in Egypt, all we need to do is give
birth. All we need to do is to be blessed
like the sons of Judah and have many
sets of twins. We are not to practice
birth control. In this way, we can expand
the foundation of the new lineage across
the world. We are therefore already in
the process of establishing a transracial
nation in the world. (55-171, 1972.5.7)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

When Jesus looked at Israel, the Jews and Judaism, he grieved. Although they had been under the realm of God’s love for four thousand years, now they had become a nation, a people and a religion which God could no longer embrace or love. Although they had walked a four-thousand-year history of close relationship with God, they failed to recognize Jesus, who came as the master of the four-thousand-year history.

How could this be? The people of that time did not know. They were ignorant. The Israelites who were living in the last chapter of the four-thousand- year history should have felt that they were in the part of the realm of God’s love where Adam and Eve were just before their Fall. If God’s providence is one of restoration, and restoration means to recover something that has been lost, what is God trying to recover? God is trying to restore His lost sons and daughters. He is looking for His lost Adam and Eve.

Though you are gathered here today, you who are living in the Last Days need ancestors who will fight with Satan for six thousand years without being killed. In other words, you need ancestors who can overcome the connections of the Fall and attain the authority of victory and go before the Father with pride. Although Adam should have become the good ancestor, he died due to the Fall, and God has been exerting Himself for the six thousand years since Adam in order to find a person on the earth who is not fallen.

Christianity describes Jesus in various ways. However, when you understand the truth, you will find that many of them are not true. We have rejected them and have made a firm determination. There are true and false, and there are what appears to be true and what appears to be false.

It is Very Wrong to Think Making Love is Embarrassing

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1747

Do you think God does not see you
making love? It is all out in the open. It
is open for the universe to see. It is very
wrong to be unaware of this fact. Your
ancestors are watching from the spirit
world; they can see it as if it is taking
place right before their eyes, like on the
palm of their hands. Therefore it is very
wrong to think making love is embar-
rassing. (250-244, 1993.10.15)

Richard: Of course, the love relationship has to be between husband and wife.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1615

The holy wine must be sprinkled
over all nations. Isn’t it true that one is
revitalized when given the holy wine?
The liberation of the fallen realm will
be expedited. Even all creation needs to
receive the holy wine. Then everything
would return to the side of God. There-
fore, the holy wine should be sprayed
across the whole world from an airplane
flying overhead, and if not the whole
world then at least the major cities,
accompanied with prayers. You need to
understand how powerful the prayers of
the True Parents can be. If they were to
ask for a certain nation to be destroyed,
it would perish. (298-232, 1999.1.8)

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

When we examine the sixty-six books of the Bible, we find that St. Paul spoke about this issue. By believing in Jesus, who passed away with no relationship with sin, we can receive the benefit of being adopted sons. However, this was not the ultimate purpose for which Jesus came.

God’s intention in sending Jesus was that humanity be connected to God’s true son, Jesus, and that they be engrafted onto him. Jesus said in the Bible, “I am the vine and you are the branches.” In this way, God intended to have the people living in the satanic world (who are not His children) pass through the stage of being His adopted sons and eventually become His direct children. Yet, because the people of his time did not believe, Jesus could not teach them how to become God’s direct children. He was able to explain only how to become His adopted children.

Why do we await the coming Lord? Why does humanity in Heaven and on earth await the day of Jesus’ return? No matter how great one may be, everyone is at most an adopted son of God. Christ is to return with the mission of establishing the relationship of the heart with which people can become God’s direct children. Hence, it is only natural that all people in Heaven and earth would await that day. We should understand Jesus, who came with this mission.

What kind of day is the day of the Second Advent to those of us who are awaiting the day of the returning Lord? We cherish the idea of the bride and struggle to realize that purpose. That day is a day when God can reveal all the tribulations He has gone through during the past six thousand years; a day when He forgets all the sorrows and sufferings of the six thousand years. When God beholds His son whom He has been seeking so ardently, all His sorrows, suffering and grief will disappear. He will be able to say, “My son, welcome.” That is the day Heaven has waited for and humanity on the earth has yearned for throughout the long course of history.

We can emerge as the masters of creation, the masters of the true garden that God blessed Adam and Eve with before their Fall, when we step beyond the limit of being adopted children and come forward with the authority to claim the position of God’s direct children. Then we can claim that the Father’s Kingdom of Heaven is our own Kingdom of Heaven and that we can govern the world that the Father governs.

Even if we were to govern all things in creation, if we lack some quality through which we can connect with them, they will be unwilling to be ruled by us. True sons and daughters should be able to alleviate all the historical bitterness. For this reason it is written in the Bible, “The creation awaits the day when God’s sons will appear.” The creation does not want those who are not recognized as true sons and daughters. Thus, today we must persevere through the course to remove all of Heaven’s sorrows and bitter grief.

The Relationship of a Son Has to be Built through the Lineage

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1922

I am trying to promote a Pacific
cultural sphere in Asia, on the basis of
bringing together Christianity and many
other religions centering on Korea. The
democratic world and communist world
can come if they wish. I inaugurated the
Women’s Federation for World Peace
and the Interreligious Federation for
World Peace in preparation for this. Do
not forget the fact that combining the
mind and body, which are in conflict,
and driving them into one, makes the
internal relationship that enables you to
unify the entire historical course during
which the mind struggled within the
individual self. (221-196, 1991.10.24)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1267

Who is the Savior that is needed by
fallen humankind? The Savior should
not be in the position of fallen parents,
but instead in the position of Adam and
Eve who have not fallen. From there he
can become one with God’s will, receive
God’s love and blessing, and give rebirth
to humanity in the position of true par-
ents. Otherwise, humankind can never
escape the connection with the original
sin. (22-269, 1969.5.4)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

What is the purpose God is seeking? The mission of restoration that we know today is to connect children of goodness to a family, a people, a nation, a world and a universe. Accomplishing this mission is the work of salvation, the will of the providence, and the purpose of Heaven’s principles. We should understand this.

We often say that these are the Last Days. What kind of time is the Last Days? It is a time when true sons and daughters appear and govern all the Heavens and earth according to the laws of Heaven. The Last Days is the time when these sons and daughters appear and alleviate all the historical bitterness. They bring an end to the history of sorrow and pain and realize the one day when people can sing of joy and happiness. It is such a watershed time.

Who do people say will come in the Last Days? The Bible states it clearly. It says that the Lord will come. Who is the Lord? He is the returning Christ. Who will the returning Christ be? He is someone whom God has sought by mobilizing all the forces in Heaven and earth. He is someone to whom God can say, “You are my son who can live in my heart, my body, and in the world I created for eternity.”

Before he passed away, Jesus taught us that he was the bridegroom and we are his brides. These words foretell that with the appearance of the Lord who can become God’s son, there must also emerge on the earth brides who can become God’s daughters. In this way, sons and daughters will live together, and they will live together with God who has been seeking them. In that moment, the position of true sons and daughters is not limited. It is a day when the world which comes into relationship with these sons and daughters will be mobilized at once and praise Heaven.

What should humanity pray for before God, who has been persevering together with humanity, mourning with humanity, and who fought alongside humanity? It is, “God, please let there appear the true son for whom You have been longing.” What kind of person is that true son? He is someone who is worthy of being the true son and a true bridegroom. He will seek for a true bride to become the True Parents of humanity.

God has been working in history to bring the people to the true son and daughter and connect them together. This is God’s work of salvation.

In the Bible verse that we read today, it is written, “Since you have received the spirit of adopted sons, you call God Father,” and “we who received the first fruits of the Holy Spirit wait to become adopted children.” From this we can deduce that no matter how devout a person on earth may be, at most he can only become an adopted son before Heaven. In what form will the son of Heaven appear? There are those who are not sons, and there are adopted sons and true sons. Isn’t this true in this world? There are sons who are not our own sons. When we don’t have our own sons, we may have adopted sons who will carry on the lineage. Then there are the true sons. The same principle is at work in Heaven and earth.

In this land today, confusion arises from the intersection and collision of good and evil. This makes what is true appear false and what is false appear true. This is the reality. Heaven has been passing through history with the determination and heartfelt desire of finding true sons and daughters. Yet who are the true sons and daughters on the earth? People do not know. Probably no one knows. God has to raise up those who are not His sons in this world as His adopted sons and then bring them up further as children of His direct lineage. This is the work of God’s providence of restoration.

The relationship of a son has to be built through the lineage. Only when one’s own lineage is directly connected or when the lineages of one’s father or ancestors is connected may one use the words “sons and daughters.” This is how it is in this world. The same is true for Heaven’s principles.

From the moment Adam and Eve were created as the first ancestors of humanity, God’s heart should have flown through their bone marrow and come together in one point of unity. All of God’s ideals should have been manifested in them. If this had been accomplished, we would have become children of God’s direct lineage. However, due to the Fall, we have become related to another, undesirable lineage. Therefore, no matter how great we may think we are, we can only become adopted children who have a different lineage. No matter how many efforts one may have made for the sake of the providential will, and even if one were to bring another person’s son and carry on the lineage, the most one can do is to fulfill it through an adopted son. This has been the core of the providence of restoration in the New Testament, which Jesus has been guiding until today, based upon the Gospel.

Can God call these adopted sons His own true children? That is not possible. The same is true in the outside world. When someone who has suffered through some pain and grievances shares his feelings with another person, that second person can only imagine how he feels, unless he is fully connected to the heart of the first person. Another person may say, “That is probably how it feels.” Yet another person may question, “Is that how it feels?” But someone who has experienced the same thing and is connected in heart will feel the same pain in his heart as he listens to the other person share his sufferings. Only then can you say they are in the same position. Don’t you think this is true?

Become a True Son or True Daughter

Cheon Seong Gyeong 794

The seeds of a fruit should assimi-
late and condense all the aspects of time
and space connected with its growth.
The seed, root, branch and fruit can all
be found in the seed. The flower and
fruit are also included. Thus, we should
become people who can begin life in
this way. Only then can we say that God
is ours centering on love. No one could
object to this. (137-330, 1986.1.5)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1243

You must know the value of the Bless-
ing before you receive it. You should
understand that through the Blessing
you become one of the citizens of the
Third Israel. Now that you know the
significance and value of the Blessing,
do you think it is possible for a person
to reach individual perfection without
receiving the Blessing? Are unmarried
people ever treated as adults? Even in
the human world, when men who have
been bachelors or women who have been
virgins die before they marry, they will
be bachelor ghosts and virgin ghosts.
Because they could not marry, they nat-
urally became ghosts; this is just how the
heavenly laws operate. (19-106, 1967.12.31)

The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days

Rev Sun Myung Moon
July 26, 1959

Romans 8: 12-27

he title of the speech I am about to give is “The True Sons and Daughters of Heavenly Father Who Will Remain in the Last Days.”

No matter how great one’s power, how lofty one’s character, or how much glory one may possess, there is not even one person who can confidently claim he or she is the true son or daughter of God. This is true of all humanity. To become a true son or daughter, one has to have true parents. One has to go through the relationship of a true family and possess some quality of being connected to true brothers and sisters. Otherwise, one cannot create the environment of a son or daughter and cannot stand in that position.

If God exists and has been carrying on a providence, what is the ultimate purpose He has been seeking? It is none other than to find someone He can call “My true son” and “My true daughter.” God’s ultimate purpose is to usher in the day when He can stand connected to this true son and true daughter through the eternal heart, linked to all relationships of the world. He wants to share the words “Father” and “sons and daughters.” We must understand that God is longing for that day.

If there is a Creator, the origin of the universe and the center of the entire existing world, the ideal world that this center desires is not some phenomenal world on this earth. The world that God desires is not some conceptual world in Heaven or some external world. The world He desires is a place where everything is in the flow of love, which moves the relationships of the heart, where people can be called sons and daughters of God. Therefore, no matter how great God is, even if He is the Creator and an absolute being, He hopes for people with such qualities.

History seeks what is true. It pursues true people, a true nation, and a true world. We all have the desire to become true people.

Then what relationship among relationships sets the standard? It is the parent-child relationship between God and human beings. The heart which originates from this relationship will not be conquered by any power; it is eternal, unchanging and unique. The power of this heart is absolute. Therefore, when one emerges with this authority, all existing beings will have to bow before him in humility. When one acts with this authority of the heart, all of Heaven and earth will follow. This is the iron-clad rule of the universe. If this is not true, the purpose that we deeply cherish cannot be realized, and the one absolute relationship cannot be achieved.

For this reason, no matter how lofty and great God may be, His greatest sorrow is not having seen the day when He can call people His own sons and daughters. If people are created through these heavenly relationships, the failure to raise up such sons and daughters is the source of greatest sorrow. This is also the greatest sorrow of humanity.

If God has true sons and daughters whom He can call His own, that by calling them He can forget the toils of the past six thousand years and all the grief of the past, then this will be the beginning of the liberation of Heaven. Humanity will finally then be able to sing the song of joy. We should predict the coming of such a time.

If there is a last day for humanity and the heavenly principles, what kind of day should it be? That should be a day when God can pronounce to human beings, “You are my true sons and daughters whom I cannot deny for eternity. My sons and daughters, now all my grief has been alleviated.” It should be a day when God can comfort you and rejoice with you with an open and free heart. Only when such a day comes, only when such sons and daughters appear on earth, will the new ideal world begin.

However, until now there has not been such a son or daughter. We have not been able to establish a day when the relationship of true sons and daughters can be secured. Those in whom God can take pride as His true sons and daughters have not yet appeared. Unless such people appear, God’s will and the hope of humanity cannot be fulfilled.

Christianity Will Fade Away Unless an Internal Movement Appears

Cheon Seong Gyeong 963

To this day, no one has been regis-
tered into the heavenly kingdom. The
kingdom did not have a nation. It did
not have a family or nation. When you
go to the spirit world, your parents, and
– if there are ten people in your family
– all ten of your family members would
be separated. However, from now on it
will not be that way. You should know
that originally, if human beings had not
fallen, heaven would be the place where
you enter with your mother, father and
If your grandparents, mother and
father, couple, and children, become one
based on true love, and inherit God’s
true love that lives for others, then even
God would be absolutely obedient to
that. In the world that strives to live for
others – a world that moves according
to the love that submits to the tradition
of living for others – the basis for peace
would surely emerge even if it resisted
being formed. (210-354, 1990.12.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1428

The homeland desired by the will of
God is the homeland and the original
homeland of humankind, based on true
love. Korea should become such a home-
land and the homeland for all humanity.
(185-131, 1989.1.3)

Let Us Fathom the Heart of Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 1959

Matthew 10:24-39

Christianity will fade away unless an internal movement appears to shoulder difficulties and support one another with the belief that we are brothers and sisters and one human race, the citizens and family of Heaven. It will follow in the footsteps of Judaism. It will face the same fate as the Israelites who fell down in the wilderness.

Who should uphold the providential will of the people? If Christians do not recognize this mission, foreigners or members of another faith will surely shoulder it and realize the blessings of Christianity. Providential history never warns arrogant and overconfident people with words of guidance. Human beings are to follow the providence; the providence is never steered by human beings, nor does it ever follow them.

Hence, we should give our best and pour out all of our strength to recognize each other as the heavenly citizens, people, family and brothers and sisters. We should yearn for the heavenly sovereign, the ruler of Heaven. This is the time. This is God’s hope. This is the nation that God wants to convey His will through. This is the ideal world God wants to love.

Even if we do not fully understand this, we should understand that we are God’s people. We should know that we are God’s kinsmen and families. We will meet courageous sons and daughters. Those who understand this truth understand God while on earth. Jesus said, “Whoever says to others that they know me, I will recognize them before God.”

What do you want to understand by coming here? You should understand the desires and goals of God and understand that we are His people. You have to understand that God is in anguish and is desperately trying to liberate people from imprisonment in Satan’s world.


Father, we have learned that Your desire does not rest in Heaven. Your situation is not focused upon Yourself. The heart of Heaven is not Yours. How much have You longed for Heaven’s desires, situation, and heart to be with the past, present and future? We who did not understand this are traitors and rebels.

Please help us realize how we are enslaved inside the iron fences of Satan. Please allow our calling upon You to be manifested in Heaven and on earth. Please connect the hearts of those who are gathered here to Your heart.

When this is realized before the people and the world, we know that joy will fill all of Heaven and earth. We have learned that we cannot build this ideal world unless we can long for the people, brothers and sisters, our family members and children and shoulder the cross in our battles.

We sincerely pray that You will raise us up as sons and daughters who can fight every day with unbounded, infinite animosity toward Satan’s world.

We hope that we can clearly understand our own situation and the direction that we should head in based on the words You have given us today. We pray that You will guide us to become sons and daughters whom You can recognize and who can understand You. We prayed in the name of the Lord. Amen. 

You Have to Understand what it Means to be Indignant and Grievous

Cheon Seong Gyeong 278

The highest things in the world, the
highest and most precious things in the
world of fallen humanity are the True
Parents and the right of the first son.
Next come the rights and responsibili-
ties of parents, and then comes right of
kingship. This is an exclusive authority.
God has been active in Korean history
order to secure the authority of the first
son who inherits the heavenly kingship.
It is the same with Japan. It is the right
of the first son to carry on for the emper-
or in the final days. The first son has to
become a true parent. Adam was the
original first son of humankind. Thus,
the right of the first son must necessarily
connect with the position of a true par-
ent, and the realm of the first son must
be restored. Otherwise, he will be unable
to stand in the position of a true parent.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1855

Blessed families have risen up on the
vertical standard, but have not stood
on the horizontal standard in Jardim.
Therefore, from now on, families must
be established that can live together with
God on the horizontal standard. To facil-
itate this, I have made an education cen-
ter for ideal families aimed toward world
peace, and I have been re-educating the
families that have been blessed until now.
I must train them again with the con-
tents enabling them to join God’s abso-
lute glorious family. That is the family
training, taking place in Jardim. (294-319,

Let Us Fathom the Heart of Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 1959

Matthew 10:24-39

Are we going to betray the God who came seeking for us in the past and in the present, the God who came to us on the level of a people, a nation, and the world? Are we going to betray Him or be loyal to Him? We can only choose one of these two.

For this reason it is written that the sheep and goats will be separated. To become patriots, you have to understand what it means to be indignant and grievous. You have to understand the bitter indignation of the Father: “My Father was grieving in the past for this reason and in the present for that reason. The Father of the future is in such a position.”

Now we must unite. Since there are no citizens of Heaven who are seeking others, we should raise our flag high and gather the citizens of Heaven at the risk of our lives.

When we think of God, who does not have heavenly people, heavenly tribes, heavenly families, heavenly sons and daughters or heavenly parents, we cannot raise our heads. Human beings cannot raise their heads before God. What we have to understand here is that we are too shameful to raise our heads before Heaven. We thought that the brothers in our homes were our own brothers, yet that turned out not to be true. We thought that the Heaven and earth in which we live is the nation that we should live in, yet that is not true. We thought that the people we are in communication with are our friends. Yet that was not true.

From this perspective, the words that Jesus spoke were appropriate. He spoke all the words that he could speak to human beings before he died. Although he spoke all the words that he could, the people did not understand them. Looking at this Jesus mourned. Jesus who came for humanity abandoned his people and left those who opposed him and prayed in tears before Heaven in the mountains.

If there are sons and daughters who possess a desire to serve the will with their bodies and minds and who dash toward the Father head on, in other words, if there are those who run on behalf of the people, tribes, brothers and children, God will hold onto them and mourn. When Mary Magdalene tried to hold onto the resurrected Jesus, he told her not to hold him because she was not in touch with these principles.

Humanity in the past could not run toward God head on. Not one person transcended the position of a people, of tribes and brothers and stood in the position of children and called the Father their own. Because Jesus fulfilled this responsibility in the course of history, he could become the Savior. Nevertheless Jesus had to die in a situation where God could recognize his victory. For this reason, Jesus has to return to the earth to complete the purpose of victory over Satan in the universe and Heaven and earth. Would it be all right, then, for him to come on the clouds?

We have to understand the time now. We have to understand ourselves. We are locked inside a prison of many layers. How much would God long for a free Heaven and earth, for a place where our citizens can live, where our brothers and sisters can live, where our parents can live, and where our sons and daughters can live?

As God related with human beings for six thousand years, He never forgot even for one minute that world of the heart. We did not know this, but now we have to understand it. After we understand it, we should run toward Heaven and dash forward head on. People must emerge who can represent humanity and run toward the one day when everything in Heaven and on earth can rejoice and give blessings.

This is the purpose of our faith. Do you want to believe and go to Heaven? Do you think you can go to Heaven just because you want to? When you go to a government agency and go through the registration process, you have to repeat the whole process if you get one word wrong. Yet do you think that you can just slide inside the gates of Heaven? That will never be. You cannot enter without having fulfilled certain conditions. You can enter Heaven only after going through some processes of the heart. Because the world of the heart transcends time and space, there is no progress and regression. There are no concepts and forms. There, it is the alpha and the omega, the beginning and eternity.

Are the Battles Being Fought or Not?

Cheon Seong Gyeong 586

What is the meaning of death? Earth-
ly life, the time of living in air, parallels
the time of swimming in the womb. We
are living in a wrapping cloth of air.
Death itself is not unique, but only our
rebirth into the third life. That moment
of transition is what we call death. (49-
286, 1971.10.17)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1526

Pledge number two signifies that
our family pledges to represent and
become central to heaven and earth by
serving God and the True Parents, to
fulfill the way of filial piety in our fam-
ily, patriotism in our nation, saints in
the world, and a family of divine sons
and daughters in heaven and earth. This
means that we will complete everything
desired by God in our family. Through
it, we are making a vow that as parents,
we will educate the children in our fam-
ily, the citizens in our nation, and the
people living in the world, and in heav-
en and earth, so that they may become
eligible to become the family members
of God’s Kingdom. (260-190, 1994.5.8)

Let Us Fathom the Heart of Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 1959

Matthew 10:24-39

God came to us and taught us in the following way: He said that He was the father of individuals, families, people and the world. As long as a people possessed a father, they all had the same father. As long as the world had a father, the world had the same father. This is what God wants.

God came to us. He came to each one of us, prisoners in Satan’s sovereignty. However, even after raising up Abraham as the father of faith, God could not share all that He wanted to tell us. Although He raised up a family, He could not tell them all He wanted. Although he chose Moses to lead the people, He could not reveal all He wanted to. Although He sent Jesus, He could not convey all that He wanted to at that time. He could not. It is written clearly in the Bible that He could not speak all that He wanted to.

Why is this so? Jesus represented the God of the world and of the universe and all of Heaven and earth. He could not accomplish this mission without a foundation. Thus, Jesus said that he will return in the Last Days.

Please reflect upon yourselves. You owe an historical debt.

To instruct you and teach you, Heaven came to your people and sent prophets countless times. Do you understand this?

What did Jesus bring with him? Jesus came with the desire to elevate all people as the children of God and to judge Satan’s world. He came to build a garden of happiness as the King of Kings, centering on the Father. He came with this desire, situation and heart of love. Have you ever had such a desire? Have you ever experienced such a situation? Have you ever felt such a heart? If you have not, then you cannot avoid judgment.

Therefore, we should not call out, “God of Abraham, God of Isaac, and God of Jacob. God the Father who called Moses and the prophets of the past, Father whom Jesus called upon!” We should pray, “God of Abraham, God of Jacob, God of Moses and God of Jesus! Please be my God.” God should not be the God of someone else. He must be our own God. This is what we must do.

The time that we call out to the historical God has passed. Thus, the God of the past must have a relationship with us and the God of the future must have a relationship with us. You have to build a relationship in which you can say, “God of the past, isn’t this the current situation? God of the present, isn’t this the situation? God of the future, isn’t this the situation? Isn’t this Your desire?” and God will say, “Yes.”

To do this, first we have to understand that we live in Satan’s world. You are the descendants of Satan. You are prisoners of war captured not by God’s side but by Satan’s side. The Savior is the chief communications representative on the world scale who has the responsibility to bring you back. The “Savior” means that he will save you. The Savior is the person with the mission to save all the prisoners of war. He encourages them and goads them to fight. For this reason, it is written that Jesus came not to bring peace to the world but to provide weapons and provoke battles. Yet are the battles being fought or not? Please examine this carefully.

The Words of the Bible Are Secret Codes

Cheon Seong Gyeong 194

There have been many religions, but
what has been their mission? Their mis-
sion is to find one particular person.
Many religions talk about attaining sal-
vation and other such matters, but they
are seeking to find the one person able to
rise to the highest point in the world, the
one person who has even gone beyond
that point. They want to bring this per-
son into existence. In this way, the cen-
ter of all religions is one specific per-
son; he is the Messiah. In other words,
all religions have been looking for one
person, and this one person, the central
being, is the Messiah, the Savior. When
the Messiah comes, he does not come to
his position immediately. He has to ful-
fill a seven-year course. The Messiah is a
man. This Messiah has to come and gain
victory over Satan by going beyond the
blood relationship of the satanic world.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 944

In order to create a unified heaven
and earth, the spirit world must first
be unified. The ancestors in the spirit
world said, “Rev. Moon, you heretic, you
traitor!” Later on, even God said, “Yes,
throw him away!” That is how the laws
of indemnity are. Since Adam and Eve
abandoned God, God also had to aban-
don them, conditionally. Enduring such
abandonment, I had to win acceptance,
restore God’s support for me, recov-
er my heaven, and receive God’s seal
of approval. During that period, God
had to stand against me when someone
accused me, but then later on every-
My character is such that once I start
something I carry on till the end. I do
not retreat until I die. Since I know clear-
ly what this principle is about, I am sure
of myself. That is why I openly resisted
these spiritual attacks. How could Jesus,
Confucius or other leaders know such
principles? Eventually they only asked
negative questions because what I said
was not in the doctrine they taught.
They insisted on their own views.
I battled against the entire spirit
world for forty-three days. On the forti-
eth day even God said, “Rev. Moon, you
good-for-nothing! Why have you come
here and brought chaos to this peace-
ful heavenly world? You son-of-a-thief!”
Everyone agreed with God. Still, I did
not retreat. (282-168, 1997.3.11)

Richard: Wow! Even Jesus and God initially opposed Rev. Moon as the Messiah at the Second Coming and the True Parent. Yet Rev Moon persevered. Ultimately, he received God’s seal of approval!

Let Us Fathom the Heart of Heaven
Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 13, 1959

Matthew 10:24-39

What did God intend to do with this foundation of a people? He tried to use the people as a base to expand out to the world. For this reason God promised the chosen people that He would send them a Messiah who could lead the people to build a new kingdom and who would become the King of Kings. He gave this promise based on the foundation of the people.

This was not based on Abraham or Jacob, but the people after Moses. However, the people did not know that the Messiah who was sent as the prince of the world, who was to be assisted by them in dismantling the reign of Satan, who was to lay a foundation of victory for Heaven, was the one who was sent.

From what perspective did the Israelites long for the Messiah? They should have had the clear conviction that they were the chosen people for God’s providence who were to unite and pioneer the world to conquer Satan’s world when the Messiah appeared. If they had felt so and had been deeply indignant about living in Satan’s world, they never would have killed Jesus.

Jesus came to this earth. What was his desire? He was not concerned about himself, nor about his twelve disciples, nor about the seventy followers. He focused his efforts upon the whole Israelite people. Jesus was to rule the chosen people, bringing them together to build a new blessed land of Canaan. He was to blow the heralding trumpets to set out for the blessed land of Canaan on the world level. The sorrowful fact that Jesus was chased out from his position as the leader of the people was the root of Israel’s decline.

Until now people have thought that Jesus came to die. When you examine things more deeply, you will find that this is not true. We need brave soldiers who can fight for Heaven. Isn’t that logical?

Through the four-thousand-year history, God built something comparable to a communications center and a military headquarters to communicate with Satan’s world. Yet all of these were destroyed. Although He sent Jesus based on the foundation of four thousand years of hard work on the part of the people, they turned against him. Can there be a king without a people to rule, once the foundation of the people is destroyed? For this reason Satan’s world did what it wanted to him; that was his death on the cross. It was the miserable execution of a prince. Yet the people did not know that Jesus’ death on the cross was the miserable execution of the prince of Israel.

Where was he killed? He was killed under the sovereignty of Satan. If you want to learn about this in greater detail, come and see me when you have time. This is how it is. This is why God is furious. Jesus said that although he was going to have to suffer death, he would give us the secret documents of a new covenant, secret messages from Heaven. These are the New Testament Gospels.

“Believe me. You will live when you believe me and follow me. If you believe me, where will you go? To the place of liberation. You will live only if you believe me. Believe. I came for you and am dying for you, so believe in me and in the words I have spoken.” Jesus’ words are the words of promise which will give us life. The words of the Bible are secret codes. They are the codes by which Heaven can communicate with us in Satan’s world. They are written in symbols and parables. Hence, no matter how much you read, you will not fully understand. There will come a day when these codes can be deciphered, so we have to demonstrate utmost loyalty and exert ourselves. What did Jesus want? It was to rely on the people to establish the ideal of the restoration of the world. Since no thought or doctrine of the world could explain this, he promised that one day he would unravel the secret documents and show us our path and destination.

We Are Like Prisoners of War

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1886

A world opposite to the former world
has now come, like morning follow-
ing the passing night. The time has now
come when spring comes to the Unifi-
cation Church, while the satanic world
heads towards evening and night. There
is no hope left in the satanic world. That is
a dark world of despair, one void of hope.
People thought there was no hope in the
Unification Church, but after the era of
dawn, a new morning has come usher-
ing an age of clearness and brightness.
It becomes Rev. Moon’s kingdom of the
truth. I have a good name. The Chinese
character for Sun ( 鮮 ) is a combination
of the Chinese character for “fish” ( 魚 )
and “lamb” ( 羊 ), which unifies the land
and the ocean. The Chinese character for
Myung ( 明 ) symbolizes the sun, moon
and space in the heavens. The Chinese
character for Moon ( 文 ) when written
quickly looks like, and is related to the
Chinese character “father” ( 父 ). If there
is a word meaning “the father” or “true
father” that can be explained through
the truth, then these words should be
placed in the closest position. I did not
know this myself. I only learned it after
explaining it to you. (261-64, 1994.5.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1622

What is happening in America now-
adays? Originally, grandparents, par-
ents and children could not separate.
These three generations should not be
apart. They need to be united in order
to establish the four-position founda-
tion. Otherwise, the foundation for the
ideal cannot be made. You understand
this clearly, don’t you? Thus, God is cre-
ating the horizontal foundation of His
love through human beings. If the True
Parents had not appeared on earth, God
could never have children in the spirit
world. For the first time, the children of
the original nature will be born through
us. Through us, God’s royal family will
come into being. You should be proud
of yourselves on that account. It is up to
us to connect all nations to the original
Eden. (218-199, 1991.7.28)

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 19, 1959

John 10: 1-18

Human beings are living in a world of suffering. They are fighting fierce battles between mind and body. The world of the body is a substantial world; hence, all one’s experiences in it are concrete. Thus, no matter how strong one’s mind may be, one is captured by the stimulation of this substantial world.

To the grief of the mind, the body is weak. Why is this? This is because the emotions one feels in this physical world, the stimulations to your body coming from all around, are strong. In contrast, the stimulation that the mind feels does not come from one’s surroundings but from one direction. Because the stimulation of the body is stronger than the stimulations of the mind, the latter are cut off and suppressed. We cannot deny that this sad reality overwhelms our minds. When stimulation comes to our minds, it does not come from our surroundings. It does not come from behind or from the sides; it comes from the front.

For this reason, even if you are living in the evil world, you sometimes long for some vague thing, even unconsciously. Those who lead a religious life suddenly feel the urge to pray. All of this is because of the functioning of the mind. If the mind has a door, as we open the door and allow the relationship of Heaven to enter through it, we will feel the stimulations of the mind and pursue that world. We should understand this.

Although evil is omni-directional and attacks us through concrete forms, God comes to us from one direction through the bottom of our mind. Yet we have wronged this God so many times. This is why you are traitors who are not worthy to stand before God. You probably cannot deny this.

Human beings live under Satan’s prison of death, under the reign of Satan. We who should live under the reign of God and become citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven live under the rule of Satan as his captives. We are like prisoners of war. This is the situation we are in.

Still, deep inside our minds there are certain movements which can connect us to the truth, situation and heart of our original homeland. God created human beings so that these movements can explode in our minds and freely influence our bodies and bring all of Heaven and earth to submission.

We are living a life of battle to follow the movement of the mind, which is as faint as a strand of thread, in search of the direction of goodness and to make goodness concrete. Satan attacks us from three directions here. He enters us with good material things, power and position in this world. The religious path is the course of constant fighting to cut off from these things. This is why it is written that we should pray constantly. The moment we pray, we are fighting.

From this perspective Jesus looked upon human beings, who have become prisoners of Satan, and shouldered the responsibility to destroy the realm of Satan. It is my plan to form a special troop in this evil world for the purpose of laying the foundation upon which to dismantle Satan’s world. The Israelites were chosen to serve as the basis upon which God could restore this world. Nevertheless, the people were ignorant of this truth.