What is True Liberation?

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 73

There is nothing God does not know.
He is all-knowing and all-powerful, has
full authority, and is omnipresent. But
what does this have to do with us? I am
asking what it has to do with us. You
may say, “Oh, since He has full author-
ity, it should be easy for Him to rule over
me. Since He is omnipresent, it should
be easy for Him to monitor me. Since
He knows everything, He will analyze
me thoroughly and leave no escape for
me.” What good would come from God
ruling over us through His omniscience
and omnipotence? (130-209, 1984.1.22)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1378

No one opposed me when I pro-
claimed myself as the True Parent and
Savior from July 3 to August 24 because,
as I explained in terms of what the Lord
would be returning to achieve, no one
had been able to do what I had accom-
plished for the world. As such, Christians
from the established churches could not
gainsay it. Then I held the 30,000 Cou-
ples Blessing, which means that 60,000
people were blessed. Before the ceremo-
ny, those Christians opposed it in every
possible way, claiming it was all a down-
right lie, but when I actually performed
it, they were dumbstruck. Once they
had actually seen me conduct the cer-
emony, all the established churches that
had until then been spreading lies about
us and opposing us on all sides were
silenced for good. (239-274, 1992.12.6)

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47

The title of the sermon I want to reflect upon with you is “The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain.” I will speak briefly upon this topic. I will speak about “The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain” from the standpoint of faith.

You think that God is omnipotent and nothing is impossible for Him. God has so many abilities. Yet if one asks, searching deep down in his Shim Jung, whether God’s heart is free, I cannot say it is. If one asks if God is amid the joy of liberation with a promising providence in front of Him, that is not true either. Moreover, if one asks whether the activities of man and all things are motivated by God’s Shim Jung, that is, whether they are in a unified position in which they move with the movement of God’s heart, we cannot but discover that this is not true. Continue reading “What is True Liberation?”

The Devil is Your Father

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 1996

Today, the United States is consid-
ered the principal nation of democracy.
Yet a time will come when America will
decay because of money, and her people
will no longer care for democracy. The
current situation in Korea also reflects
this fact. Though democracy itself is a
good system, at present many Koreans
are engaged in scheming and slandering
others because of money. They are even
fighting against others to seize power.
Can that be considered a democracy?
What is currently taking place is a phe-
nomenon resulting from misrule by the
privileged class. (21-156, 1968.11.17)

Richard:  Yes, this is exactly what Pastor Hyung Jin Moon is talking about constantly.

Proverbs 10

If you obey the Lord,
    you won’t go hungry;
if you are wicked,
    God won’t let you have
    what you want.

The Freedom, Liberation and Unification God Seeks to Attain

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 12, 1958

John 8:31-47

31 Jesus told the people who had faith in him, “If you keep on obeying what I have said, you truly are my disciples. 32 You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

33 They answered, “We are Abraham’s children! We have never been anyone’s slaves. How can you say we will be set free?”

34 Jesus replied:

I tell you for certain that anyone who sins is a slave of sin! 35 And slaves don’t stay in the family forever, though the Son will always remain in the family. 36 If the Son gives you freedom, you are free! 37 I know that you are from Abraham’s family. Yet you want to kill me, because my message isn’t really in your hearts. 38 I am telling you what my Father has shown me, just as you are doing what your father has taught you.

39 The people said to Jesus, “Abraham is our father!”

Jesus replied, “If you were Abraham’s children, you would do what Abraham did. 40 Instead, you want to kill me for telling you the truth that God gave me. Abraham never did anything like that. 41 But you are doing exactly what your father does.”

“Don’t accuse us of having someone else as our father!” they said. “We just have one father, and he is God.”

42 Jesus answered:

If God were your Father, you would love me, because I came from God and only from him. He sent me. I did not come on my own. 43 Why can’t you understand what I am talking about? Can’t you stand to hear what I am saying? 44 Your father is the devil, and you do exactly what he wants. He has always been a murderer and a liar. There is nothing truthful about him. He speaks on his own, and everything he says is a lie. Not only is he a liar himself, but he is also the father of all lies.

45 Everything I have told you is true, and you still refuse to have faith in me. 46 Can any of you accuse me of sin? If you cannot, why won’t you have faith in me? After all, I am telling you the truth. 47 Anyone who belongs to God will listen to his message. But you refuse to listen, because you don’t belong to God.


Father! Do not abandon Your sons and daughters who prostrated before You. Guide us not to hesitate in offering our entire mind and body to You. We have many points of dissatisfaction before You, but we dedicate our minds and bodies, relying upon the historical Shim Jung with which You worked hard to find us. Please have dominion over us. I sincerely desire that at this time, You will burn our shortcomings with the fire of the Holy Spirit and consecrate us so that we can dedicate our minds and bodies as a whole and acceptable offering to You.

Father! Your sons and daughters have taken the trouble-filled steps to this place instead of Your tearful course, filled with sorrow and stabbing pain. Please take note of our determination and actions. Lead us at this time to Your deep and loving Shim Jung, and let no one fall into Satan’s accusation.

We know that You want to spread the new word to the nation through us, but we are anxious that we may fail our responsibilities due to our disloyalty and shortcomings and bring sorrow to You. Father, I earnestly pray that You look at the faults with which we have served Your will and fill them with the power of Your life and love. Bless us so that we can take on any mission and responsibility. There is a myriad of satans in our path. Father, lead us so that our determination remains intact and we become an offering of life before You, enduring until the end without losing to Satan. I sincerely pray that You will guide us to proceed with our initial determination and fight for the sole purpose of revealing Your glory.

Have pity on Your children who are gathered here, and lead them to Your loving heart. Remove all elements of darkness. Allow us to serve You with the authority of life and as one body. Let us sing glorious hymns and show gratitude for Your blessing of glory. Keep Satan away from this gathering from the beginning to the end, and reveal only Your glory through our mind and body. We pray in the name of the Lord. Amen.

Embrace God’s Love, Life and Ideal Centered on the Second Coming

Cheon Seong Gyeong 583

All things of this world will pass
away. Our families, nations, and even
the world itself will pass away. Ideologies
and philosophies will pass away. What
will remain? It is the hope with which
we can fight and win over death. With-
out such a hope, we might as well call
ourselves failures in life.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1175

Immediately after World War II, the
world could have restored the birthright
of right of the eldest son. If Christian-
ity had united with the founder of the
Unification Church, this past forty-year
course would not have occurred. Com-
munism would have already disap-
peared. If they had only listened to me,
Korea would not have been divided. If
the spiritual groups centered on Christi-
anity had all listened to what I said….
However, all the groups which had
been prepared to restore the Garden of
Eden were led to a fate like that of John
the Baptist, through their secular way of
thinking. After the liberation of Korea
the Unification Church faced opposi-
tion. To take charge of this situation, we
have been restoring, through indemnity
over a period of 40 years, the 2,000-year
history of Christianity and the 4,000
years of history since Jacob that were
repeated. (138-214, 1986.1.21)

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

The world of Shim Jung transcends time. Thus far, no one has been able to revolutionize the parents’ loving heart for their children. Its essence has remained unchanged throughout the vicissitudes of the ages. This happens in the world of love. When a beloved child is leaving the parents, no one, not even a powerful authority, can block the movement of the world of love. The movement of the world of love can transcend the hurdles of a giant mountain and the entire cosmos. Thus, to have an experience of Shim Jung, we should connect with the standard of the heart. Only in the world of Shim Jung can we establish the condition by which we can receive Jesus, who came to save us 2,000 years ago. Thus, in calling upon God, we should go beyond the situation and see the Shim Jung behind it. A parent’s love for a child transcends life. Love itself is the complete answer and complete motivation.

The day when we receive the Messiah as the subject of life, the ideal, love and the center of humanity is the day when God, the universe and humankind will all rejoice. It is the day when humankind finds the lost God, God finds the lost human and the earth. On the day of the Messiah, three conditions will be simultaneously restored. The real world will be created in which everything moves and halts through one heart. It is the day of hope for God, humankind and all things. What, then, is the standard of hope? It is the love that represents all. Continue reading “Embrace God’s Love, Life and Ideal Centered on the Second Coming”

God Shows the Example of Loving

Cheon Seong Gyeong 258

Section 2. We Should Fully
Understand the Words “True
There is a term cherished in our Uni-
fication Church. Some of you might be
hearing it for the first time; it is the term
“True Parents.” We say, Our True Par-
ents! Did Jesus have True Parents? We
have something that Jesus did not. Did
Jesus have True Parents? Are not parents
responsible when they do not protect
their children? Parents ought to protect
their children. They must be a protective
barrier against Satan and say to their
children, “Be happy in our embrace.”
Did Jesus have that experience? For his
entire life Jesus grew up and was treated
as a stepson. This is why the Bible does
not contain the words true parents. It
does not contain the words true parents
or true brothers and sisters. These words
are a part of our Unification Church
terminology. They are not something I
invented. They are words discovered to
be part of the heavenly Principle. We
use the words true parents and true
children. We should understand how
true children should act. True chil-
dren should be able to offer their lives
and everything they have for the sake of
God’s Son and should be grateful even if
they themselves end up in hell. Without
going through such a process, nothing
can be accomplished. In this way, you
can return to the Father through having
the heart of true children. (76-73, 1975.1.26)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 891

You cannot eat without God’s love in
the spirit world. You do not have a right
to eat. You have to realize that hell is a
place where you watch but cannot eat,
and know but cannot act. Therefore, you
should know that only those who have
made substantial the core value that can
unite the spiritual and physical worlds
based on God’s love, and who have expe-
rienced the life of heaven on earth with
their mind and body united, can take
ownership in the eternal ideal world of
the Kingdom of Heaven. (91-173, 1977.2.6)

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

Today you exert enormous efforts through religion, seeking the infinite world of being. Why do you fail to find it? Why are you unable to recognize the world? From the standpoint of relationship, it is because the motivation and purpose deviate and you cannot make a relationship with the resulting value. All entities, individual, family, national, country and world, have their own wishes and purposes in their own situations. When the purpose of an entity differs from the heavenly purpose, it can hardly feel the eternal world of being. Heaven helps humankind feel this world through religion, not through intellectual conditions. This world is felt through ultimate emotional issues by holding up the standard of love.

Thus, God comes to us only with love, and we can meet God only with love. You must first know that God has been trying infinitely to reach out to us, giving hope to those without hope, giving life to those without life, and giving love to those who cannot be loved. You should know that God thinks of us before we think of Him. He existed before we existed and moves for us before we move. You should feel in your hearts that a Being exists who is greater than the value of our existence, ideal and affection, and He moves before we do. Continue reading “God Shows the Example of Loving”

The Bride and Bridegroom are Most Valuable

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2084

We want the unification of North
and South Korea right now, but what is
the solution to the division? North and
South Korea cannot be united unless a
clearly defined solution is provided. It
cannot happen by either the North or
the South simply saying, “You have to
do as we say.” They cannot be unified if
both have something to lose. It’s possible
only when there’s a plus for both. Isn’t
that so? For example, a man and woman
cannot be one after marriage if they are
both minuses to each other; they must
find something that they can gain from
each other. (61-73, 1972.8.27)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1387

The True Mother has accomplished
a victorious foundation, thereby liber-
ating women from the position of fallen
Eve who could not fulfill her responsibil-
ity. Hence, the true women’s liberation
movement can finally be initiated. With-
in the next three years, we must proceed
with the efforts to restore the nation
through the liberation of women.
Since we have entered the era in
which we can restore the nation, we are
able to hold huge global weddings. Since
we reclaimed 360,000 couples from the
satanic realm, the satanic world has fall-
en to pieces. Now the families in the
secular world are bound to disintegrate.
Once this happens, the Blessed Families
will become the mainstream, and every-
one will get to know that the family ideal
I teach will not only bring liberation to
humanity, but also show us the short-
est route to world peace; consequently,
we will no longer face opposition. From
now on, if anyone dares to oppose us,
whether royalty or any other dignitary,
those around them should shout, “Be
quiet, you! Don’t you know what Rev.
Moon has achieved? Don’t you know
that he has brought together young men
and women from around the world and
married them in the 360,000 Couples
Blessing? What have you done that is so
great that you dare oppose him? Cut it
out!” Now the time has come for you to
go back to your hometowns and to sit on
your parents until they bow down to you
Book 9 • Blessed Family 1388
in submission. In other words, the time
has come for us to restore the rights of
the parents. Do you understand? (272-50,

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

Why could God not make man have a relationship with absolute love and goodness? I have struggled a lot with this question myself. Was God like this from the beginning? No. God is a being such that, without the fall, we could feel Him even before we thought about His existence. We could feel His existence inside us as the substance of hope even before we had wishes. He would appear even before we longed for Him. However, the fall means that humankind has not reached such an emotional, ideological and living standard. Everything was lost through the fall. You should know that this is the sorrow of humankind.

Now we are wandering about, searching for truth, life, the ideal and God’s love. With our ultimate power of life, the ideal and the standard of Shim Jung, we cannot help loving God and cannot help thinking that God is the center of the whole ideal and the cosmos. If you carry such feelings and make the connection within your life with the source of such a stimulus, God’s eternal life will become your eternal life. You will move and halt as God moves and halts. You should know that this is the hope of the Creator of humanity. Continue reading “The Bride and Bridegroom are Most Valuable”

We Must Know God’s Love Intimately

Cheon Seong Gyeong 139

2.2. God has been miserable
throughout history
How enraged God is when He looks
down on us on earth! All human beings
should have had His lineage, but Satan
pushes them into a miserable state and
scornfully jeers at God saying, “Your
descendants are miserable.” When
Satan asks God, “How will You, with
all Your omniscience and omnipotence,
redeem this difficult situation?” God can
only be silent. He has to pretend to be
deaf though He can hear, pretend not to
smell though He can smell, and pretend
not to feel though He can feel. Have you
ever thought about the misery of God
throughout history? (183-19, 1988.10.29)

Job 16

16 Job said:

I have often heard this,
    and it offers no comfort.
So why don’t you keep quiet?
    What’s bothering you?
If I were in your place,
it would be easy to criticize
    or to give advice.
But I would offer hope
    and comfort instead.

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

What must finally be explained to everyone through science, philosophy, history and religion? It is the common problem of history, the current age and the future. This is also a problem for God. You should know that the cosmic value of your life and whether you can be proud of it depends upon whether you can establish the standard in your life of an inseparable relationship with God in which you move with God and halt with God. Continue reading “We Must Know God’s Love Intimately”

Our Relationship with God Should Motivate Our Lives

The second installment of the Richard Urban show on Vaccine Choice in West Virginia: Required Vaccines in West Virginia. This segment includes quotes from West Virginia Medical Officer Sherri Young and Lisa Costello from the WV pediatric association at the WV Senate Education Committee hearing.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 550

However good your country of res-
idence may be, you cannot go to the
Kingdom of Heaven if you were unable
to live even one day by a victorious stan-
dard; you cannot enter the eternal world
if you failed to live even one year victo-
riously. Hence, while it is important for
believers to go forth dreaming of eter-
nity, what is even more important is how
they actually eradicate evil and wheth-
er they become the standard-bearers of
goodness. This is preeminently crucial.
From this perspective, Adam’s
momentary lapse led to eons of anguish.
It was in Adam’s family that Cain and
Abel had to dissolve the anguish of their
parents and demolish the wall that exist-
ed between the brothers and create the
origin of one family. Yet the murder of
Abel, who was set up as the representa-
tive of the providence of restoration, was
also an instantaneous incident.

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1498

The absolute authority to judge this
world cannot be bestowed on an indi-
vidual alone. It needs to be bestowed on
a true family. What would Satan attack
first? It would be the family. That is why
if you have formed a family but failed to
unite into one, the family breaks up. A
break-up between father and son, hus-
band and wife, and indeed, the whole
family, will result. A person who has
formed a family only to see it break up
later is scarred with a wound that can-
not be healed for eternity. No amount
of consolation would do that person any
good. (30-85, 1970.3.17)

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

After Jesus had made the Sadducees look foolish, the Pharisees heard about it and got together. 35 One of them was an expert in the Jewish Law. So he tried to test Jesus by asking, 36 “Teacher, what is the most important commandment in the Law?”

37 Jesus answered:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind. 38 This is the first and most important commandment. 39 The second most important commandment is like this one. And it is, “Love others as much as you love yourself.” 40 All the Law of Moses and the Books of the Prophets[c] are based on these two commandments.


Today I will speak briefly upon the topic of “Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father.” No person or created thing can maintain existence separated from this world in which they exist through relationships. Thus, you should know that in this world of relationships, nothing can exist apart from motivation and purpose. Continue reading “Our Relationship with God Should Motivate Our Lives”

Search for the One Person

The second installment of the Richard Urban show on Vaccine Choice in West Virginia: Required Vaccines in West Virginia. This segment includes quotes from West Virginia Medical Officer Sherri Young and Lisa Costello from the WV pediatric association at the WV Senate Education Committee hearing.

Cheon Seoung Gyeong 2114

When you go to the spirit world how
grateful you will be that I offered to you
the qualification of becoming sons and
daughters of the owner of a free heaven
and earth without walls. If you have lis-
tened to me and lived in this way, since
the spirit world has no boundaries, wher-
ever you go in that vast and endless spir-
it world they will say, “We have helped
you. When you were in charge, we went
there during that time and helped you.”
Everybody will be your friend. They will
be your colleagues from that same time
period. As I have said, the spirit world
must be mobilized. Without its mobi-
lization, the Kingdom of Heaven can-
not be formed. It cannot be realized.
The Kingdom of Heaven was supposed
to start with true parents, and not with
fallen descendants. Just like when God
created Adam, He received the help of
the angelic world. In re-creation the
spirit world must all come down and
help the earth as well. They have to do
it. This is the principle, is it not? This is
the principle of resurrection, is it not? It
can be called truth only when the prin-
ciple of resurrection becomes a reality.
So how much will the spirit world like
me? (162-114, 1987.3.30)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 926

God cannot pass judgment on the
devil. In the book of Job, why did God
deal with Satan despite the fact that
Satan had followed God around and
tried to take control? God was com-
pelled to deal with him. Satan would
say, “Unless You digest me in Your love,
unless you set the original standard after
digesting me in love, you cannot control
me. Isn’t this Your Way? You are sup-
posed to dominate me after overcom-
ing the way of absolute love, beyond all
the complete ways of the principled love.
Since You haven’t reached that point,
You cannot dominate me. If You want
to dominate me, if You want to bring me
into submission, You have to do so based
on the standard that conforms to the
Way. I would submit to the individual
on the individual level, to the family on
the family level, to the tribe on the tribal
level, and to the people on the national
level. But this won’t happen unless You
set the standard, will it?” God could not
make a move and would be stuck. You
should know this. (188-228, 1989.2.26)

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

When one is trying to find his lost child, even if he is the prime minister of a state, his dignity is not in consideration. He will burst into tears, clasping his hands and body, ignoring his reputation and dignity, not caring even if he is a beggar. The fact that such a scene has never occurred between God and humanity from the time of creation is the sorrow of God, all things and humankind. Continue reading “Search for the One Person”

God Seeks the Bridegroom and Bride

Cheong Seong Gyeong 2152

In fact, throughout my life I have
developed a movement for ‘One World
Under God’ transcending race, ideolo-
gy, and nationality in accordance with
His providence. This is a principle of
providential history and not a theory
that I specially devised. Being enlight-
ened regarding God’s will, in order for
me to not only teach His plan as a the-
ory but also to implement it, there is no
part of the five oceans and six continents
that my activities have not outwardly
Through the foundation of multifar-
ious missionary and business activities
in Alaska, Antarctica, the countries of
the former Soviet Union, the 33 nations
of Latin America, and throughout Asia
and Africa, we are making preparations
to solve problems that humanity will
face over the coming millennium, such
as environmental pollution and fam-
ine. In recent years, I have worked in the
Pantanal and Amazon regions of Brazil
to lay a substantial foundation to protect
the Earth’s environment. On the other
hand as regards the internal aspects, I
have worked through the International
Holy Blessings and the True Family Val-
ues Ministry. Some 430 million couples
around the world have participated in
these marriage blessings, adding further
impetus to the building of God’s long-
awaited kingdom on earth based on ide-
al families.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1063

Concerning the process of re-cre-
ation, to give and give again for the sake
of others is the same as God expending
Himself in the act of creation. To invest
oneself is the act of creating one’s second
self; it is the same as God investing Him-
self for the sake of Creation. The works
of re-creation follow the course of res-
toration through indemnity; indemnity
is carried out through the works of re-
creation. Therefore, re-creation can only
come about when you invest yourself.
For this reason, it is a reasonable con-
clusion to say that sacrifice is inevitable.
(82-240, 1976.1.31)

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36

Where should this relationship be made? This relationship should not be made in the spirit world, but on the earth. That is why it is emphasized that Heaven is the groom and the earth is the bride. This is an undeniable connection. The Shim Jung by which humanity feels this never changes. No one can transcend this Shim Jung, regardless of whether he lived thousands of years ago or lives 10,000 years from now. The groom sets up one absolute standard. By establishing the bride’s name as a condition, he spreads the connection toward sons and daughters. He then regains the earth, subjects, the substance of children and parents. This is restoration. Continue reading “God Seeks the Bridegroom and Bride”

Joy Will Come Only After Experiencing Sorrow

Cheon Seong Gyeong 486

The value of sons and daughters is
such that they are an encapsulation of
love, not exchangeable for anything in
the world. Through sons and daugh-
ters, parents will experience the heart
by which God created the first human
ancestors, Adam and Eve. This is why
the parents rejoice when they look at
their children, singing out, “You are my
love, whether I look at you this way or
look at you that way.”
No matter what your baby does,
who is born through love, you do not
hate him but simply love him. This is
because he is part of your body, made of
your own blood and flesh and your love.
Whether he pees, takes a poop, or has a
runny nose, he is simply cute and lovely.
It is because love is dissolved into such
things. (Blessed Family – 894)

Matthew 1

Jesus Christ came from the family of King David and also from the family of Abraham. And this is a list of his ancestors. 2-6a  From Abraham to King David, his ancestors were:

Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Judah and his brothers (Judah’s sons were Perez and Zerah, and their mother was Tamar), Hezron;…

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36

What then must I do? I must resolve God’s sorrow by restoring myself, my family, my society, my country, the world and the universe into being acceptable to God. In this way, I should dominate all things with God’s authority and serve God. This is the crucial task you should pursue throughout your life. If you cannot relate to God this way, you will have nothing to do with God, even when God comes to the world, the country, the society or the family. Continue reading “Joy Will Come Only After Experiencing Sorrow”