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Happy True Parents Day!
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True Parents Day From The Historical Point Of View

April 18, 1977

Today we commemorate the 18th anniversary of Parents Day. No other group on earth celebrates True Parents Day. We have four major celebrations during the year, Parents Day. Children’s Day, World Day, and God’s Day, and by celebrating these holidays we are truly celebrating the rebirth of heaven and earth.

If there had been no fall of man, we would never have seen such holidays as God’s Day, Parents Day, Children’s Day and World Day. Adam and Eve would probably have been the only two people who would have celebrated these days, while their descendants would have celebrated only the victory of their established foundation. All of mankind was supposed to have been born on the foundation of these days. Through the fall of man, however, there was no fulfillment here on earth, and all joy was lost. Consequently there was no day of joy for God, no day of the True Parents, no day of the true children, and no day of all things. All mankind is born in sorrow and suffers in sorrow, and struggles to recapture the original world; because of the fall, however, that perfection has always eluded man.

There are many celebrations in our world, but all of them are for the joy of the satanic world, not for God. There has never been one day in which God could declare His joy. For example, each one of you celebrates your birthday and those who are married have your wedding anniversaries, but are they above the realm of fallen mankind? No, they are still outside the dwelling place of God.

When is the day going to come that mankind will establish a new kind of holiday? It will be the day that all men and God can be joyful together. That day will not be your own birthday or wedding anniversary or day of national independence. Throughout history all mankind has been looking forward to the day of fulfillment when God could declare His joy and personally commemorate God’s Day and Parents Day. Once God’s joy is declared, and God’s Day and True Parents Day are established, then automatically the true children will come into being, and all the things of creation will declare their joy too.

Throughout history, however, no one has seen God’s Day or True Parents Day, and all the things of creation are in agony in this fallen world. Out of 365 days in a year the most important day would be the day to honor God, the day on which God could declare His joy-God’s Day. The day we can declare God’s Day to the earth will be the king of all days, and that year will be the king of all years. I do not know whether you have ever heard of such expressions as “king of all days,” or “king of all years.” Do they make sense?

Today you are all here to celebrate Parents Day, but actually you are not entitled to celebrate on this day. Since meeting the True Parents you may rejoice over this Parents Day, but this joyful day is also sad because only this small group of people has recognized Parents Day and come together to celebrate. We also feel sorrow that we are still surrounded by the fallen world.

There were several consequences of the fall of man. One, the dignity and authority of God was damaged; in addition, mankind was separated from his intended state and fell into the dungeons of hell; at the same time a portion of the angelic world also fell; finally, all the things of creation were brought down. Thus it happened that everything suffered when man fell, including the dignity of God, and since then the entire creation has been trapped in a place of sorrow and despair. The world has become sick, but in the same way that patients cannot cure themselves, the world is helpless to restore itself. Who will come to restore the world? There is only one superior person who has the ability, power and will to bring man back to his original place — God.

The fallen process has been like a healthy person becoming ill, and in order for that sick person to regain his original health he must complete a reverse process; man must be restored to his original place by reversing the process of the fall. The world of salvation is equivalent to the work of restoration and involves bringing a person from an abnormal state back to his original state, just like bringing a sick person back to health. Salvation and restoration are the same, but the point of observation is different: From God’s point of view the process is salvation, while from the point of view of man who is to be saved, the process is restoration.

The principle that is vital to this process indicates that for man to be restored, indemnity must be paid. To liquidate sin man must pay the debt of sin. In the same manner, a patient must often endure suffering when being treated by a doctor. Sometimes the doctor must prescribe a very bitter medicine, and even though the patient is reluctant, he must take it to be restored. True medicine is often bitter. Fallen man is like the patient and must assimilate indemnity, pain and suffering in order to be restored into his original wholeness.

What kind of disease have you caught? The diagnosis is that fallen man has the disease of fallen love. It is the disease of love centered on Satan and controlled by Satan, and through it mankind has become prisoners of Satan by inheriting his lineage. All men are born on this earth as direct heirs of Satan. How did this disease of love start? The motive that initiated this love disease was self-centeredness. The fall was initiated when one person claimed self-centered love. That person denied the value of all other relationships in his desire to make himself the center of the universe. He only sought to bring benefit to himself, and when his desire entered the realm of love the disease was begun.

We must find a cure for this love disease. What medicine should be prescribed? Because self-centered love brought the fall, we must find a God-centered or unselfish love in order to be cured or restored. If Adam and Eve and the archangel had forgotten themselves in the garden of Eden, only thinking of God and their desire to place themselves in a God-centered love, then there could have been no fall or any of its consequences here on earth.

What is heaven? Heaven is created by those people who live here on earth with unselfishness and an absolute, God-centered love. This is the most basic principle, and all other principles you learn are the expansion of this basic truth. What I have spoken to you thus far is the very heart of the truth of God.

Do you love yourself most of all? Are you the center of your love? Is God the center? Twenty-four hours a day and 365 days a year have you been loving yourself in a God-centered way? If you cannot say yes then you are not destined for the Kingdom of God in heaven, and need liberation from your bondage. This is the most severe battle which you are waging every day, and each of you must become victors in this battle for your liberation. Without becoming victorious you will not deserve the Kingdom of God.

Suppose someone suddenly attacked you without any reason. The usual human reaction would be to yell, “Why did you hit me?” and try to hit back. But you must be patient, not because you are weak, but because in the name of God you are becoming different. Jesus Christ waged this different battle when he blessed his enemies. Jesus was thinking about his mission for God 24 hours a day, looking at everything from God’s point of view. Before seeking revenge against the world, he remembered how God had persevered and been patient while waiting. Knowing that God’s will was ultimately the restoration of mankind, Jesus did not wage his battle as Satan does.

Because Jesus prayed for his own enemies, especially at the moment he was being destroyed, he transcended all satanic realms, and totally liberated himself from accusation by Satan. From then on he was free to go to the throne of God and exercise the grace and power of salvation. Satan is always looking for some loophole or hook of fallen nature, and since most people have a thousand hooks Satan does not have to make much effort to snag them. But Jesus’ life was absolutely pure, and no matter how much Satan tried to find some weakness in him, Jesus was not vulnerable.

Jesus Christ was completely free from satanic accusation, and by rising above the satanic realm he could become one with God in heaven. Since Jesus could enter that realm, God could use him as His instrument without any reservation. After Satan killed Jesus on the cross God was free to resurrect him. God did not have to pay attention to Satan, but could exercise His power to the ultimate degree. Because of Jesus, therefore, a new world could come into being which was completely free of the satanic world.

By knowing this principle we must clearly realize that when the Messiah comes for the salvation of mankind he will not come In glory. He will come in misery and assimilate all the pain and suffering of the world. He will be attacked by the entire satanic world, yet persevere without seeking revenge, being patient as God has been, and finally winning out in the end. Any religion or any work of religion which teaches the need for such patience while going the road of indemnity will be the religion which ultimately meets the Messiah.

Who are we, the Unification Church? The word unification is a big word, indicating that we want to embrace all religions so that we can unite all of them into one. Do we desire that for our own satanic purpose? No, we want to bring them back to the throne of God. That is the meaning of the word unification. The Unification Church must walk the messianic road, the road of suffering and beatings. It is the road that commences at the very bottom of mankind’s misery and rises all the way up to the very throne of God. That is the road that we in the Unification Church are undertaking.

We are assuming the responsibility of becoming that world religion. However, we must make our motives very clear. Are we here for the sake of the Unification Church, or for the sake of heaven and earth? The Unification Church exists solely to serve God and mankind because that is the way God thinks, and that is the way we must think. For that reason we receive the pain of suffering and difficulty, but we cannot be liberated from the satanic realm unless we think, “This is for God and humanity.” The satanic world is totally self-centered and in order to liberate ourselves from it we must live an absolutely different way of life. As we live this life absolutely, we will liberate ourselves from satanic influence. Is this clear?

When you go out witnessing and fundraising you might sometimes think, “I am not good for this. I am so tired I just cannot go on.” That excuse is acceptable if you are thinking only of yourself, but when you put God in the picture and claim you are universe-centered and mankind-centered then you cannot complain or say you are tired. You may think that many members of the Unification Church are working very hard, but from God’s standpoint this is not true. You have not yet met the standard that God has established. You may persevere for a time, but then come to the point where you give up, “No more. I want to rest now and do things my own way. ” Then your attitude becomes a big hook. Satan is always watching and will say, “Look, you said you are working for God and mankind 100%, but your actions have given you away.

Of course sometimes you get tired and weak, and sometimes you get sick, but at those times you must think, “God, You have suffered more than I have. True Parents, you have suffered more than I have. Heavenly Father, there are many brothers and sisters in this world who are suffering more than I am. I am so grateful that I can do this, and as long my life remains, I will continue.”

When you speak your gratitude and live it, Satan has no way to hook you. Then you are totally free to go beyond the satanic realm and to be like Jesus, completely one with God. I do not say this to bribe you to work. This is the basic principle of God. I want you to know that the logical conclusion of this principle is that even tougher days will come to the Unification Church.

You may think that every day our way of life gets tougher, with more persecution and pressure, but I want you to realize that this is the sign that we are near our total liberation from satanic influences. That final segment of our journey of freeing ourselves from the satanic realm is the year of 1976 through June, 1977.

A Congressional source informed me a few days ago that ever since our involvement in the issues of Watergate, the U. S. government has received many letters of both protest and approval about the Unification Church, and disputes over our church have developed within high levels of government. That person said that there has not been such a heated battle over one particular issue since Watergate. We are creating a world event, aren’t we? We will see the entire world come against us, and even now we can feel the pressure of the world upon our shoulders.

Our enemies will not only create national and worldwide protest against me, but will use dirty tactics to undermine us. For example, communists will infiltrate our ranks and behave like dedicated members. Once they are trusted they will begin to make all kinds of trouble, and ultimately their actions will reflect back on me. That is their goal, and I am clearly aware of this tactic. How pitiful my situation is. Already I am receiving all kinds of accusation and persecution from outside, but even worse, there are people who are calculating how to shame me from within the Unification Church. There is no place where I can escape the heated battle.

How do you see me? Am I a tough man of conviction and iron will, with the drive to go to the end, or am I the type of person who is so timid and afraid that I cannot even speak? I am a very hot tempered man of extremes, and no one has a more determined will than I do. On the one hand I am hot-tempered and blazing like a fire, but I am also like a person with no bones who can take beating after beating and remain patient, never desiring revenge and never cursing anybody. I think that being hot tempered and iron-willed as well as patient and enduring is what God wants me to be, and I am trying to fulfill that.

At the moment of his death, Jesus forgave those who killed him. My determination is that in my own life I will bless my enemies by persevering and absorbing all the beatings and pain the world may give. I want to establish that condition while I am yet on earth. Jesus Christ liberated himself from the satanic world by his crucifixion, but I intend to go past that realm while I am here on earth.

Why do I have this determination? God wants to see that victorious pattern sealed here on earth, not just in the spiritual realm. We need a victorious foundation here on earth, the complete liberation from satanic influence. This is my mission. I came to liberate mankind from all satanic influence, and to do that I have to be victorious by going beyond the satanic realm here on earth. Do you realize that the pinnacle of this providence was reached at the Washington Monument Rally? Then on February 23, the True Parents birthday, I offered an extraordinary prayer, forgiving heaven and earth and declaring a new day and a new history. Can you grasp the significance of the new day and new history? This is the work we are undertaking right now.

Today is the 18th anniversary of Parents Day. Your 18th year marks the beginning of your maturity, and I understand that in America some states allow 18-year olds to vote, recognizing them as adults. The truth of the matter is that women mature before men do. Women become adults at the age of 18, but men generally take three more years, maturing at the age of 21. The three years remaining until the 21st anniversary of Parents Day will be a buffer zone in which we can fully consummate our work. This is the period where we will restore the dignity and authority of the Unification Church. The Unification Church will then be able to stand before the world as mature.

It is not God’s mandate that I continually remain silent and humble while receiving persecution. When all the conditions are set God will ask me to declare my dignity and authority as an individual, a family, a heavenly society, heavenly nation, and world. The time will come when we will claim God’s true love and authority.

The 6,000 Biblical years of God’s history actually equal many thousands of physical years. God has been waiting that long for the day when one man would come to the earth who would truly grasp His concept, and possess His own will and conviction to fight and declare victory over the entire satanic world. That is happening now. Only with that viewpoint can you see how truly momentous this day is. Even if I were to die now I would not be a failure. I will go to the spirit world with dignity and power and authority and stand before Heavenly Father to receive His welcome. In the meantime my work on earth will continue. Do you believe this? We are already outside the satanic realm; I have already gone beyond it.

The work of restoration has been proceeding by the application of God’s Principle and that formula of restoration will endure. It was there in the beginning, it is now, and it shall remain until we totally liquidate all satanic influence, when we will no longer need the application of this formula.

When I declare that I have won over and transcended the satanic world, I do not mean that I have gone alone, but that the entire spirit world has also moved with me. As you know, the spirit world is equivalent to the angelic world. Angels by nature were supposed to follow Adam’s path as his servants in the original creation. Yet not only the angels were to follow Adam in his growth, even God would follow Adam. It is the Principle.

I am leaving the satanic world behind, and as I move further and further way from it God is establishing a new sovereignty here on earth. When that sovereignty is finally declared by God, anyone or any power which opposes it will be shattered. The Christian nation of America is a great giant among the sovereign nations of the world, but if America stands against the dignity of heaven, America will be shattered. That is the judgment of heaven.

Christianity prospered for 2,000 years, but in the two decades since 1960 it began a steep decline. I want to clearly declare that the reason for that decline is the Christian opposition of the new sovereignty, the new power and truth of God. If the Christian cultural sphere continues such a trend then it will be caught in an unavoidable decline. On the other hand, if Christianity will accept me and repent, and if America will accept me and repent, then there is a ray of hope. There is no other way for either America or Christianity to find hope. Many people may think this declaration is boastful and blasphemous, but I have declared this with the authority of the entire spirit world, which already supports it. I merely bear testimony to the truth.

Once we can create our own society outside of satanic influence, should we not worry about the rest of the world, and say, “Let them Just go to hell” 9. If we leave the world alone it will certainly decline and die. Do you think that is God’s will? I know that is not God’s will. Though we are now living in the same world our kingdom is different, and just as God sent His son Jesus from His throne to this fallen world, God is now sending you to save it.

I am now ordering you to go into the satanic world to save it, even risking your life. I want you to set the condition that you walked the same path the True Parents walked. I walked this suffering road for 33 years and by your setting the necessary conditions in the next 3 1/2 years I would like to give you all the blessing of having walked the same path I walked. I am sure that by now you desire to forget about your missions of selling and witnessing and just desire to unite with me now that my way is easier. That is not what I want. If anyone follows me to go the easy way I will turn you around and send you back into the satanic world. You have not yet set the condition of indemnity that you might be completely free, and only after working to pay your indemnity can you come with me.

Who is going to testify that you have paid your indemnity? Satan must be your witness, and you must go out to Satan’s world and get his signature to bring to God. Many people do not understand that they must go this course to overcome the satanic world, and they think that God is just weak and vulnerable, and even say that there is no God. But God is waiting for man to go out to the fallen world to suffer and win over Satan. Satan must say, “God, I have no accusation to make about this person.” God has been waiting for His children to win that kind of recognition so that He might be free to exercise His power. Do you want to take the easy way and merely follow me, or do you want to go into the satanic world and fight? Would you want to challenge any difficulty you might encounter, even at the cost of your life?

You must love those in the satanic world as much as you love God and as much as you love me -It is only upon that condition that you will be given approval by God and myself. That is God’s way. God and I will not complain at all if you love the satanic world most. You need two elements before you can come to God’s throne. First you need your spiritual children, for by having spiritual children you can liberate the spiritual world. Secondly, you need physical children, for through them you can liberate the physical world. God and I want you to go to the satanic world and fight to win these two conditions.

In the usual pattern of your life in the Unification Church, your first three years are devoted to winning your spiritual children. In the three years after receiving the blessing you can receive the blessing of having physical children. Altogether seven years are involved. You each must go this seven-year course in order to win all of heaven and earth. Creation took six days, with God resting on the seventh day. In the same way we must set the condition of working for seven years in the course of re-creation. If you cannot do this you are only following me externally, even if you are a leader in our church or one of the 36 blessed couples. As long as a person does not work for his own fulfillment in this Principle he is not worthy of me and cannot truly follow me.

Even now I am going the path of more suffering and pain, but not out of stupidity. I came to America to stir up this nation, expecting it to come against me. I did not come to elevate my own honor or dignity, but only for the purpose of God. For God’s sake I stiffed up controversy and let America come against me. The turmoil of the hurricane lies in our path, but we are going to be victorious. I am the captain who is steering the ship through the stormy weather. Amen’ ca has entered a new age, the age of the deprogrammers, and Americans are closely scrutinizing me, trying to find fault. They will not find fault because I have done nothing wrong.

Who among the pilgrim. fathers on the Mayflower had a visa to come to America? They came with religious conviction in the name of God. They came to this land to unselfishly fulfill God’s will. For the same reason, but on the universal level, the Unification Church young people have gathered in America in the name of God, to establish the Kingdom of God here on earth.

When the pilgrim fathers came from Europe in the name of God they were actually illegal aliens, but God’s dispensation lay with them. We are the New Age pilgrim fathers of the universe, and even though this nation may think we are illegal aliens, God is on our side. Ultimately God will overcome this negativity and opposition. The Unification Church is the first movement of liberation. No religious leaders today are even thinking on such a scale. Only I am taking a stand without fear, speaking out directly for God so seriously that I am willing to give up my life to declare my message.

There may be some communist spy or government agent listening here, anxious to find out what I have to say. Let them listen. Regardless of who is listening, there are certain things which I must declare. If I do not declare these things then I am not obeying God’s order. Who is going to bring the resurrection of mankind? Not Christianity, Judaism or communism, but members of the Unification Church. We have the power, we have the knowledge, and we have the conviction to resurrect this nation and all the nations of the world. Do you have the confidence to do it? Raise your hands, those who have such confidence. This is our responsibility……..

Your lives must be. different from yesterday; each day you need to be re-created. Will you change yourselves today? On this Parents Day, let’s forget what you have done in the past because what counts is today and tomorrow. Boldly take the responsibility that God has bestowed upon you; courageously undertake what God has bestowed upon you and fulfill this mission. I want you to know that through you God will change the history of mankind.

I am not delivering this message today solely for your benefit. My audience is the world, history, and the spirit world. I am speaking to the world and every person here on earth shall listen to this word in due course. The entire spirit world is listening right now. The entire world will be without the excuse that they did not hear me.

Did my explanation of the Bible sound like a lie, or is it clear and effective truth? If the 240 million people of America and if Christians the world over could really humble themselves to listen to the truth, there is no way that they could say, “Reverend Moon, you are seeking to deceive and I do not trust you.” The power of the truth will unite men.

I am very anxious at this time. God wanted me to have fulfilled this level of accomplishment by the age of 40, yet now I am almost 60. 1 am anxious to recover those 20 years of time by declaring God’s truth to the world so that the world which has been destined to death shall see some sign of hope for restoration

It is not yet too late, but America and the world must repent. God still wants to bless America. No one ever even imagined that the emergence of the True Parents could be this difficult and precarious. To come this far I had to persevere through and overcome impossible opposition and headwinds; I want you to inherit these experiences from me. Unless you inherit this heart of mine, you will have nothing to do with the place where I dwell and where God dwells.

When I die, I shall ask God, “Is there anyone who loved You more? Is there anyone who loved the world more? Is there anyone who really gave himself more totally for the sake of the world? Heavenly Father, can You name one’-“‘ There is no other such person. Therefore, I want to live longer because no one has yet come who can succeed me in my mission. I pray that among you someone can come forward to say, “Father, I can inherit your mission. I feel precisely as you do; I am another Reverend Moon. Leave it to me. My prayer is to see even one person like that come from among you. The greatest blessing that God could give me would be to see such a man. That person will say, “Father, I shall not only equal your own record, I shall exceed your record so there can be glory and Sabbath for you and for God.” If many of you feel like that, then this is truly the glory and victory of Parents Day.

Can you pledge in this sacred, holy room, “God, I give You my covenant, my pledge, that I will never let You down, that I shall persevere even more than Father himself persevered, and with my hands Your mission shall be done. This world shall see

resurrection and health because of me.” If that is the pledge you can give, then this is the place where God will look down and take great joy. Those who can solemnly pledge this severe and most difficult yet down-to-earth commitment, raise your hands. Thank you.

In this concept and in this conviction let us rejoice on this Parents Day. God bless you. Thank you all.

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When Heavenly Families Fill the Earth, the World Will Automatically Become the Heavenly Kingdom

Happy Foundation Day! (8th Anniversary, Declared January 13th, 2013 by the Heavenly Calendar (lunar based)

Today, on Foundation Day, we present a special reading:

Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self

January 8th -15th 2012-Public Rallies in Korea

Distinguished guests participating in today’s event, I am truly happy and grateful to see you at this new assembly.

What I am about to proclaim to you today is part of the course of True Parents’ tour that is to proclaim the ultimate conclusion and fulfillment of all aspects of the providence of restoration during the lifetime of the True Parents. The path taken by the True Parents shall serve as a tradition and historic example; thus, I am proclaiming that all of you should model your life course on this path, become families that pledge to inherit and fulfill the will of God that True Parents have already accomplished, and be true to this pledge.

On April 18, (2011) we celebrated our 52nd year of marriage. On that occasion, I brought to a close the era before the coming of heaven, which was marked by sin and indemnity [atonement], and proclaimed the era after the coming of heaven through which a new heaven and new earth will be realized by returning to true love.

Through this tour, I am leading a lifestyle befitting the era after the coming of heaven. Please engrave this point in your hearts.

All the blessed children in the heavenly and earthly worlds, who are related to the True Parents by blood, should keep this comprehensive and final proclamation in mind. This proclamation is being given in order to fully establish the ideal nation that comes from the incorporeal God and corporeal God, the God of Night and the God of Day, and from the ancestors of Jesus and of the True Parents.

The details of True Parents’ life course have already been disclosed and conveyed to you through my autobiography. I pray that you will all become the representatives and heirs of True Parents before the conclusion of the Cosmic Assemblies for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self. Please take heed of my autobiography, which is a record of my life’s work to enable the True Parents to succeed in their mission during their time on this earth, and build on my achievements. Please also inherit the teachings I have bestowed upon this world. In doing so, I pray that you will surely be triumphant in your course of life.

Like the True Parents have done, you too should become heavenly bridges for all your relatives and the members of your clan that are around you, and also a God-centered leader that can guide your clan to God’s kingdom.

I ask that you take this proclamation of True Parents to heart and pledge to put it into practice.


I will now quote from content read at the 44th True God’s Day and the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God. This represents the content in the textbooks and teaching materials that summarize all the content I have taught throughout my life course.

Respected leaders from around the world, distinguished guests from home and abroad, ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of True Parents, True Family, the Republic of Korea, and Unification Church members who are blessed throughout the cosmos (i.e., spiritual world and physical world), I sincerely welcome and express my deepest appreciation to you for coming to participate in this Cosmic Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self.

In the past year, thousands of representatives and top leaders from 120 nations of the world have honored us with their presence on several occasions, including our Golden Wedding Anniversary and Coronation; the Legacy-of-Peace Memorial Festivals held at the United Nations headquarters building and in cities around the United States and the world; and many other significant events.

Once again, I would like to express my appreciation on behalf of all the people of the Republic of Korea and all of humankind.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a very eventful time in God’s providence. Last year I celebrated my ninetieth birthday and took my first steps toward the hundredth year of my life. I have been blessed with a long life, beyond the average human lifespan. Last year my wife and I were also able to commemorate our fiftieth wedding anniversary. From a providential point of view, last year was not simply the year of our golden anniversary; it was also a Jubilee year.

We have fourteen children. Five have graduated from Harvard University, and among our forty-plus grandchildren several are already studying there. Moreover, a great number of good men and women from 194 nations have come to recognize and follow us as the King and Queen of Peace and the True Parents.

Throughout our lives, we have established many international organizations and institutions to promote world peace. We have invested unreservedly in many fields including inter-religious cooperation, humanitarian projects to benefit society, intercultural activities, sports, education and the media. We founded all these initiatives with the aim of promoting peace and bringing salvation to humanity. After working to succeed in all these things, some people would commend us and say that we deserve to look back and comfortably enjoy the rest of our lives. They encourage us to forget about the world situation and sit back and enjoy the successes achieved during the past ninety years!

However, my wife and I cannot look at the lives we have led in such a worldly way. We have had to complete the mission of the actual True Parents, given to us by God, who is Himself the vertical True Parent of all humankind. Now, with less than two years remaining in this mission to make God’s kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a reality, we are leading each day of our lives with more seriousness than ever before.

Throughout my life, I have offered myself for the liberation of God, the one and only True Parent of heaven and earth, to restore to Him His rightful position as Parent, to save all human beings who suffer in the realm of death, and to return them to God’s bosom.

For this purpose I have persevered and triumphed over countless tribulations while leading the people of the world, who are living like lost and unaware orphans searching for their heavenly parent, toward the goal of global salvation. Due to the Fall, brought about by our first ancestors, people are born into the false lineage. Every one without exception wanders in darkness even now, unable to break free of Satan’s bondage. Under such circumstances, how could we be anything less than completely serious in our lives as we guide the 6.5 billion people of the world along the path toward the building of God’s kingdom on earth?

The Three Stages of Life

Ladies and gentlemen, God created us as His children. As the original, absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal being, God created human beings by breathing His love into them to endow them with a soul. If not for the Fall, we would have been able to perfect ourselves, including our spiritual self, as God is perfect, fulfill the way of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and attain eternal life.

But unfortunately, human beings are living as descendants of the Fall. In order to live a perfect life, all people without exception must receive new life through the blessing from True Parents and pass through the three stages of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. Rebirth, in this context, refers to an individual attaining new life. Resurrection is when a family and nation attain new life, and eternal life refers to all of humankind attaining perfection and living forever in God’s homeland after establishing the kingdom of heaven on earth and in the spirit world by attending True Parents, the King and Queen of Peace.

Your ancestors who are in the spirit world shall now return to this earth at this time of the True Parents, who directly govern all life and all things as the substantial entity of God who exists without form. They will go through the three-stage blessings of rebirth, resurrection and eternal life and complete the Original Divine Principle education — the education on absolute marital fidelity — organized by True Parents. Only then can they take part in the original authority granted by the Sunghwa — ascension and liberation — and attain the qualifications to become citizens of Cheon Il Guk while on earth.

We can clearly see that each person’s life goes through three stages. Everyone is conceived as a new being through the grace of God and the love of True Parents through a blessed family. The first stage of life is the nine months spent in the mother’s womb. No one is exempt from this! Whether or not we are conscious of it at the time, all of us without exception do spend nine months in our mother’s womb. Even though a woman’s womb is smaller than some rice cookers, from the perspective of a fetus, it is larger than the entire universe.

What about our birth into the second stage of our lives, which occurs on earth? How could we find words adequate to describe the struggle of a newborn baby as it is faced with a completely unfamiliar, new world? The first lonely cry of a newborn as it experiences the large and wide world that it finds upon exiting the womb also represents the promise of a one-hundred-year future, the blessing and celebration of entering a new time and space.

We have all received the blessing of birth that enabled us to live in the second stage of our lives. Although a hundred years is much longer than the nine months we spend in the womb, please do not forget that there is still a course we must follow to a higher end. Although we have all forgotten the standard of consciousness that we possessed in our mother’s womb, and though you may think that we are now enjoying our lives fully in this big, wide world with a higher standard of consciousness, there is yet one final stage of our lives, which is the way toward eternal life.

This third stage occurs in the world of eternal life, the spirit world, which we enter upon ending our life on this earth. We were originally meant to enter the spirit world having first perfected our spirits during our life on earth. It is a world that cannot be imagined by people descended from the Fall. It is a world in which we transcend time and space. Just as the fetus in his or her mother’s womb cannot imagine life on earth, we, as people living and breathing air in this earthly world, cannot easily understand the spirit world, where we will be reborn in our spiritual bodies, living and breathing true love.

Ladies and gentlemen, as people face death, they may tremble in fear and terror if they do not understand the true meaning of passing on. Although human history has continued for more than six thousand years, no one, unfortunately, has clearly taught the truth regarding death. Now, in the Last Days of history, I, as the True Parent of humankind, have been able to reveal this truth, this heavenly secret.

The Sunghwa Ascension Ceremony

Ladies and gentlemen, the word death is sacred. It is not a synonym for sadness and suffering. True Parents have created the term Sunghwa [ascension] to explain the true significance of death. The moment we enter the spirit world should be a time that we enter a world of joy and victory with the fruits born of our lives on earth. It is a time for those of us remaining on earth to send off the departed with joy. It should be a time for great celebration. We should be shedding tears of joy instead of tears of sadness. That is the way of the sacred and noble Sunghwa Ceremony, the first step the spirit of the departed takes toward enjoying eternal life in attendance to God, within His embrace. At the moment of death, our spirits should feel more excited and thrilled than a newlywed bride feels when she goes to her groom’s home for the first time.

In order to open the door for all people to experience this kind of precious eternal life, I held a Sunghwa Ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York on March 18, (2010) last year in honor of world leaders who had recently passed into the next world.

The following are the names of those commemorated on that occasion:

General Alexander Haig, a former U.S. secretary of state, who with the UN forces saved my life, through the bombing that liberated the North Korean Hungnam Special Labor Camp where I was imprisoned during the Korean War;

Mr. Kim Dae-jung, our former South Korean president, who won the Nobel Peace Prize;

Mr. Hédi Annabi, a Tunisian diplomat and head of the UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti, who died in the 2010 Haitian earthquake; the one hundred UN workers who died alongside Mr. Annabi;

Mr. Rodrigo Carazo Odio, a former president of Costa Rica, who is known internationally as the Peace President;

Mr. Abdurrahman Wahid, a former president of Indonesia, who gave his entire life for the sake of his great nation;

Mr. Steingrimur Hermannsson, a former prime minister of Iceland, who helped host the meeting of then Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev and United States President Ronald Reagan, which accelerated the end of the Cold War;

Shaykh Hassan Cissé of Senegal, who is respected as a great scholar of Islamic authority; and

Mr. Laxmi Mall Singhvi of India, who is remembered as the Ambassador of Reconciliation and Peace by India’s 1.1 billion people.

There are other people whom we also remembered through this ceremony and sent to the spirit world with the Sunghwa Blessing. I’m sure you have heard about the sinking of the ship Cheonan in Korea where 46 sailors suddenly lost their lives in the course of duty. During my four-city speaking tour in Korea in April last year, my wife and I bestowed the grace of the Sunghwa Blessing on these unfortunate seamen who died.

Later, during another event at Las Vegas, I bestowed the Sunghwa Blessing on one Dr. Reiko Kawasaki, a 17th-generation descendant of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the last shogun in Japanese history, who united the Japanese archipelago in the 17th century. She was a medical doctor from Las Vegas, and recently passed away after living a life of continuous service to others. Before her passing, she played an important role for the sake of the realization of world peace by setting a foundation for the future resolution of various issues in Korea, Japan and the United States, including political and economic issues. Thus, I have included her in the list of those who received this sacred Sunghwa Blessing.

However altruistic and philanthropic people’s lives may be, none of them can be guaranteed entry into the world of eternal life without receiving the Marriage Blessing and the Sunghwa Blessing of the True Parents, Rev. and Mrs. Moon. This is because the parent-child relationship between God and humankind was severed due to the Fall of the first ancestors. Please take this point seriously.

Ladies and gentlemen, this era, when God has introduced the heavenly calendar, is a serious one. It is now the time in which all 6.5 billion of the world’s people must understand the teachings I received from heaven, which I bequeath as the True Parent who is responsible to give eternal life to all of humankind. Now is a time that you can share the good news of the coming of the True Parents throughout the entire world.

The time has come to honor and inherit the tradition and spirit of the Korean people, from which the True Parents emerged, establish the heavenly tradition, and bring about world peace by uniting all 6.5 billion people of the world with the United Nations. With the start of the heavenly calendar, please do not forget that the Sunghwa Blessing Ceremony is a sacred rite in which anyone can inherit the worldview of a holy citizen of the kingdom of heaven and celebrate God’s liberation and all humankind’s liberation.

In this way, the ideal of a family based on true love can be completed, and God and all people, the heavenly spirit world and the earthly physical world, can be completely united to usher in a reign of peace over the world. Please take this time to express your gratitude to God and True Parents for giving the keys of the Blessing Ceremony and Sunghwa Ceremony to all the world’s nations, allowing for the establishment of the traditions of God’s kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, through True Parents.

Please join me in giving a round of applause to our Heavenly Father and to True Parents for their benevolence, through which we can receive the grace of precious life without being asked for anything in return.

One Family Under God

Ladies and gentlemen, what is the path that humankind should take today? Even now tens of millions of innocent lives are being lost each year to war, disease, starvation and natural disasters that arise in all parts of the world. In every field you observe, from the individual to the collective level — whether religion, politics, education, culture or ideology — people are deeply mired in the swamp of self-centered egoism, raising walls around themselves. We now live in a world brought to ruin, where genuine communication has broken down.

Ultimately, the problems afflicting humanity can only be resolved through the worldview of One Family under God, in other words, the ideology based on true love, which my wife and I, the True Parents, have learned from Heaven and have championed and taught throughout our lives. This is the only way for humankind to find the path toward peace and happiness.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in a historic time of great cosmic transition. It is a time for a great cosmic revolution to change history, to unite the spiritual and physical worlds and to create the ideal kingdom of heaven that God has longed for since the beginning of time. We can no longer postpone or prolong the fulfillment of His wish. I have already proclaimed that January 13, 2013 will be Foundation Day. That day will be the actual beginning of God’s Kingdom of Cheon Il Guk. That day will be the origin. Yet, less than two years remain until then.

Therefore, it is time for all people to be humbly obedient to Heaven’s decree. An unavoidable time is upon us today when we must invest ourselves completely with a life or death commitment for these remaining two years under the guidance of the True Parents who carry out the providence on earth as the substantial representatives of God, the King of Kings. All the good spirits in the spirit world are mobilized and are already moving forward a step ahead of you.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any idea how much pain God suffered the moment our first ancestors, into whom God had invested His complete and unreserved devotion since time immemorial, fell and disappeared into darkness, becoming part of Satan’s lineage? Are you even remotely aware that our Heavenly Father — who endured tens of thousands of years of excruciating heartache so great that His bones shed tears and His flesh quivered — had to go through the long, dark tunnel of indemnifying the human Fall in order to save His lost children? How many of you have spent days and nights in tears, yearning to comfort our Father in Heaven?

The Mission of the Korean People

All people of the Christian faith recognize that God sent His true son Jesus Christ to earth two thousand years ago to save humankind. However, Jesus suffered a miserable fate. The leaders of Judaism and the people of Israel were supposed to receive Jesus as the Messiah and follow him with absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. They should never have allowed Jesus’ crucifixion to take place. He suddenly left this world, leaving behind the words, It is finished. Yet these words apply to spiritual salvation only, and he promised to return.

Ladies and gentlemen, God quietly raised and prepared the Korean people over a period of thousands of years. After two thousand years of preparation, His labor has finally borne fruit with the Second Coming of Christ on the far distant Korean Peninsula. The Korean people have, from long ago, served God with the sense that He is their original ancestor and that they are descended from Heaven. They have referred to Him as The Honored One, that is, Hana-nim, and attended Him as the Lord (Creator of night and day). Thus it is, that the origin of all numbers lay in one and two. Because Koreans attend such a God as their original ancestor, the spirit of interdependence, mutual prosperity and universally shared values is alive in the soul and tradition of the Korean people. They have maintained themselves over five thousand years of history, yet not once have they invaded or plundered another nation or people. The spirit of benefiting all mankind still flows in the veins of the Korean people. The spirit of filial piety, fidelity, and loyalty, which are the fundamental virtues of human life, are still alive and breathing in Korean history. These values can be found in the men and women of Korea and reflect the pride and spirit of the Korean people.

I have inherited such traditional values as the true filial piety exemplified in the folk tale Shimcheong, about a devoted daughter who offered her life so that her blind father could see; the profound love and fidelity displayed by Choonhyang, who overcame the fear of death in order to keep the promise she had made to her husband; and the unbreakable loyalty exhibited by Admiral Yi Soon-shin, who gave his life to save his nation and people despite being abandoned by his king and other leaders. These lofty Korean values and traditions are not just matters of historical chance. Based on these values, Heaven has prepared this people; this was all part of the providence of creating a foundation to send the returning Messiah. On the foundation of such preparation, and riding on the energy of this peninsula, I finally came, having received Heaven’s seal as the True Parent of humankind and the king of kings.

The Path Humankind Should Take

Distinguished Guests, your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen:

The path that humanity must now take is clear. What would give you cause to hesitate in the face of the D-Day that Heaven has revealed through us, the True Parents? There are now only six hundred days remaining. Heaven’s blessings will be with you on your ambitious and busy course.

If you view the flow of history through eyes that focus on God’s providence, you can see that the changes of the times can be broadly classified into three stages. First was the nature-centered era, a time when instinctual feelings, materialism and a closeness to animals and the things of creation were prevalent. Next came a human-centered era when people’s knowledge, feelings and emotions took precedence and dominated the world.

However, these eras were transitional. They were courses of preparation necessary in order to enter the era in which people could rid themselves of their fallen nature, return to their original selves and live as one united family where they attend God as their father. When that happens we will enter a God-centered era, the final stage in which human beings who know and feel God’s Heart and Will follow the path of living for the sake of others. They will do this through establishing an absolute standard on the foundation of purifying themselves, both inside and out, through the holy Blessing Ceremony. This is the time of opening up the era of God’s kingdom, Cheon Il Guk, a time in which we can return to the heart of the one true God. Please engrave this point on your hearts.

Once the actual era of Cheon Il Guk begins, the spiritual and earthly worlds will be connected and brought into oneness, and all things will be governed under the Union of the Spiritual and Physical World’s Association, which will be established on earth for the first time. Moreover, the providence will be carried out according to heavenly law and the heavenly way. Elections conducted in a purely secular fashion will disappear from the face of the earth. All people will become one family through cross-cultural marriage and the World Peace Marriage Blessing; and we will enjoy tranquility and true love in happiness during the sacred reign of peace. Let me say it again: this day is drawing near.

As part of preparing for that time, on February 14, (2010) last year I proclaimed to all of heaven and earth the start of the new heavenly calendar. The Gregorian calendar and Lunar calendar shall now stand in the positions of Cain and Abel and serve the role of supporting the Heavenly calendar, by which we will record and indicate the progress of God’s providence.

You must all now engrave True Parents’ teachings onto your bones and practice them in your life. We have no choice. If we do not prepare now, we will surely be left behind. We should learn from the courage and fortitude of the white-necked cranes that fly across the Himalayas — which are more than seven thousand meters high — in preparation for winter.

My Final Words for Humankind

True Parents have already prepared the last words I will give to humankind. These have been prepared based on my triumphs over six or seven life-or-death situations, including six periods of unjust imprisonment. I am leaving behind eight textbooks and teaching materials for humankind to use for all eternity. Altogether, these are published in almost a thousand volumes.

They are:

The Sermons of the Rev. Sun Myung Moon,
Exposition of the Divine Principle,
Cheon Seong Gyeong [Heavenly Scripture],
The Family Pledge,
Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong [Messages of Peace],
True Families — Gateway to Heaven,
Owner of Peace and Owner of Lineage, and
World Scripture.

These are textbooks you will have to read and study even after you go to the spirit world. They are not just teachings that come from the mind of one person; they are textbooks and teaching materials that teach the heavenly way that God has granted to His suffering children for their salvation.

You should now set up the Hoon Dok Hae study tradition in your families using the books I have mentioned. That is the tradition where three generations of a family start each day by reading Heaven’s word, and lead a life of practicing what they read, with a new heart. Let’s create a world where people in the spirit world and the earthly world can both attend True Parents at the same time, and read the word on the heavenly path together.

Once this happens, no matter how hard Satan may try to worm his way in, to infest your lineage, once he encounters the Hoon Dok Hae tradition he will find no room to move. If a family is aligned with God as at high noon, where no shadow is cast and still does not receive God’s blessings, who then could ever be deserving of them? When such heavenly families fill the earth, the world will automatically become the heavenly kingdom on earth and in the eternal spirit world, fulfilling the vision of One Family Under God.

Ladies and gentlemen, two years ago, my memoirs, “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen,” an honest and candid account of my life, was published. Through this book I share how I discovered God’s will for humankind and the path that we, as God’s children, should follow. My life has been a typical model of the saying, If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, and try again. I have as much faith in this book as in the Hoon Dok textbooks and teaching materials I have mentioned. For this reason, I recommend it to you, believing that it will show you how to lead your lives according to true principles. It does not subtract or add anything to the ninety years of my life, which I have led under Heaven’s decree. I pray you will carefully read this articulation of true love and find great inspiration.

I have already mentioned that a life of vertical noon-time alignment casts no shadow. If we can all shine as we live such glowing lives, there will be no chance for the shadow of sin to be cast. Those who receive the light will be indebted to the light. I pray that we can now wipe away the tears of people in misery and poverty, and lead an illuminated life of eternal true love that dissipates all darkness.

Proclamation of the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind

Ladies and gentlemen, last year in Las Vegas, there was a special proclamation centered on God that was given by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind on two separate days — one part at 2:20 AM on the 8th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 19, 2010) and the other at 3:25 AM, on the 15th day of the 5th month of the Heavenly Calendar (June 26, 2010).

The number 3 from 3:25 AM represents the three eras from the saying Success comes at the third attempt. It also symbolizes the Old, New and Completed Testament ages. Twenty-five minutes, or the number 25, is a quarter of one hundred. The True Parents have achieved ultimate unity and offered and proclaimed the era of God’s full transcendence, full immanence, full authority and omnipotence upon the standard of perfection, completion and conclusion.

Furthermore, with the Sunghwa Ceremony for former United States Secretary of State General Alexander Haig, I proclaimed that the ceremony for the victory of the first, second, and third Israels, which completed the ceremonies for rebirth, resurrection and Sunghwa during my lifetime, was transferred to Korea.

Korea will now become God’s homeland and hometown. Declaring that Korea is God’s homeland, the World Assembly for the Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and for the Proclamation of the Word by God’s Substantial Self was completed in Korea on July 8, and again in ceremonies in the United States, representing Christianity, the second Israel, and in Jerusalem. Through these proclamation ceremonies, all the borderlines in the entire cosmos have been abolished. Consequently, centering on God, heaven and earth shall exist eternally, night and day, under God’s reign and with the support of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind.

Distinguished guests, at this serious and important time, a revolutionary and cosmic change must now take place in your lives. In light of this let us summarize the message Heaven has given to us today.

First, all blessed families should attend God at the center of their families and every day carry out Hoon Dok education, which can completely unite parents and children. In other words, you should thoroughly teach the Divine Principle, the textbooks and teaching materials True Parents have bequeathed, True Father’s autobiography, and absolute marital fidelity taught through the ‘Original Divine Principle.’

Second, Heaven has permitted the grace of the authority of Sunghwa for rebirth and resurrection to be bestowed on the family unit. Here, a requisite condition is the complete unity between parents and children. In other words, you must establish the standard for absolute parents and absolute children, and establish an absolute family in the normal course of events.

Third, humankind has moved out of the authority of the era of restoration through indemnity, thanks to the grace of True Parents who have suffered hardships through which they sweat blood. Therefore, do not forget the fact that during True Parents’ lifetime we all have the responsibility to liberate families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world in which God can dwell, from the authority of hell. Now that the era of restoration through indemnity has ended, what kind of era is dawning? The reign of tranquility and prosperity in the victorious authority centered on God and True Parents shall be eternal.

Fourth, we are now entering the era of the authority of God’s direct dominion. Ladies and gentlemen, I have said that less than two years remain until the D-day proclaimed by Heaven. I beg that you inscribe in your hearts the fact that we have entered the era of the authority of the cosmic Sabbath in which your direct family members in the spirit world shall return to the earth to receive the Original Divine Principle education, and where eight generations will live together in a single family. Aju!

Ladies and gentlemen, these concluding remarks explain the broad outline of all my endeavors. They bring to a close this rally that is being held for the religious circles, the earth, the spirit world, physical world, and Cain and Abel-type world, in order to finalize what I, the Rev. Moon, have achieved through the course of my entire life with God, the master of the spirit world and physical world. This is not something that could have appeared in history before now.

We have come to today’s assembly through the starting point of the Seoul Assembly that represented both Korea that will become God’s homeland; and the central nation of America, through the Washington DC-New York Assembly. These have been held in order to establish the realm of victory, and to make headlines that summarize my life course, which decisively brings to a conclusion the realm of victory, creating a world in which God, completely victorious in the providence, is liberated and completely freed through the life course of the True Parents; and in order to bring perfection, completion and conclusion to the era after the coming of heaven.

True Parents’ Special Instructions:

(I am conveying the following instructions to the 387 ambassadors of the 194 Abel UN member nations and 193 Cain-type UN member nations, to boon-bong-wangs and Ambassadors for Peace, to the presidents and national leaders of each nation who are present in Washington DC/New York, and to all of heaven and earth.)

Establishment of the New Tribal Messiah Global Federation for Peace in the New World:

1. Centering on Hwang Sun-jo, the President of UPF-Korea, the Sunghwa Ceremonies for the realm of the tribal messiah and for the first, second and third Israels were to be completed between October and December 31, 2010. The three-day ceremony and indemnity stick ceremony (of the Blessing) are also to be completed. Korea is God’s homeland and hometown; because it is True Parents’ nation, we should have all the people of Korea take part in these ceremonies.

2. Those who have accepted the responsibility of boon-bong-wang or Ambassador for Peace should hold and complete spiritual–physical world Blessing Ceremonies at the same time throughout the world, by D-day.

3. The ancestors from the realm of the original lineage and people belonging to the heavenly realm who received the Blessing centering on True Parents — including Adam and Eve, the Moon clan, boon-bong-wangs and Ambassadors for Peace, each nation’s president and leader of the national assembly — should realize the realm of oneness embodying all of God’s all-transcendent, all-pervading, all-capable and omnipotent qualities.

4. With October 14 sixty years ago as the beginning point, now, after sixty-years of restoration through indemnity, and in relation to the three days of the 14th, 15th and 16th day of the 10th month, by the heavenly calendar, in the 10th year of Cheon Il Guk, this proclamation rally being held on the 17th day of the 10th month by the heavenly calendar [November 22], in the first year of Cheon-gi (2010), is one of perfecting, completing and concluding the final stages of all the proclamations given in heaven and on earth up until the D-day proclamation of True Parents, and which correspond with the documented record of proclamations True Parents have made.

5. True Parents’ proclamation at the Assembly to Proclaim the Substantial Word and the Era of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind — the Washington DC-New York Assembly, the Hoover Dam Assembly in Las Vegas and the Seoul Assembly in Korea, which is becoming God’s homeland and hometown — signifies the ultimate perfection, completion and finalization of the providence. This mission must be completed within the next one year and eight months, by the D-day designated by True Parents.

6. In this way, Korea, which gave birth to the True Parents, will be perfected, completed and finalized as God’s homeland and hometown. Centered on President Lee Myung-bak, who represents the governments of Korea (south and north), which is God’s homeland and hometown, former US President George Bush and US President Obama, whose positions correspond to the presidents of the Cain-type UN and Abel-type UN, and all the presidents and citizens who participated in the G20 meetings must unite to bring about the success of these rallies and perfect, complete, conclude and offer them according to True Parents’ heavenly decree. If any among these are unable to participate, True Parents will select others and bring them to perfect that work in their place.

Advent of the Era of the New Substantial Image

Ladies and gentlemen,

As I believe you have seen in the video today, we are now in a time where God is concluding the providence and harvesting its fruits in the final stages. Not long ago, Prime Minister Danny Philip of the Solomon Islands personally visited True Parents. He was deeply moved by God’s Word, and before he left, pledged and promised that his nation would become an ally nation of True Parents. He showed his resolve to become God’s laborer and a soldier who stands in the frontline of the providence. In Nepal at this very hour, Original Divine Principle lectures received from True Parents are being broadcast by a national television station in Nepal, to educate all its people.

Activities centered on the United Nations are now on track and gaining speed. The Women’s Federation for World Peace, which my wife and I founded, has been recognized for initiating activities that are in line with the UN’s founding purpose and goals. Thus, it is becoming recognized as one of the top tier organizations among the 3,400 plus NGOs registered with the UN. Furthermore, WFWP has achieved outstanding results in its activities promoting women’s rights, and solving problems of poverty and education for children. WFWP has already been awarded for its work on a number of occasions.

Recently, control of The Washington Times, which had been taken from my hands by trickery, has now been taken back. If this isn’t a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Top officials from the Cain-type realm, from the black and white races, will unite to create a federation centering on The Washington Times board of directors in order to promote the truth of God’s will for His homeland and hometown and to protect the nation of God’s sovereignty.

Ladies and gentlemen, the world is now revolving centering on True Parents. Historically, Korea and Japan, Japan and the United States, the United States and Russia and other such nations have been enemy nations. The people from these nations will also take part in the cross-cultural marriage blessing on a nationwide scale in order to eradicate the fallen lineage received from Lucifer and inherit the new heavenly lineage.

The ongoing project to build undersea tunnels between Korea and Japan and across the Bering Strait, which I have proclaimed to all the world, will be spearheaded by religious leaders on a worldwide scale and completed in attendance to our liberated God.

In this world, atheism and communism, which deny the existence of God, will be discarded, paving the way to building the world that God originally envisioned, where all people can freely communicate in harmony.

The historical conflict and strife experienced by the four great representative kings — that is to say, the God of Night, the God of Day, the King of Kings, and True Parents — and which arose because the first ancestors fell, has finally been completely resolved by the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. A world where all people are equal and all nations become like brother nations to create one family under God is being created right before your eyes.

I pray that all of you will become victors who are part of this historic and providential revolution. May the heavenly fortune that flows through the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with you all.

I pray in the name of True Parents that God’s blessings be with you, your family and your nation.

Thank you. 

Until You Have Finished Your Home Church Work, You Have No Way to Complain

Happy True God’s Day!

Today we offer excerpts from Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s address on True God’s Day, 1982, which was celebrated on January 1, 1982 (True God’s Day is now celebrated on the Heavenly Calendar, which is based on the Lunar Calendar).

Victory of Home Church

There is an insect called a cicada that makes a noise during the summer. For a while, it is encased inside a certain shell and surrounded by liquid. As long as the cicada refuses to break out of this cocoon, he is simply rejecting his wonderful future of flying around from tree to tree. We are encased inside a shell of flesh here on this earth, destined for a wonderful future. Before now, 1982, we have lived with a certain fear of death. But from now on, we can be free of that fear and understand what death really is…..

When one pursues only external values in life, he tends to go away from God’s purpose; but whenever a person seeks after the internal purpose of his life, he will get closer to God. Which one would you want? The person who masters the internal way of life is capable of doing things well externally, also, since internal is subject over external. But the person who only values external things cannot ever achieve internal values. You must become a person who is welcomed by both worlds…

Would you like to become the victors of home church? Do you, then, go to your home church area to be served by the people there? Do you only go to the clean, good places where you expect people to come and bow down to you ? There is no true love in that kind of situation. When a woman does the work of a man, or a man does the work of a woman, then that person learns to do something opposite from the usual and he is free to do anything. Similarly, when you mingle with men of literature, you can learn to write good poetry, like they do. You may not be the greatest artist, sculptor, or singer; but when you sing with true love, that is the best music. The painting done with true love is the best painting….

In order to be victorious in home church, should we then seek out the beautiful places, where everything smells sweet? Should we go to disco dances for our home church work? No, you must go to the ugly, smelly places and make them beautiful and sweet smelling. You must go to the suffering people and make them feel happy-that is your home church work. If you do this kind of work, then you don’t have to make effort to elevate yourself; the people will try to push you into a beautiful, high place, even though you resist and say you want to stay in the low place….

When men and women of separated mind and body try to love each other, it is impossible. Their minds go one way and their bodies go another; that is satanic love. You can love someone else only when your mind and body are one with each other. The husband who caresses his wife should have his mind and body united; likewise, the wife should be a united person, not a person of division between mind and body. True love between husband and wife is the love of give and take between a man and woman of united mind and body. Is there anyone here who thinks he has reached that level? Knowing that you have not achieved that level yet, how can you think that you deserve the heavenly Blessing? Asking for the Blessing before you are ready is an example of a greedy mind. Those who complain, “I’m 32 years old! Why doesn’t Father bless me?” are much further away from God than those who say, “Father, I don’t deserve the Blessing yet. I want to make more effort to unite my mind and body.”…

Why should we live such a life? Because our job is to subjugate Satan, not by force, but in a way that Satan will voluntarily surrender. Who are the true saints? Not those people who are revered by the rich and comfortable people, but the ones who are revered by the miserable, suffering poor people. When such miserable people say someone is a saint, then that person is, indeed, a saint. True love can be found in the lowest places, not in the Waldorf Astoria or in the palaces of kings….

Although we have talked about many things today, we come to the one main point: home church. Why do we need home church? Because fallen parents came into being. In order to restore this position, Jesus came to the earth. He had to go through a certain process; he needed to restore the Abel family of Zechariah and the Cain family of Joseph, uniting them. Because this was left undone, we must go, in our time, to the home church mission and restore those positions. Who crucified Jesus? Fallen men, men of faithlessness. Therefore, until you have paid back that debt, you cannot be restored.

There are many steps beyond just home church. After that, there is the clan church, the tribe church, the nation church, the world church. You have to pass through all these levels. Doing home church is not easy, but doing tribe church and nation church are even more difficult. No individual is capable of doing all these levels; therefore, True Parents came to this earth to do it for everybody else, for you and all your posterity.

Do you think I have a battle between my mind and body? Yes, I have the same battles as you; the only difference is that my battles have been victorious. I knew the truth, so I persevered through my battles. On the road of dispensation, when a person loves himself or his own family and things more than he loves the dispensation and his God given mission, that dispensation will stop right there. My mission has been, in the position of Abel, to win over the position of Cain; to restore the unity on all levels. As the family­Abel, I had to win over the family­Cain; and on up to all the other levels. In order to win over Cain, one cannot stay in the same place and have it happen automatically, but must go out to the world and set the right conditions. On each different level, Abel must go out and win Cain. That is why I came to the United States; I was searching for Cain on the worldwide level.

Here I could be beaten and then restore it. When Abel returns, he becomes the elder brother, restoring the birthright. You must restore the elder brother’s position in order to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven……

If you want to become a true person, you must do the things that you say you will do. Your words and your deeds must become one. The good teacher is one who lives his own teachings, not just speaks about them. The true saint is not one who only cares for his family, but who first cares for others, even those who care the least for him, before his own family. We can define the good God as the God who sacrifices Himself for the sake of others. I, too, have lived according to this principle. I have sacrificed my immediate family, even Mother, for the sake of the Unification Church. It is very seldom that I eat a meal with my own children; I usually eat with the church leaders from all over the world. They are the ones who are sitting right next to me and Mother, eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner, our children are not there. Sometimes when I am eating a meal with the children and some of the church leaders come in, I immediately send the children to the kitchen to finish their meal and give their seats to the church members. My children, as well, must have Cain to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; they cannot enter without Cain…..

In the United States, the government is in the Cain position, while Christianity is in the Abel position. Only through the unity of these two positions can this country be acceptable to God. Today. on the contrary, the United States government is dominating Christianity and this is the opposite of what should be happening. The communist world, which denies God, is in the position of the Cain world and the free world is in the position of the Abel world. The Unification Church is in the mother’s position, so we are supposed to embrace both sons: the Abel, democratic world and the Cain, communist world. By doing so, the world can accept the Messiah; it can welcome the universal parent.

That has not been done very successfully, so, for that reason, we have to make the foundation from the very bottom. The very bottom is home church, then progressing to tribe church, nation church, and world church. Who has to do this? The Unification Church is committed to doing this, but I have already fulfilled those levels. Each of you must pay a certain amount of indemnity by doing home church. I have come through the entire process and I have erected such a powerful foundation that those hostile to me have a frenzied desire to kill me. But in your case, you encounter no such drastic opposition. Compared to what I have faced, your persecution is very minor; in fact, doing home church is an easy job. Do people try to kill you? You are not risking your life by doing home church. However, as I work in the United States there is a constant danger to my life. No one besides me is clearly declaring a war against communism; for that reason, the communists consider me their archenemy. I push Tiger Park to squarely confront the communists through CARP. Even though Tiger Park is leading the demonstrations, the communists don’t fear him nearly as much as they fear me, since they understand that I am the ultimate source of this war against communism.

I have been doing this mission at the risk of my life, but you don’t have to risk your life in the same way. I have created a safer way for you to go. You must become a tribal messiah in your home church in order to save your own family; the tribe is the strength of the family. When your home church is protected by the tribe, nation, and all the other layers, nothing can invade your home and family. When you willingly take up the cup of persecution in your home church area, trying to win the people, no power can invade you.

The home church providence started as a major crusade in 1979. At that time, our slogan was, “Completion of the Kingdom of Heaven through Home Church.” In 1980 our slogan was, “Home Church is the Base of the Kingdom of Heaven.” In 1981 we had the slogan, “Home Church is My Kingdom of Heaven.” After those three consecutive years, we have the slogan for this year: “Victory of Home Church.”…

I am not the one who should buy myself a home in Korea. The parents’ home should be bought by the children, Cain and Abel. God’s house, too, is bought by the children; home church will become God’s dwelling place, God’s house. You cannot win the victory without committing yourself to fighting the battle. You have learned the tactics of victory: just go. The important thing is to go, be beaten, and then win. Satan’s method is always to attack first and ultimately to lose, while the method of Heaven is to be beaten first, but to obtain the victory in the end….

Home church is a far more precious gift from God than becoming heads of state or kings and queens. Once your home church people welcome you wholeheartedly, the entire spirit world will welcome you. Suppose you should drop dead in your home church area. Don’t worry, because you are not really dead; you will be resurrected into the highest place in spirit world, where everyone will glorify you. You would like to dwell in the same place in spirit world as I do, wouldn’t you? Even though I may be letting you endure suffering at this time, my ultimate plan is to take every one of you with me, arm in arm, to the Kingdom of Heaven. At that time, you will be a true victor. You can take off, non­stop, to the Kingdom of Heaven….

In the beginning of the message tonight, I said that Adam and Eve were never supposed to have a fear of death. They were supposed to be aware of spirit world and eternity; only because of the fall of man did fear of death come into being. Today, we must be the ones who liquidate the fear of death; we shall be aware of eternity and have no fear of it.

The true fulfillment of the Bible is being done by the Unification Church. Jesus said, “Whoever seeks to save his life shall lose it; but whoever seeks to lose his life for my sake will save it.” This is a dilemma and a contradiction, but we know that those who seek the highest positions shall be lowered, and those who seek the lowest places shall be elevated. Why should this contradictory statement be there in the Bible? People don’t realize it, but such a statement is in the Bible because of the principle of indemnity….

Starting from Dr. Durst, everybody has a home church area. Dr. Durst has been thinking that home church is good, but we need to emphasize street witnessing in order to gain new members. But if you witness to someone on the street, it has only the significance of that individual. An amazing thing is that, although we are doing the same activity, witnessing, when you do it at the home church level, it has historical and providential significance because it is connected at that point to the historical indemnity course. When you connect with one person in your home church area, that individual is representing his family, clan, nation, world and cosmos. By working with one person in home church, you connect yourself to the entire cosmos; but when you go out into the streets, you are only connecting with one individual. It is a one­ to ­one relationship that does not go beyond that level…

Until you have finished your home church work, you have no way to complain. You should not get tired. Knowing the Principle, I have no way to get discouraged or to slow down. I continue to march forward; even if I collapsed, I would fall forward, not backwards or to the side. I have always known that I must go over the hill and I cannot stop marching before I go beyond that hill; I cannot afford to die before I get there. Since no one can know when he will die, you must begin now to go beyond the hill. My 21 year course was actually completed in 16 years, 5 years earlier than scheduled. Why? Because I did not know when I would die.

You must overcome your fear of death, becoming men and women who can live without fear, dwelling within the love of God. Unless you can live this way, life is miserable. Once you are elevated into spirit world, there is no way to return to the earth. It is your good fortune to have met me and to have heard this message; but if you do not fulfill my message, it is not good. More than anything else, home church is top priority. Push aside everything else to do home church. For whom are you going this way? Not for the sake of the Unification Church and not for the sake of God or True Parents, but for the sake of yourself, your children, and your posterity. For that reason, you must go to home church and be victorious!

Read the entire speech here.

Nobody Throughout History has been Matching People from Opposite Extremes of Race and Culture

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Happy Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth, declared October 3, 1988. Today we have a special reading to commemorate the Holiday, given on the eight anniversary for Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth.

The True Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Heaven and Earth

October 3, 1995
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

What does this banner say? Read it loudly. Sehgeh Tongilguk Gaechunil. Those who cannot read what this sign says please raise your hands.

Father shared this experience this morning at the 7 a.m. ceremony. However, he is now sharing this with you again. As you know, Father recently gave a sixteen city speaking tour. He spoke in sixteen different states. During this time Father gave the speech True Family and I in English. Father read this speech more than one hundred times, including the sixteen official speeches he gave. However, when Father read the original text just once in Korean, it gave Father more inspiration and deeper understanding of the true meaning of the speech than reading it one hundred times in English. From this experience, Father realized how important it is for each one of us to unify languages into one.

You Americans may not appreciate this because you feel you are able to communicate freely in English wherever you go. Those who stick with the English language will pay more indemnity. Eventually you will have to go through the hardship of learning Eastern languages. Not languages alone, but the culture also. The structure of the language is very important in and of itself. In the Korean language the order is different. In Korean we would say, food eat. In English we say, we eat food. It is exactly opposite. That gives us more of a headache when we study and shows us how complicated it is. Your head has to spin in order to learn a differently structured language. It is complicated.

Therefore, no matter how difficult it may be, we must unify the languages. Only True Parents are able to do this. Father likes the word ‘unification’. Because it symbolizes all of nature. Trees and green grass provide oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. Whereas humans emit carbon dioxide and take in oxygen. If the plants did the same humanity would have been eliminated long ago. But there is give and take between humankind and nature. It is similar to the Arabic number 8, it goes and comes back again. This is ideal. It is like a propeller, this eight shape. When this propeller spins fast one cannot even see it anymore. Centering upon yourself, you must be able to build a harmonious relationship with the entire world, centered upon this shape. Horizontally and vertically you have to be able to build a bridge. Once there is a circular movement then the entire area inside this circular movement is mine. You are sitting on top of it.

If you ask children how much they want something they stretch their arms to the full extent to demonstrate how much. This is the beginning. As much as they can stretch. They never tell you a tiny little bit. (Laughter.) The vertical relationship always stands in the position of subject, while the horizontal stands in the position of object. Electricity is generated through a spinning motion also. The roller inside spins which generates energy, which in turn is converted into electricity. Do you like unification? (Yes.) Do you want unification amongst Americans only or unification amongst different races? (Different races.) All the white males take black female brides. All the black males take white female brides. When Father was in Argentina recently he learned that if one keeps on breeding the white bulls with white cows all the time, gradually that particular breed becomes weaker. However, mixed breeding produces much better stock.

The main reason birds migrate from one place to another, covering vast distances, is to adjust themselves to different climates, to bring about a change. Salmon always return to the original water in which they were hatched. Father doesn’t know who taught the salmon to do this. But it is reminiscent of the time when Adam and Eve were separated. After being hatched in the cold river water they remain there for a while and then they become separated out into the open ocean. Five different oceans. Then after four to six years the male salmon return to the original hatching place two weeks in advance and wait for the arrival of the female salmon. Then they breed together in the original place. Who gives them the direction to find their original home again after traveling through five different oceans? That puzzles Father still. By doing so they produce much healthier salmon.

Nobody throughout history has been matching people from opposite extremes of race and culture to one another except Reverend Moon. Because of this all manner of evil labels have been given to True Father. What do you feel? Is it a good thing for Father to do this or not? (Good.) Suppose there is a white couple with brown hair and blue eyes. They face one another and smile. Then there is another couple, the female has golden hair and blue eyes, and the male has black skin and black hair. This couple face one another and smile lovingly. Which looks more beautiful to you? (Second one.) When the sun is shining on these two couples the interracial couple will shine far more. However, if a couple of the same coloring stand together, it is not so stimulating to watch. Looking at your spouse’s face, if it has the same color and the same shape with the same kind of eyes and nose, it isn’t so stimulating. When God looks upon these two different couples, which couple would attract His attention most, the first or the second? (Second.)

Father has matched many couples interracially. Now Father is paying attention to what kind of children they will produce. They should be beautiful children. In the flower bed do you want to see only white flowers? How about only yellow flowers? Have you seen any black flowers? Black is the most exciting love color. What do you think? We all like unification then? (Yes.) Suppose we have only one eye. If you have only one eye, you have to turn yourself 180 degrees in order to look over here. It is dangerous. You may bump into something or hit somebody because you cannot see. You have to turn your body. The ratio of accidents occurring would be double. If you only have one nostril, the air will have a difficult time to penetrate through. [Mr. Kim says, “My explanation was not at all interesting Father tells me.”] (Laughter.) (Father laughs.) But you know what I meant, right? (Laughter.)

Having two eyes and two nostrils is far more convenient for seeing and breathing. What if we only have one lip, upper or lower? (Father laughs.) What if our upper lip is shorter and our lower lip is longer? [Father makes a face to demonstrate.] As you see from Father’s mouth, if you want to speak your mouth shape will be twisted and look strange. If you only have one ear you will have so much more difficulty. Life would become so very complicated. If you only have one hand and one arm, then if you want to scratch on this side, you have to turn around in circles to try to reach. We are created in such a way that it is perfectly balanced. We need this kind of balance in order to maintain ourselves. If we are under threat of attack from an animal, unless we have all of our faculties we would be in much greater danger. The pair system is so important. Most of our organs consist of pairs. All of creation is made up in the pair system. Man and woman, mind and body, heaven and earth. They are opposite to one another and yet they are in harmony and balance. Like oxygen and nitrogen, they are entirely opposite, and yet they live harmoniously together.

What is the force of this harmony? What brings harmony into being? If it is money it would never work, because everyone would want more. How about knowledge? If you have a little bit more knowledge we have a tendency as fallen people to look down on another who has less. This creates enemies. What about the possession of love? If you have more love would you do the same thing? The person who possesses more love would try to obey the other person. If you love somebody, even at the risk of your life you try to protect and invest yourself for the sake of the one whom you love. Is that right? (Yes.) In terms of the characteristics of love, giving more will generate even greater love. You embrace the entire five billion people from one end of the earth to the other in your arms. Does it make you feel good? (Yes.) Some of you may feel that Father only speaks this way because True Mother is so beautiful. You may feel that Father already has the most beautiful True Mother. (Applause.) However, if True Mother was black and huge and unable to fit in any chair, with a big nose and big ears then you would not say this to Father. Some of you may think this way.

In order to be called the king or queen of this world, you might have the biggest eyes, biggest nose, blackest color of skin. White is not such a special color. Yellow is not too special. Therefore black could be just fine. Along with all the big organs. (Laughter.) There is nothing unnatural about it. Even so, if Father is totally in love with that kind of exemplary True Mother would you welcome that? (Yes.) How could True Father be totally in love with that kind of True Mother? Only through the power of love. Love power is the only power that can totally intoxicate Father. When Father would look at such a True Mother’s big eyes, then he would be totally in love just by looking at such eyes. When the tear drop would be the size of an egg from such large eyes, (Laughter.) Father would receive it. Only the power of love can do that. Everybody may spit at her because to them she looks ugly, but Father will be in deepest love. It is a natural conclusion. If there is any power that makes you feel that this entire universe is most beautiful it is the power of love. If anyone does not agree with that, they are crazy.

If you are under the spell of love, then even though your spouse’s face is scarred from chicken pox, you will think of it as lots of small containers on her face. Then when the rain comes a lot of water will remain there and you will go and drink that water from her face. (Laughter.) How very enjoyable. (Laughter.) (Father laughs.) Not a strange face. That is the symptom of first love. It does not matter how ugly your love may appear. You never forget your first love. You will remember that particular face, no matter how ugly, for all eternity. I don’t know. Love has a strange power.

You like unification then? (Yes.) Centering upon what? Centering upon yourself. What element is needed centering upon yourself? (Love.) Knowledge, money and power are all temporary. However, the power of love is eternal. God wants eternal love. Can love exist by itself? (No.) Love comes through your object. That is where Father’s teaching comes in. Man absolutely needs woman, and woman absolutely needs man. Because of this absolute need you can find absolute love. Why? It is God’s desire to be unified in love as the absolute owner. Through True Love we are connected with the concept of eternity. Those who want eternal love raise your hands. Why do you raise your hands? (Laughter.) Where do you want to see your eternal love located, at the bottom or on the top? (Top.) How about space? Would you like to see your eternal love confined in a small space or in a wide open universe? (Universe.) How about the depth? Would you like it to be skin deep, or a bottomless depth of eternal love? (Bottomless.) This is the shape of love from all different angles. It extends to all possible directions and thus creates a circular movement.

It is as if, having your house as an axis, you create a big circle covering the entire Asian continent. Then another circle covering the entire American continent. And another circle covering the entire European continent. Maybe up to the sky and down into the ground. You create all kinds of circles. When you breathe, if you keep on inhaling after one minute or so you will faint and fall down. In order to have a perfect balance, even in terms of breathing, we inhale and exhale. This give and take is the point. When you observe someone walking, it is like zero point and from here another step takes place each time. Perhaps you want to be alone standing on one foot. Does that look good? It is like homosexuals. They both stand on one foot and the two of them limp along like this. [Father demonstrates.] It is like a three legged race. That is the life of homosexuals.

Do you have to live alone or do you need your spouse? When it comes to fighting between husband and wife, it usually occurs between couples who love one another very much. If you are far away from one another in feeling then even when you draw close you still feel distant. There is no room to have a husband and wife fight. If your love life between husband and wife is flat with no waves, there is no room for fighting. When your love life makes curves you may hit the ground. Then you may become angry. Suppose there is a constitution in existence that states husband and wife may only meet once every three months. For ten years you live such a life. When you meet your loving spouse only once every three months, do you think you have room to fight with him? (No.) After three months of separation, when you meet your spouse for the first time, instead of thinking of fighting, you open your mouth as big as possible and jump on him or her and bite. The amazing thing is, even though your spouse comes at you with a lion’s mouth and tries to bite you, before he or she bites you, first you will kiss that mouth. There is no concept of fighting there.

Usually husband and wife fight when they stay together day after day and sleep together every night. By doing so some discrepancies come up and then you may fight. The fight usually comes about when a husband wants to make love to his wife and she refuses. Or vice versa. That situation usually causes a fight. You should not do that. It is like a formula. Fighting between husband and wife usually stems from their love relationship. If you are truly determined to keep the standard and intensity of your first love experience throughout your marriage, there will be no fighting. Love does not belong to you. Love should belong to your spouse. Only then does that love become yours. That is why we need unification. Unification only takes places from the point of your offering to others. Not from the point of taking.

If you stand facing one another, palms together and push; if one side gives up and moves back then the speed will increase rapidly. The opposing power is retreating, propelling the other side forward more rapidly. Therefore what happens when we apply this theory into the relationship between husband and wife? Suppose they are strongly standing against one another on opposing sides, but due to the power of love, the woman yields in order to create unification and harmony; everything speeds to unite them. Does man or woman grow tired of their married life first? Which of the two is physically stronger, man or woman? (Man.) You claim that man is stronger. Therefore in one night the husband might be able to make love two or three times. However, in the case of the woman once is enough. In that sense who gives up first? (Woman.) God created woman like a valley and man like a mountain top. How to build a balance between them is the question.

By nature, woman is more emotional. It is a good idea for woman to try to embrace every aspect of creation in her heart, in the position of mother, rather than focusing only on loving her spouse. Woman is a container who can produce many different children. It is similar to creating an entire circle. Woman has that kind of room to contain such emotion and feeling. Whereas man is more vertical. Man wants to give everything at once. But woman is more like 360 degrees, with more room in her, and also has more potential to deviate. Therefore, Father encourages you to have more children. Then as a couple, when you have more children, when you make love you may talk with one another and tell one another that each time you make love it is like the love of one of your children.

If you have twelve children you will experience different types of love from all twelve. The father of those children gave the seed of all the different types of love from each child. The wife and children receive this. Therefore the children wish to return something back to their parents. If you have twelve different children and you wish to make twelve different kinds of representative love with your wife, it would mean that you would make love as husband and wife every two and half days approximately. After you are married what is the frequency of making love to one another? Every three days or every night? If love is something good that everyone should enjoy in the truest sense, don’t you think it is better to make love every day? (Laughter.) Father is discussing the relationship between true husband and wife. We are not talking about something else. (Laughter.)

Another way to make love to one another is to try to make it represent each one of your organs. If you focus on that kind of thing you will be able to enjoy it much more. There is more excitement in it. Your organs may complain and protest that although they are a very important part of your body, you never have made love representing them. Your nose may also protest to you and keep punching you the way Father just did to me. (Laughter.) We should make such exciting and meaningful love. Every cell of our body wants to receive love just as animals expect to receive love from man. The nature of sheep is to give absolute obedience to their master. If one sound comes from the master they all follow. Even if you step on their feet, instead of biting you they give their hip to you in order that you may pull your foot out of the way. There is no resistance. That is their genuine nature.

When we say, Amen. Should we instead say, A-woman? (Laughter.) (Father laughs.) The sound A-men naturally harmonizes together. It is like a high and low pitch. The meaning of Amen is number one man. Number one man represents God. If you proclaim that from now on we have to say, A-woman, then God will run away. (Laughter.)

What is the topic Father is speaking on today? [Father writes on the board.] Is there any non-Korean who is able to read what Father has written? Repeat after me, Gaechunjul. Gae means opening, like opening a flood gate. Chun means Heaven, Jul means occasion, season or event. When we open the gate, are we talking about opening it 360 degrees, 180 degrees or just 90 degrees? What is it? (360.) What is the point which can give you the room for 360 degree opening. From zero point coming back to zero point. Is it knowledge and money? They are all related to a one way concept. Then what is it? When it comes to the concept of love, even making love, you begin from zero point. Then when it is over you return to zero point. It is like conquering the top of the man’s head and coming back again to the bottom.

As we age, do we have to go up higher and higher or lower and lower? Higher up to God. Every day bigger. When you make love, if you become smaller in terms of the scale, can you conquer God? (No.) Father is referring to the practice of love centered upon your individual self here [indicating to the board]. You create love as an individual and expand your love to the family level, tribal level and all the way up to God. It takes eight different stages. If we look from the vertical view [Father is drawing on the board] this expansion is flattened and will look like this [indicating to the board]. From the individual to God makes this shape. Don’t you want to become the representative axis here? You embrace one another as husband and wife and you also embrace your children. Father concludes that through embracing and hugging as husband and wife you are learning how to embrace your children. Would you be opposed to that? (No.) When you have a lovely baby do you want to embrace your lovely child only once a day, or each hour, or every minute possible? Any minute possible. Don’t you feel that you want to keep your mouth on your lovely baby twenty four hours a day. This is a mother’s heart.

By loving your child in this way, you should be able to see your husband. Your baby is an extension of your husband. That is true. It is fair to say that if you give a hug and a kiss three times to your baby, at least you have to do it once to your husband. This is training for you. One baby is the training ground for husband and wife to build their love relationship. From the mother’s point of view, the baby is also an extension of herself. It is like a flower of love whose fragrance you are now enjoying. Without the husband the baby could not exist. Without the mother, the baby could not exist. The mother takes care of the baby all day long while her husband is working. In the evening when the husband returns home, he will run to give the baby a hug and a kiss. The wife watches this and feels grateful for her husband’s appreciation of their baby. That kind of feeling of love should empower her to serve her husband even better at night when they make love. She should be willing to do so. We should not lose this kind of moment and treasure in your family life. If you lose it then it will become hell.

It is logical that in any family, until the wife reaches the age when she cannot have any more children, husband and wife should continue to have babies. Then they are able to develop this fresh kind of emotion of love for one another through their babies. Once the woman loses the ability to have children she feels miserable. Once your menstruation cycle ends it means you are unable to have children. Therefore, through your children you have to revive and refresh your feeling of love all the time. If you have many babies, then even when you reach to menopause and are unable to give birth anymore, your memories of raising your children will remain with you. When you join the spiritual world, you will observe that those mothers who raised many children on this physical earth will be in the higher realm. We can apply this principle in our lives as Unification Church members. If we raise many spiritual children, which is far more difficult than raising our own physical children, then we will be in a good place in the spiritual world.

Usually American women spend a lot of time and effort making up their faces. Father wonders if you have put as much time and effort into loving your husband as you have to applying your make-up? Even until death they still make up their eyes. It isn’t normal from the love world’s point of view. Not normal means going to hell. There are some women who do not consider their husbands as important as their rouge and lipstick. Even if you drop all of your make-up, but pay complete attention to truly loving your husband, you will be a happy woman. Even if your husband is old, you can compliment him on his lines and tell him they make him look distinguished. Then your husband will feel very good. The wife can describe to him how his wrinkles show how much love he has as a human soul. Just imagine how happy such a husband would be. If your husband’s hands are wrinkled you can say it is due to love. We touched one another so often in love and so the hands became wrinkled. If your husband’s chest is scrawny now due to his age, still you could encourage him by telling him that because he gave you so many hugs he is only left with bones now. (Laughter.) That is the way we should think.

That is the only way for God to be happy. Think about how old God Himself is. If we are talking about the absolute love standard, whatever belongs to your lover, it has to be absolutely your object of love. Wrinkles, bald head, everything should be the object of your love. If there is such a woman who thinks in this way she is very fortunate. Does this make for happiness? (Yes.) I say not so happy. (Happy.) Your sound isn’t very exciting. You have to be able to win over Father in this contest. Not so happy! (HAPPY.) You should have given that kind of excited, loud response in the beginning. Instead it is like kicking a mule in order to gain a response.

This is the first time that Father has revealed such an explanation to all of you, including True Mother. (Laughter.) Father wonders, since he is growing old now, if Mother is getting properly educated today. (Laughter.) (Father laughs.) This is a good chance to educate Mother. It is not a laughing matter. [Father and Mr. Kim are exchanging in Korean. Mr. Kim is trying to make clear what Father is saying.] (Laughter.) [Mr. Kim says: Don’t laugh at me okay.] (Laughter.) Even when you sleep you want to keep so close and keep touching the blanket your spouse is using. That much love is there. If you don’t want to let that blanket go you have to keep that blanket in your mouth biting on it. Is that a happy couple or a miserable couple? (HAPPY.) Is that an ideal couple? (Yes.)

You are in bed together and there are many different fish hooks. Would you rather sleep with all the hooks attached to your five senses and sleep together, or no hooks and sleep alone? (Hooked.) Not hooked. (HOOKED.) Not hooked. (HOOKED.) (Laughter.) Everything becomes possible because of love.

Even when you go out to take a walk in the field and you happen to see a beautiful flower, then go and touch and kiss that flower remembering your wife when you do so. If you find an ant, touch it gently as if you were touching your wife, thinking of her as you do. Don’t you think the ant will be happy? (Yes.) The ant is so small that you are unable to kiss it. Therefore just give the sound of a kiss to it. People with such a heart of love are only happy. Do you understand? (Yes.) Nothing can compare with such a high, deep, wide love. How wonderful it is. How happy are such a couple? (Very happy.) God wants to dwell with such a couple.

We have to know clearly that if there is such a woman as Father described amongst Unification Church women here, she is surely happy. Do you remember your husband’s face? (Yes.) Have you seen your husband’s crying eyes? Have you seen him when his mouth and nose is twisted like this. [Father demonstrates.] (Yes.) Have you thought that the person who can comfort him when he is in such a mood is you, his wife. We have to seriously think about this. We have to understand that you wives have to be determined to become such wives that if your husbands are so sad, so hurt, that in one hour you are able to make their eyes beam and their mouths smile. As a wife you should have such a determination to be able to comfort your husband and soothe his pain so that he will find peace and quietly fall asleep on your lap.

If you try so hard to make him feel happy again and nothing works, then try bringing your photo album with photos of you at a young age, even you with a diaper on. Show him these kinds of photos. Even show him a photo of yourself crawling with your diaper half-off. Then your husband will change his mood. Looking at all these photos of you in all your stages of development, and then looking at you as a fully grown lovely woman, he will find something fresh that will make him happy. It is your responsibility to make your husband happy. Father is giving you a tip here today.

On the other hand, if the husband comes home and finds his wife in a bad mood, then the husband should suggest that they go out and eat dinner together and help to change her mood. While you are driving to this restaurant you have chosen (I hope it is at least ten or twenty miles), (Laughter) then in the middle of the road you can stop the car and begin singing the song you used to sing to your wife before you married. As soon as your wife sings along with you then everything is fine again. After that you can drive to the restaurant and have a nice meal. Your stomachs are full, your feeling is now full and you can come home happily together. Just like when someone is singing you need to give assistance by tapping or humming along with them. The same principle applies. Help one another and support one another. Through this you create your own happiness. When you hear Father’s explanation, don’t you think that Father is a great man? (YES.) (Applause.)

Actually, Father is learning also. Therefore, please learn quickly and become even better than Father. Father wants you to become better. Father is pushing eighty now. He is supposed to go down. What is the substance of Father’s talk today? Father is giving you the secret of how to open the love relationship. How to unify, how to create balance and harmony. Where there is no balance all beings will disappear and be destroyed. Today is the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World, in order to achieve the goal of a unified world.

We should be able to give support and go with the rhythm of the world together. Are you really ready to do that? (Yes.) Amongst Americans, individualism is very popular isn’t it. Will those who have an extremely individualistic concept have an easier way to flow with the world rhythm? (No.) Do a truly loving husband and wife want to see the concept of privacy in one another? (No.) Amongst Americans and women in the secular world, do they want to have their own savings account, or one joint family account? In many cases in American families, each family member has their own account. Is it better to have one account for the whole family or each member of the family to have their own? (One.)

We have millions of Unification Church members all over the world. Do you welcome the idea of us having one savings account? (YES.) That is the way we can unify the world. The power of love is the only thing which can accomplish this goal. Therefore the concept of a unified world is a very complicated one. We have to understand this. Do you like Father? (YES.) Do you like Father or Mother better? (BOTH.) Father is asking the sisters whether you love Father or Mother the most. You responded Father. You should not hesitate to give that answer because it is natural. (Laughter.) You are in the position of daughters to Father and Mother. Usually daughters love their Father more. Even if you claim to love Father more, then Mother should be happy about it.

The object of love can be two. The vertical object and the horizontal object. Do you understand? (Yes.) For woman the objects of love are her husband and children. The husband’s objects of love are his wife and children. The children’s objects of love are father and mother. Do you understand? (Yes.) Woman has two breasts and two well developed hips. Her breasts represent son and her hips represent daughter and the vertical shape of her body represents her husband. Therefore, Father is teaching us that without the experience of raising physical children here in this physical world, when you go to the spiritual world you will not be welcomed. The second letter of the word here [indicating to the Korean Father wrote on the board] represents opening. Chun represents heaven. However, in the concept of heaven, which is the best? The concept of love heaven.

Love is the only power which can open the door to the nation of the unified world. If love is the only power to open the door to the unified world, suppose there is a door of love. Then what kind of qualification does one need in order to open that door? One needs a ticket of love. In the Bible it refers to twelve pearly gates that have to be passed. God is the center of all humanity, including your children. If you have raised your children properly in front of God that is your ticket of love. Even though there are twelve different gates, even though you have to go around several times you will still be able to pass with this love ticket. If you stick in just one direction without raising many different children, you will be confined. Because Jesus was unable to teach his twelve disciples to go through these twelve different gates, he was crucified on the cross. Because Judas sold Jesus. By the same token, if we want to be truly welcomed in the spiritual world and pass all twelve gates, we should be able to go and work in twelve different nations from the bottom to the top and restore them. Only by having that kind of experience will we truly be able to pass through all the different gates. This covers the entire kingdom. Are you interested? (Yes.)

Just because you have been born in America as a citizen, does it mean you have to live here for eternity? (No.) If you want to live for three years in twelve different nations, it will take thirty six years. In those twelve nations you have to serve people as though you were a servant; a servant of love. In My Pledge there is one particular phrase: In the shoes of a servant, with the heart of a parent, shedding tears for mankind, shedding blood for heaven and shedding sweat for the earth. Do you want to live such a life? If you go around the twelve different nations and you are treated miserably, it means you are following in True Parents’ footsteps. You are offering that much. That is where God’s blessing will be bestowed. This particular word Chun refers to servant and it also refers to bell. What is the purpose of a bell? To give news to places far away. Do you understand? (Yes.)

Through this Gaechunjul which means the season of the opening of heaven’s gate, now we can have the Kingdom of God on earth. This is a very important day. Father is teaching you to become such a couple who are able to cheer mansei with all five senses together in order to cheer your husband and wife. With that kind of excitement and sincerity. Mansei for God means for your husband and home at the family level. Mansei for True Parents represents mansei for your wife at home. Mansei for the Unification Church represents mansei for your children. Husband represents heaven, mother represents earth and children represent humankind.

Have you become the body in which all the cells are totally united and excited to shout out mansei for your spouse and children? When we cheer at the end of each of our meetings, it is training us how to build an ideal family at home. We need that same spirit in applying ourselves to our daily lives at home. Do you understand? (Yes.) Have you lived such lives until now? If not, learn from Father through this kind of teaching. Make sure you come to Father’s speech whenever Father is here.

Now it is afready after 11 a.m. After two hours of talking Father has hardly touched upon his main topic today. (Laughter.) It may take all day long today. (Applause.) The ideal family you establish is thousands of times more precious than all the hours of teaching and preaching. The ideal family is more important than anything. Once you attain that you don’t need any preaching. Do you understand? (Yes.) The characteristics of love should be eternally expanding. If you shrink it then it will become so small that you can hardly notice it. Love is the biggest thing in this entire universe. However, it can also be smaller than anything in the universe. Love is so sensitive that when your loving husband gets on your nerves for just one flickering of a second, you feel sad. Usually divorce takes place between husband and wife for some very small reason. Love has such a characteristic. Because of that sensitivity of love, it can also conquer everything. Therefore, stay away from love fighting. Because if you start having fights because of love, you grow further and further apart from one another.

We hide our most valuable treasure where no one would notice it. Because there are a lot of people who may steal that. It means you have to be very careful. We need etiquette, order, and all manner of environmental restrictions and codes in order to protect it. There should be a border line. As a woman there are certain restrictions you must adhere to. Likewise for a man. Through understanding and digesting these norms and regulations in the fields of women and men, both should be able to travel in and out of both sides freely. When we speak of the world we are referring to heaven and earth. This means the cosmos. What can bring about the unification of the cosmos? Only True Love. We need to have a True Love key. Since your couple has the True Love key, your family is like a True Love vehicle. This key can be used by the mother and father of the family, but children will be able to use it also when they grow up. Because they are one. Vertically and horizontally they are united into one. Do you understand? If your family establishes such an ideal standard, you will be trusted by any member of your family or friends. They will freely allow you to use their car or anything belonging to them. Because they realize the standard of your family.

If you move into your home town as a tribal messiah, in the beginning you may be opposed on all sides. However, if you continue to live such a high standard of life, within ten years they will recognize and respect the value of your life. They will respect your family. Therefore if you wanted to borrow something from your neighbor you could easily do so because they would trust you. Also they would be free to borrow from your family. This kind of relationship will be established.

If you keep on following in Father’s footsteps for the next ten years, do you imagine you will end up by prospering or not? (Prospering.) The Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World was proclaimed by Father in 1988 right after the Olympic Games. Father explained at that time how the Cold War began in 1950 through the Korean War. It went all the way around and finally ended up in 1988 with the Seoul Olympic Games. The Cold War began and ended in Korea. The Seoul Olympic Games had the largest number of participating countries. In fact Kim Il Sung’s regime should have attended which would have made 161 countries. However, they did not attend. Those athletes who came to the Seoul Olympics represent the second generation. The second generation came from all over the world representing 160 nations and were united in Seoul. This was truly an historical event. Through this event, the youth from the communist world and the youth from the democratic world became united here. Because of this condition the world communism demised. Therefore, there is no reason for the democratic and communistic blocs to fight anymore. Only the foundation of unification remains.

At the time of the Korean War sixteen nations sent their soldiers to Korea. Actually the United Nations soldiers emerged because of the Korean War. Up until that point they did not have United Nations soldiers. Also Father spoke in sixteen nations in South America. Now Father is planning to give a worldwide speaking tour to 160 nations. Do you see the connection? Father is declaring here today that from the year 1988 until the year 2000, which is a twelve year period, is the critical period for humankind. It is a transitional critical period. If the twelve major nations of the world are united, then the entire world can be unified. As we have been going through this twelve year period, Father declared tribal messiahship mobilization. Through the tribal messiah mobilization, the Cain and Abel positions were established. Upon this foundation Father sent out Mother for the speaking tour. He also declared, True Parents and the Completed Testament Era. Also, through Mother and the Women’s Federation for World Peace, women’s liberation began. Through tribal messiahship the Cain and Abel positions of the children were established. Based upon that Cain and Abel children’s unity with True Mother the base was established for True Father to emerge. This happened in 1992 when I declared world women’s liberation. Do you understand? From the unity of these three positions with Mother in the Eve’s position, Cain and Abel could restore the original house. Then, Satan’s side turned around 180 degree towards True Father. This is the bride’s foundation, the bride’s church, the Christian world. That is why Father can connect the tribal messiah to the world messiah, because he won that position. [Father draws on the board.] House messiah, tribal messiah, national messiah, world messiah. This world came against the house place and tribe place, going over them to make a winner’s position. God and humankind are separated through eight degrees. How can they be connected? There was no way until now. [Father continues to draw on the board and explain.] Put in here, separate God is plus and Father is minus. Then combine into one and come down; world messiah, national messiah, tribal messiah, family messiah connected into one. Satan invades the world in eight different degrees. This tribal messiahship is a house or family problem: how to save 160 homes. Then become a tribal messiah and automatically national messiah and world messiah are connected there. This represents 160 nations. This small dot in the center represents you as a tribal messiah. The second circle represents 160 homes, 160 families that you have to restore. The third largest circle represents 160 different nations. Eventually all the tribal messiahs have to reach out. In order to reach these 160 nations, you have to go through these 160 families that you restore. These 160 homes connect with the nation.

By doing so Father can bequeath his foundation of victory to the entire 160 nations of the world. That is why this year’s motto is, Let’s Inherit True Parents’ Realm of Victory. This means, centering upon Adam’s family we lost the entire world. From True Parents’ position Father is bequeathing everything to the entire world. Centering upon God, True Parents level comes all the way down here and then there is no more obstacle. Once True Parents have won the victorious level here, it goes back up to God without any resistance. These stages, [indicating to the board] the Blessed couples should accomplish.

In 1992 True Mother took off to do public work. Following this, the 30,000 Couples Blessing took place. This year, as you know, there were 360,000 couples. Our next goal is 3.6 million couples and then 36 million couples. (Wow!) It is no problem. Once we reach that goal, we can eliminate all these family problems in the world. Particularly the moral degradation, homosexuality, family break up problems. All these can be eliminated. In the satanic world, all these many obstacles existed. But centering upon God, True Parents, have won the victory at each stage. They came back down to our level at the bottom and we will begin going back up to God. At each stage we have Blessed couples, ideal families. The destruction began at the family level. The rebuilding process begins centering upon the family. There are 160 nations here [indicating to the diagram] but it is all a matter of stages. We will develop and achieve our goal. Eventually when we reach to our goal we will reach God. The place where God can dwell and operate freely.

Just as Adam and Eve’s family were not supposed to go down. Rather they were supposed to build the ideal family centering upon themselves. Once this level is reached [indicating to the board] then God can come down to our own individual level and live with us freely and do everything with us. Without accomplishing our tribal messiahship we cannot reach our goal. Also God cannot come down to our level. Once the family was lost then the world was lost. During World War II the Christian world, as the bride should have welcomed the bridegroom messiah. The vertical husband is God.

The horizontal husband is perfected Adam. After Adam and Eve fell, Cain and Abel followed Satan and got into hell. With the coming of the messiah, as the true husband, he can chase out Satan. All that God lost the messiah claims back again. [Father draws on the board.] Jesus died on the cross and later expanded to the world base. The formula is Eve, Abel, Cain. The nation of Israel was in the position of Cain, Judaism was in the position Abel. Eve’s position was Jesus’s bride’s position. Centering on their mother, Cain and Abel were supposed to combine into one, then connect with the husband, the bridegroom. That person was Jesus Christ, the messiah. True husband, vertical parents, horizontal parents, they connect into one with God. Jesus’ home country was plus, Abel home; and the Roman nation was Satan’s home, minus. How can they be united into one? At that time, Satan was the national base and as a result, it divided into many nations. Now the United Nations has 184 nations. Satan has expanded that much. Why? It is because Satan knows that God is looking to restore one nation centered on Eve’s religion. All others are Archangel religions. The mother religion and the three archangel religions were to combine into one and build one world under God.

America needs to become one nation under God. America is the bride religion. England represents the Eve nation. America was born out of England. This is a mother-son relationship. France was exactly the enemy of both England and America. Those three countries connecting into one would represent one independent, Christian culture world under God at that time. Do you understand? The Eve nation, the bride nation. The bride should have embraced Cain and Abel meaning the secular world and the religious world. True Father connecting there would make one world under God. The year 1945 plus seven years would bring us to 1952. In those seven years, had Christianity welcomed me the unified world would have been no problem. Why? It is because of the tribal messiah concept. The world would have gone into God’s bosom, victorious, one nation, one world. Upon that base the Second Advent would have connected. The Christian world consists of almost one billion people. If that quantity of people had been blessed into a family system, maybe even in three years a unified world could have come about. They lost everything. God lost everything. How can that be taken back? The Christian world cannot do that. God made those kinds of victorious fruits for the Lord of the Second Advent. However, once the Lord of the Second Advent was chased out by Christianity, that fruit came under the dominion of the satanic world. God and the messiah were chased out.

The world base made up one bride foundation. Three nations of England, France and America represented God’s side. Satan’s side was represented by Japan, Germany and Italy. The Axis nations represented the body, the Allied nations represented the spirit. Mind and body split. This fight expanded to the world base during World War II. Why? The family lost the True Parents. The false parents appeared and everything went completely opposite to God’s way. All went into hell. All can return to heaven during the Second Advent time. Once the Lord of the Second Advent establishes ownership, everyone can return to heaven. Heaven is our original home. This time of the Second Advent is the first time that the individual belongs to God, the tribe belongs to God, the nation belongs to God and the world belongs to God. Otherwise there will be no way. This is the mission of the messiah.

The entire world came against me. Not only the Christian world, but also the communist world. Everything was lost. They chased me out into the wilderness. The Lord of the Second Advent is here [indicating on the board]. God is here. They are separate. No matter how much I wanted to get there, there was no family base. Therefore there was no hope. Satan invaded this world completely including the Christian world centered upon the individual family base. How could Father begin recreation? No hope. No Eve. No bride representing the center of the world. The Christians came against the messiah in the Second Advent time. All foundation was completely lost. One family was lost in Adam’s time. The world base was lost. The world family base is again in a fallen situation. The worldwide foundation has to be prepared again. Four thousand years of history were lost. How can this be restored? We have to use the same formula base. Family-centered base. How can that family formula be taken back again? This was Father’s mission. He had to invade all levels of restoration. Everything was against me; all the religions, all people, all the communists. The secular people and Satan wanted to expel me from the earth, from his kingdom forever. The satanic world had all its power concentrated on hitting Reverend Moon. That also happened centering upon America. That means the American nation is the worst enemy for me. If America cast out God’s providence which God invested in for a long time until now, everything would be lost. Yet, no matter how much difficulty I faced, I invested everything. This is Father’s course in America this past twenty-one years.

How can this country be saved? This is the Abel nation. International Unification Church members are in the position of saving America. They stand in the Abel position to America in the position of Cain. They have to love American people. Representing Abel, we need a more patriotic spirit than American people. Do you understand? Invest and forget. Unificationists are in the Abel position, America is in the Cain position. Father invested everything into America. America lost its position as Jesus’s spiritual home, and the world unification home. From now on it is the individual home, tribal home, national home. Again we are taking these back. This unification course is Reverend Moon’s home. Father had to go over the individual, family, tribe, nation and world levels. The whole world was against Father, especially during Carter’s admistration time. Carter sounds like cutter which means cut down. During Carter’s administration the free world was retreating to communism. High level intelligent students became Communists and invaded all of the free world. Communism invaded so many nations during Carter’s administration. They could win up to seventy per cent, formation level and growth level. After that it is God’s position, they can not go over seventy per cent. During World War I and World War II seventy per cent were Satan’s side as his national foundation. The World War I attack came from Satan’s side. It was the same in World War II. During World War III the ideal world should have come. Since 1984 we have been introducing God’s new ideology to the entire free world. This was the Soviet political strategy for world expansion, Father understood that. At that time Gorbachev visited America and Father created the Washington Times. Gorbachev was chased out and Father became his most fearful enemy. God’s side has to take responsibility and that is how Father did it.

Satan invaded that individual and family base in Korea through a woman from the underground church who was prepared. She was taken prisoner by the Japanese and since Father also was working underground, they were supposed to meet in prison. Because she did not accept Father, the Christian world was lost. The spiritual world worked against these people and Father began to receive persecution from all sides of the world; from the family and the society. Everyone said, Oh! that Rev. Moon is a beggar. You don’t know about that. Satan’s side branded Father the worst kind of person in the world, spreading all manner of bad rumors. No matter how much they were against me, Rev. Moon understood his purpose. Father’s mission is not just the national mission, or his own mission. In Korea any kind of religious people cannot meet me. Father did not meet them. Ultimately Satan controlled them to be against me. Do you understand? At the national base time, they hit me and Father could claim territory. For forty years Father was hit down. After that, all over the Christian world people could begin to change to Father’s side. America also. America spread all manner of evil rumors about Father which came from Korea. Father did not go down. Eventually he rose up. In one week’s time of teaching the Divine Principle, people can completely change; it has become the most fearful armament of truth for the satanic world. The established churches always insisted that their members not come and hear, see or have any give and take with the Divine Principle teaching. But we were open all the time, day and night.

The only hope for the world is Reverend Moon. (Amen. Applause.)

Satan knows that Reverend Moon has a fearful truth. After forty years no country in the world can eliminate the power of Reverend Moon. In the United States Father is powerful. America is proud of its materialistic power. The family decline in this nation is so serious that even the politicians are taking steps to promote moral values, even Clinton. So many famous professors recognize my contribution. Whoever steps on Reverend Moon will fall down. Even America, Russia, China, Japan, England, etc. All boundaries are being pulled down. We are moving out all over the world now. We are going to South America, to the remote countryside. People are asking questions about that. It is because I want to make brotherhood. Catholicism and Protestantism are older brother and younger brother. Now Parents have appeared on the earth and they should now follow me. The Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament must unite. That is God’s secret and Satan’s secret. That is how to unite the world. We must understand this and make it 100% successful. This is the kind of world phenomenon that has to take place. Rev. Moon has the concept and the energy to do it under God’s historical guidance. The Christian world does not have a real foundation. The Unification Church has a real foundation.

No matter how Korea may oppose they will be pushed down. No matter how strong America is, if they oppose they too will be pushed down. I am creating a brotherhood. Do you understand? Father’s position is Abel to the Christian world in the position of Cain. The two need to combine into one. Then the Cain and Abel nations of South America and North America will combine into one as the elder brother and younger brother. When Father met with the South American leaders Father talked to them about precisely what they must accomplish. Father told them he understood their situation and they listened. European people are in the position of Cain. The Christian world combined into one. Jesus lost Judaism. The world of Islam and Judaism combine into one and they combine with the Roman world and go back to that root.

In Adam’s family, Cain and Abel was the original set up and they were to connect with the mother. Leah’s son and Rachel’s son had a different spirit in Jacob’s family; they were Cain and Abel. The world emerged from two families. Now they must unite into one. Every country is fighting at the world level. This is the fruit of the Cain and Abel struggle. That is the North and South American providence. Mind and body came into fighting after the Fall. The fallen world controls the flesh body. Do you understand? We need to recreate man and woman through Blessed couples. This is rebirth. True Parents recreate the family and return to the original base.

All over the world, the Unification Church is the foundation for a nation. Originally God intended to have one world under God. Because of True Parents and True Love humanity can be reconnected to God. Satan controlled the world through fallen human beings and expanded it to hell on the earth. This is the reality of modern society in America today. Children don’t know their parents. Husbands don’t know their wives. Brother and sister don’t know each other. Satan completely broke up God’s ideal base. God cannot get into this world and the lives of His children no matter how He tries. But Reverend Moon appeared. Satan challenged him. Satan’s most fearful enemy is Reverend Moon.

In 1992 the liberation of women took place and 30,000 couples were blessed internationally. This was the world horizontal formation. The 360,000 Couples Blessing was the growth stage. Satan began to scream through persecution from the Blessed families.

The feeling is not so bad, not so good. We have almost reached the goal here. Father has been standing here talking to you in English, but God’s side must use the original language. Now the time has come when to everybody who hears this particular message, the door of the nation to the Kingdom of Heaven is wide open. Every obstacle has now been eliminated by True Parents. Even in the middle of their sleep people will spring up and seek where they can find this message and join the group. This is the time for that to occur.

After we reach the 3.6 million Couples Blessing, do you think those who want to get married will go and find their own spouse while everyone else is joining the Unification Church Holy Wedding? Because everyone, including schoolteachers and parents and policemen will have to answer what that 3.6 million couples Unification Church Holy Wedding is all about. Whether they like it or not, they will eventually hear about this and be attracted by this Holy Wedding concept. At every village level, if civic leaders praise this Holy Wedding ceremony, then who could think of it as anything but holy. While Father was going around the nation of America giving his speech, different dignitaries introduced Father. Then newspaper reporters realized that many of these people received the blessing from Reverend Moon recently. They were shocked. (Applause.)

Father feels some of them might have been so shocked that they might even have wet themselves. (Laughter.) Please keep on laughing so that Father can drink some water. (Laughter.) (Applause.) You have to be a unified self. This means your mind and body should be in unity. Do you understand clearly? (Yes.) You have to understand logically. Between husband and wife we need unification. Father has demonstrated what kind of unification. It is reasonable that a couple might be a little bit distant for a time. After all how did they meet? Through picture matching. Therefore they need some time. Sometimes it only takes two seconds to match two pictures. Father’s record is that in one single day he matched more than 4000 couples. (Applause.) Even if you have to count 8,000 different photos would it be a simple task? (No.) But Father’s matching was like lightning.

There are many miraculous stories amongst these matched couples. Many of them saw their matched spouse in their dreams or visions. Sometimes they remembered exactly the shape of the faces. Then after they were matched they realized their dream came true. (Applause.) Those non-Unification Church parents of our members expressed their surprise. They could not imagine how Father could do that. Father told them that was his authority and no one can interfere. If it is not the right position and right direction then his leg doesn’t move and his hand is pushed away. Father is giving you some secret here. This is the power and authority behind the scenes, but now he is revealing it to you. Even though the satanic world opposes him, still Father trusts you and so he can reveal this.

When it comes to the blessing of every one of you, Father gave such a spiritual power and providential significance. Yet, if you consider divorcing or separating you will be punished. Today Father is telling you to please pack your bags and leave from the church. (NO.) (NEVER.) Never. No. Have you seen Father act like normal Christian ministers, holding the Bible in his hand and visiting someone at their house and welcoming them at his home? (No.) Father doesn’t care whether they come to him or not. When they do he often gives rough words to them. She may declare how can he be considered a minister. (Laughter.) She may accuse Father for speaking for many hours. Perhaps he will be accused because they say members have to leave from their homes and break their homes. But Father knows that you stay longer here, because as his speech continues, even more exciting and serious truth comes out. (Yes.) (Applause.) Even if you sit here all day long you don’t feel pain. As you watch Father speaking as an almost eighty year old man, as the hours pass he gets even stronger and kicks people around. (Laughter.) Instead of becoming more pale and fatigued his face becomes more bright and his spirit more vigorous, ready to catch even a lion. (Applause.)

Please understand, whenever you see this sign that is written on the banner today the kind of victory Father has won from the individual level, family level, all the way up to the cosmic level. Understand because of this foundation Father has laid we now have the privilege to read this proclamation today and live in this special time period.

It was expected that since Rev. Moon made the announcement that he would bring America and Russia under his wing they expected that he should make a quantum leap. As if he could just fly to the world just like that. But on the contrary, they realize that Reverend Moon is retreating all the way back to South America and staying in a small fishing village. It is puzzling to them. Also he sent all the Unification Church leaders to their home towns with the name of tribal messiahs where there is no foundation for him. This puzzles them. But Reverend Moon has such a foundation that no matter where they were sent to, if he calls them they will come. Those Japanese women who married American men, quietly, secretly raise your hands. Openly raise your hands. Probably in the future the rest of you will have American husbands as well. Prepare yourselves.

Do you think that Father is strong or weak? (STRONG.) He even has physical power. If you truly listen to Father and practice what Father teaches, you may become a congress woman or the wife of a congressman in the future. Or even the First Lady. In order to become the First Lady of America you have to become an American citizen. (Applause.) You American citizens, even though Father is almost eighty, he does not have American citizenship, because he doesn’t have any political ambition here in America. Even if you want to run for congress in this country, you have to be at least a nine or ten year old American citizen. Father is a green card holder. Therefore you cannot think that Reverend Moon is seeking political power by himself. Father’s desire is to educate, raise and train the potential possible leaders of America and leaders of the world, in order that they might build a better world. Don’t you want that? (YES.)

You understand the meaning of this. You have to understand that this represents Father’s life on the individual, family, national and cosmic levels. Father has been bearing the flag in front and won the victory at each level. This is the record of Father’s life. Like conquering Mount Everest. While climbing up that steep mountain he made a hole and placed a bar so that everything is secure now for you to be able to climb up. Until he overcame these obstacles he didn’t need his family. He had to go over the obstacles by himself. In other words, Father already climbed over Mount Everest. That is why he can now give this blessing to the world. (Applause.)

Whenever we receive Father’s words we have to be centered upon the three major determinations. Firstly, absolute faith; secondly, absolute love; thirdly, absolute obedience. This is the model we need to always remember. When God first created the world and Adam and Eve, these were the criteria with which He created. Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, this is the motto we must practice. God expected Adam’s family to achieve this level of absoluteness. However they failed and we lost these. Therefore, as Blessed couples, Unification Church members should live up to this standard. Do you understand? (Yes.) God is the subject Being. God created every creature upon this foundation of absolute love, absolute obedience and absolute faith. It was the same with Adam and Eve. They occupied the highest position. Therefore they had to follow the same commandments as God. That was God’s absolute love to enable them to become His love object partners. Their personalities had to be complete vacuums to become God’s absolute partners. God invested His absolute power all at one time. These three action categories should have been exercised. That was the content of Adam and Eve’s commandment. If someone tries to insist that Rev. Moon is too absolute with his teaching, you have to argue that it was God who originally created everything upon those criteria. The restoration providence starts from that point.

It starts from your own family, between husband and wife, parents and children, between families and other families, all the way up to tribes, nations and the world. If we all live up to this kind of standard don’t you think that we would have an ideal world here? Between your eyes and nose is there absolute trust or do they harbor some mistrust? (Absolute trust.) If your brain commands your eyes to do something they absolutely obey. Or do your eyes tell the brain that they need to think about it first. (Laughter.) Do you think that your eyes would say that? (No.) You are driving along and there is an obstacle ahead of you. Immediately your eyes will warn your mouth to shout out that it is dangerous to warn someone. But will your mouth refuse to do it? When your brain gives direction to the legs to walk, the left and right leg automatically take turns and move forward. Do you imagine that the legs would have to pay close attention to whose turn it was? No. It flows naturally. Absoluteness dwells in that naturalness.

God is like our brain of love. The love brain is God. True Parents are our horizontal true love brain. When the spiritual brain and the physical brain are waiting for a command, centering upon True Love, then every action is enjoyable. When you go to see your lover do you hesitate? (No.) You deny everything and go to see him or her. You husbands, have you thought about giving your absolute love, faith and obedience to your wives? (Yes.) What? (Laughter.) There is a limited amount of food, do you try to eat it for yourself or give it to your wife first? (Wife.) (Laughter.) After you give your answer you laugh. Therefore the answer is not a truthful one.

Remember, unification only comes on the basis of these three criteria: absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Father’s life is based upon absolute faith and so no one can influence or sway Father. Even during his incarceration because Father had absolute faith, something else was to be provided through this kind of trial.

Because of Danbury, Father realized even more deeply what kind of misery America was going through and how difficult America is. Therefore, Father shed many tears. Father saw one young man, what kind of environment he passed through and what kind of influence he left behind him. All kinds of stories came up. Through that experience, Father truly understood what America was all about. Father got even stronger in his determination to change this kingdom of hell into the Kingdom of God on earth. (Applause.)

Father was told after he was in Danbury for a while, how, when Father first entered into Danbury some there decided to observe him for three weeks. Then after three weeks of observation, if Father did not meet their expectations of a good person, they would eliminate him. They had that kind of scheme. It can happen in prison. But on the contrary they all became Father’s friends. Even when they were able to go out for a few days to visit their families, they would always come to Father when they returned and report their return. When good food was sent in for them they would offer it to Father. When their wives and parents visited they always wanted to introduce them to Father. (Applause.) After six months in prison, if Father was proceeding down a hallway for example, anyone walking that way would stand against the wall and make a path for Father to walk comfortably. They showed that kind of respect. Father has that kind of power. You know that. That is why during Father’s stay in the prison there was no accident.

At the end of Father’s term, the prison officials were worried about having too many people at the gate of the prison welcoming Father. Therefore they let Father leave through the small rear door so that no one would know when Father came out. He was supposed to leave at nine o’clock. However, they let Father go at 4 o’clock and had him wait some place else until everything was quiet. Then they let Father go. After Father’s departure from the prison there was a murder amongst the inmates and many kinds of crimes were committed. Later on, the prison officials testified to one man’s influence and how it was peaceful when Father was there.

Every Sunday morning at 5 a.m., Father was doing Pledge service by himself at first. Then three inmates joined Father, and eventually more wanted to join. However, Father didn’t want to cause a commotion there so Father limited it to the three. Even now, if Father sends a letter to those inmates they will love to come and see Father. But as they are all convicts, you might all run away. Therefore Father doesn’t do that. Wherever Father may go his leadership is outstanding and people accept that. While Father was in Hung Nam prison camp there were those there who had been instructed by the spiritual world to become Father’s followers. However, only three of them were able to come out with Father. This cannot be done by force, it has to be done freely. Therefore Father is a fearful person to the world. Through such trials Reverend Moon has been prospering.

There is no other secret for Father to become a leader even in the prison. He uses this criterion, this standard wherever he is. If there is someone younger than Father, then Father treats him as a younger brother. Older than Father, then he treats him as an uncle or elder brother. In the darkness when we see a light we are drawn towards it. Love light makes a beautiful atmosphere. Love has that kind of revolutionary power. It is most precious. Do you understand? As long as you live up to this standard you will never lose. Because as long as you do so God will follow and protect you. Throughout his entire life Father never thought of using anyone for any purpose. Father always gave his total trust. As long as Father’s total and complete trust is in them and they turn around and betray Father, still Father doesn’t lose. A much greater compensation will come back to Father through some other means. The Unification Church has been cheated, betrayed and abused by so many different people. It is almost like a miracle. If someone whom Father trusted a great deal betrays him and leaves, God sends almost exactly the same looking person, with better qualities to Father. Often the person will be almost identical in behavior and mannerisms. But internally a much greater person.

Whenever Father has been betrayed by someone, he never curses them. Instead Father feels they are like his children. Now children are making a mistake and are temporarily away from me. That kind of heart is with them. That is why God pays back to Father with an even greater person. Just like those children who leave their parents because of some upset feeling. But they cannot cut themselves off from their parents. In the same way, those who have experienced a True Love relationship with True Parents and leave never forget Father. They never forget that experience. Whenever they happen to meet Father again they are in tears. Because their original mind is operating. Because of the practise of this teaching on Father’s part. Father spent all night without eating and sleeping, giving all kinds of guidance to those who left him. Father did not do it for himself. Rather he invested in them for their own sake and for the sake of this entire world. Their original mind knows this.

Are you hungry? (Laughter.) Since we are hungry let us conclude. Almost four and half hours have passed but Father doesn’t realize how long it took. Do you understand Father this morning? (Yes.) With the heart of this teaching we can unify the entire world. Father’s intention was to give you a full historical detailed explanation this morning. However, he ended up by giving you a simple conclusion today. Father is sorry. There is a speech given by True Father in 1988 for this special day ceremony. Please find that particular speech and read it. Each year on this day Father gave a special speech. If you can find all eight please read them. If you know Korean you may be able to read them without difficulty. However, if the speeches are not translated into English you may have difficulty. But go ahead and read them anyway. (Yes, Father.) Yes, Father. You don’t speak Korean do you? (No.) Father likes your determination but maybe there is no English translated version for you.

At the ceremony at East Garden this morning Father told us about this, but in public Father is telling you here this morning. Father’s teaching of the last forty years will be heard by billions of people. Even if Father joins the spiritual world, Father’s speech tapes will be played and replayed throughout the entire world. All the nations will play Father’s speech tape so that each nation will be able to listen twenty-four hours, 365 days. All throughout the world. It is that precious a message. That time is coming. Do you truly understand how precious Father’s message is at this point? (Yes.) This is the message that shows how you can pave your way so that God can come down. This is the teaching that shows you how to become God’s sons and daughters. Do you understand? (Yes.) We must understand that we must go beyond this teaching to the three criteria given by God at the time of creation to Adam and Eve.

Suppose you overcome all of the obstacles while pursuing your life to reach this absolute standard and finally you go beyond the original Adam and Eve’s level. Then for the first time you meet God face to face in tears. Do you think it will be a happy experience or a sad one? (Happy.) Will you shed tears of joy or tears of sadness? We lost everything with the tears of sadness. Therefore we have to restore everything back with tears of happiness. Have you ever felt such a feeling when you met Father face to face? Even as brothers you should be able to go beyond that level of heart. Our heart should long for our physical parents like our lover. We have to go beyond that level towards Father. Like a son in tears because of longing for his own parents. We Unification Church male members, should experience this heartistic feeling towards Father as a man longing for and missing True Father in tears. We have to go beyond that level. Looking at ourselves we can see how far we are lagging behind.

A son of filial piety makes his parents cry a lot. What kind of tears do they shed? Your homework is how much can you make God cry. Do you understand? When it comes to Father’s life, there have been so many times when Father made God cry. Do you follow Father? (Yes.) Therefore, please, during your lifetime create such a life that Father and Mother will be many times in tears. Only then, when you join the spiritual world, you will have a much greater result in front of God and True Parents. If there is such a son and daughter in this world, no matter how distant they might be, Father and Mother will feel like running there anytime day or night. But Father doesn’t see many children like that. Do you understand Father?

Father’s conclusion of his message is that we must go beyond this absolute standard which God has given to Adam’s family when He created them. We have to shoot for the goal of reaching beyond this level. Then we can build the Kingdom of God on earth as well as in heaven. In order to reach that goal we have to be in tears so many times. We have to be able to make God cry. Had Adam and Eve not fallen but had completed themselves, don’t you think that God would have come down and embraced them in tears? Endless tears of joy. God is waiting for the day that He will meet you in such a situation. When Father joins the spiritual world, will God come down from His throne and give Father a hug or will Father have to run and give a hug to God? They will hug and kiss in tears of happiness. That is the goal as a son of God. It is that serious. Father’s goal is there and according to this goal everything is being adjusted. Whatever problem you may encounter in your life, always your standard and your solution should come from God’s point of view. If you always refer to God’s point of view then your conscience will automatically tell you what will make God happy and what will make God sad. If there is a right direction, then no matter what obstacle is in the way, you have to go with it. Do you understand?

Father’s life has proved this. Because of this absolute faith and conviction Father has been able to do so many great things. Do you understand? (Yes.) We have to go through this worldwide level. This is the restoration through heart. Those who have absolute conviction and make a pledge today to God and Father that you will become such a son, such a daughter and build such families for you to be proud of and build the Kingdom of God on earth with you, please raise your hands. This should come naturally through exercising True Love. Even without thinking this should come automatically and naturally. God Bless you. (Applause.)

The Realm of Sabbath Can Evolve to the Kingdom of Heaven in Heaven and On Earth

Happy 24th Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for the Parents of Heaven and Earth
Declared July 7th, 1997 by the Heavenly (lunar based) Calendar
Today we will feature a special reading for this Holy Day.

Cheong Seong Gyeong 2045-2046

It’s okay if we firmly grab hold of
the family. Aren’t all people bound to a
family? If we catch the family, then the
members of the National Assembly, the
ministers and vice-ministers of the cabi-
net, and even the president in the Blue
House, all will be caught. You should all
become leaders of tong and ban. Don’t
you agree? If the members of the Nation-
al Assembly, the important statesmen of
the country, the cabinet members, and
even the staff members of the military
will all become mobilized through the
leaders of the tong and ban movement,
then everything will be completed. We
can then work without a fight. Do you
understand? (167-21, 1987.6.14)

For us, the government is not the
issue. What we are trying to do is to find
a nation. We are aiming to grab hold of
tong and ban. If we do that, then the dif-
ficulty of finding that nation will auto-
matically be solved. (167-24, 1987.6.14)

Cheong Seong Gyeong 1681

In the world of love, it is the law of
nature never to permit the presence of
a third party; one must be alone with
one’s partner. This is the case for spar-
rows and insects as well. Then, from the
viewpoint based on evolutionary theo-
ry, how many ascending orders of love
in thousands of stages are there between
amoebae and human beings? Are there
not thousands of species of insects? From
plants to insects, there are thousands of
species. Yet there are people who believe
that these thousands of species and
human beings evolved from amoebae
through continuous development. Not
at all! Several thousands of stages of
love need to be passed through. The dis-
tinction of species is very strict. What,
human beings evolved from amoebae?
Those impostors! (227-296, 1992.2.14)

Richard: Here Rev. Moon points out the absurdity of evolutionary theory, that human beings could have evolved from amoebaes.

Prayer: Declaration Chil Il Jeol, the Cosmic Sabbath Sun Myung Moon July 7, 1997

Beloved Father! Today, 1997, July 7, 7 hours, 7 minutes and 7 seconds, centering on the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing, we have accomplished this year’s motto, “Let Us Be Proud of True Parents and Love True Parents by Accomplishing the 3.6 Million Couples Blessing.”

How hard You have struggled and borne the heart of han (bitter sorrow)! As Your children, True Parents, we are here with Your other children not knowing Your heart in this historical age. In the meantime, you sent True Parents to the earth so we could build the foundation where mankind could speak out Your heart and be educated about Your internal situation. Through that foundation, we came to know the sad history that since Adam and Eve fell as teenagers and their family was broken down by Satan’s scheme, humankind has been linked to fallen Adam’s family and Satan’s lineage instead of to God’s lineage.

Therefore, until now, history has kept the lineage of the realm of the archangel and the lineage of Satan. When we think about founding the realm of religion in order to establish the history of the new archangel’s position in the Kingdom of Heaven, we know that the providence of individual restoration is the history of regaining the elder sonship from the realm of the archangel.

We thank You for this great time when we are facing the age of the Second Advent, the center of the worldwide salvation through the Old Testament, New Testament, and Completed Testament eras. Now we can fix the problems of family breakdown and corrupted juvenile ethics originally caused by Adam’s fall.

In 1945, at the end of World War II, Christianity and the allied nations, which had the mission of a bride to welcome the Lord of the Second Advent, failed their responsibility as the bride. This loss of the world-level nation, an Abel nation, and Eve nation of Adam’s family, which carried the victorious hegemony in the world-level providence, created greater pain and suffering than the loss of a family in the Garden of Eden.

If Christianity had received the Second Coming of Christ centering on the allied nations, we could have held a historic worldwide Mass Blessing Ceremony so that humankind could have been liberated through the Blessing by linking with the lineage of True Parents after uniting the han (bitter sorrow) of Jesus, (whose mind and body were separated by Satan) and prepared a united world centered on Christian culture. At that time, by working with 800 million Christians, God’s desire to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth would have been completed within seven years, by 1952. Christian culture, however, rejected its bridal responsibility of receiving the Lord of the Second Advent, As Adam’s family turned over the fallen world to Satan during the fruitful growth period, Christianity and an Eve nation in the bridal role failed their responsibility and gave the victorious foundation at the worldwide level over to Satan all at once. As a result, fallen grief exists on the earth once again.

We are reminded of the sad history in which True Father alone had to walk the wilderness path. The han (bitter sorrow) that Adam’s family left on heaven and earth could not be compared to True Father’s path. True Father’s path was a time of deeper sadness than the course of Jesus, who could not unite people based on his family.

Yet, I realized that it was Your desire to end Satan’s lineage by liberating mankind centered on the ideology of a world family which would indemnify all of history. Also, I realized Your will which was to look for a place of rest and freedom in heaven and on earth.

Father, You have been yearning for a millennial world during seven millennia of history. I know how hard and significant that is! You tried to maintain the standard of Your wish by having Christianity observe the Sabbath on the seventh day.

Because all these tasks were not completed, I know that You have been sitting alone on Your throne in heaven and enduring the unbearable history of the realm of Satan like a prisoner. I found Your Fatherly heart that no one ever knew. You had to forget the situation that You could not forget, You had to re-create the condition into which You could not pour out Yourself, and You had to love those people whom You could ‘not love. In spite of sadness and even death, I pioneered the path in which I could console Your heart, and I endured persecution to prevail over the hill of forty years with the determination to face any kind of deadly path, Father.

The fatherland, which should be the central nation of all nations centered on the unified world of North and South, and the whole culture of East and West were lost. Even the clan which You prepared to complete the Blessing was lost, too. Unification Church members understand that I have had to walk the path of restoration for forty years. There has been fighting between the democratic world and the communist world because all the descendants of the clan which was to become the clan of heaven faced the situation of division.

I understand that these forty years represent the 4,000 years of providential history. Yet, no one has known Your painful sadness that for forty years True Parents have been persecuted by sovereign nations of the Satanic world that once used to persecute Christianity and Christians, as well as other religions and their people. These forces opposed Your will to comprehend the world.

All alone, all alone, all by Yourself. According to the directions given by You, who pioneered the path, I have fought and conquered the hills of persecution for forty years. This has been the battleground to declare Your individual resting place as well as the resting place for a couple, a family, a tribe, a nation, the world, and the cosmos. This place has been the ideal free environment of creation that You can call Your domain of freedom. Now it is completed, Father. Now, centering on True Parents, we are making the amazing declaration of the realm of the cosmic Sabbath.

Your son, Sun Myung Moon, who has lost the dream of his youth, of his 20′s and 30′s, while inheriting and tolerating the big heart of Heavenly Father, has conquered the hills of 40 years of agonizing history, while overcoming numerous failures that are filled with insults and bitterness.

As a result, the 3.6 million couples Blessing has been successfully completed. In place of Adam’s family, these families on the world level can receive the Blessing at once that Adam’s family failed to get. The realm of the Sabbath, where billions of people enter the realm of liberation, can evolve to both the Kingdom of Heaven in heaven and on earth. I thank You for that. The elder sonship had to be restored first, then parentship and kingship had to be restored. Father, I thank You for the completion of 3.6 million couples Blessing that breaks beyond the limit of three stages.

The elder sonship on a family level can be sustained on earth. The right of a family on a national level and a cosmic level can be sustained on earth as well. Therefore, because this is the time for receiving the age of kingship centering on a family, from today the real liberation can be declared. This is the Sabbath for God, who has not been able to rest in a family. Again, I sincerely thank You for that.

Today, it is 1997, July 7, 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds. Also, Your son, Sun Myung Moon, is at the age of 77. These eight occurrences of the number seven signify that the number seven can connect to the number eight, becoming the Sabbath and the day of a new start, transcending the numbers seven and eight. All this is connected with the number seven. Now all Unification members, centering on a family which inherits the tradition, heart, and authority of heaven, can attend God. Now God can rest in a nation, the world, and the cosmos. We are facing the victorious time when the kingship of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and in heaven are established at the same time. The foundation of the Sabbath where God and True Parents can travel freely expands from the family level to the cosmic level.

For this great work to be done, Mother, who can represent Eve’s nation, had to come to the United States of America, which is the Archangel’s nation, and to the United Nations to promote the fortune of unification, so that she can spread this fortune over the divided Korea, where the base camp for the liberation of the family can be founded to represent the liberation of people. Thanks to Your guidance and protection, True Mother could make three speaking tours during which she poured forth the words of True Parents. True Mother has opened up the Blessing for high-ranking officials by giving speeches in 16 places. Transcending the number 16, the Blessing that occurred vertically has become holier than ever.

True Mother has been welcomed in all her speaking tours by guests who represent women of all nations centering on women of the North and South. Today is a day of declaration based on these speeches. Tomorrow we will have another Blessing to declare the victorious realm of heaven in front of high-ranking Korean officials who represent the essential central figures and representatives of sovereign nations of the world. It means that we are entering the age of kingship on a family level. We attribute this Blessing, which the Unification Church received as the number one family Blessing team, to Your hard working path. If it was not for You, Korea would have no place to exist. But as You and True Mother are working together, we are having this great opportunity, and I am very grateful, Father.

A thousand thanks to You, Father, for having been able to complete both the foundation of the victorious 40 years and the Declaration of the Realm of Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth at the same time.

As the foundation of the Sabbath of the age of kingship on a family level, national level, worldwide level, and cosmic level are established on earth, Your will is facing the time when this country is called as the center of God’s providence of salvation, liberating the world, and bringing the world of love. Please gladly remember this.

Now I am offering the path that Your son has walked on with tears and then declaring this to be an anniversary date. Please allow me to do so. From this moment on, I am declaring the age of liberation. As You have wished to act on the whole body in its totality, with all authority and everything, please fulfill Your wishes. Please claim the realm of liberation of mankind. I sincerely wish and ask for Your Blessing to move on to the liberating Kingdom of Heaven. Now, it is the day and the time to stop the tears of sadness and to remove all the shed tears and all the tear stains from True Parents’ family. I sincerely wish that You will receive this declaration of liberation in the name of True Parents. May You realize Your wish to have prestige to travel freely among Your beloved children, countries, world, and the cosmos. May the families of True Parents who work for Your liberation be able to travel around the world freely and come back home without any trouble.