Through Christ God Can Claim Ownership

Cheon Seon Gyeong 2040

During my lifetime, I must accom-
plish liberation and thereby set heaven
and earth free. In this next three-year
course, we need to push the destiny
of the Unification of North and South
Korea forward, and express our resolve.
To achieve this goal, we have to embrace
the 40 million people of this nation. We
aren’t trying to take over the leader-
ship of the political parties. We are try-
ing to become the mothers and fathers,
the brothers and sisters of the people.
We call this kind of campaign strategy,
the local breakthrough movement. To
achieve this, we need to have a heart and
mind like God’s. (197-104, 1990.1.7)

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1151

Who is Satan? He is an adulterer of
God’s love…. God had to let the enemy
Satan embrace Eve.He had to listen to
Satan’s accusations ten thousand times
and yet He had to love him. That has
been God’s position. You have no idea
how difficult God’s situation is, have
you? You should know that God’s posi-
tion is even more difficult than the posi-
tion of a man who had to let his beloved
wife be embraced by his enemy and yet
had to pray for that enemy’s happiness.
Would you all be able to do that? (182-
174, 1988.10.16)

God’s Possession and Our Possession

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 9, 1958

Matthew 6: 16-34

What was the purpose of Jesus’ coming to this earth? The purpose was to restore a nation God could own, a man whom God could own and to restore all created things. What doctrine did Jesus promulgate? His principle was to sacrifice himself and serve the nation, the world and the cosmos. The person who serves and sacrifices for the sake of the cosmos becomes the central figure of the cosmos.

We can see many such people, even in the evil world today. We can understand that the people who give devoted service and sacrifice in silence will become the central figures wherever they go, in their nation, their society, anywhere.

Now we must feel we have the responsibility to restore God’s authority to own our individual selves, our families, our society, our nation, the world and the cosmos. This kind of right of ownership is not for God Himself to set up; it is for human beings to establish and resolve for Him. Because this very important duty has been left unfulfilled, the numerous sages and wise men who represented the historic providence could not but go forward, even at the price of beheading and death, to fulfill this duty. Continue reading “Through Christ God Can Claim Ownership”