Don’t Hold Grudges in the Environment of Exile

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CSG 2084

Using South Korean military power
to force North Korea to submit is not
the way. We should have an ideological
foundation that is stronger than theirs.
We should have the ability to naturally
inspire the North to surrender and have
the philosophy of loving our nation
more than they love theirs – and of lov-
ing God more than they love commu-
nism. Otherwise, we will not be able to
win the heart of North Korea. Based on
our character, we should impress them
with our character, our outlook on
life, our lifestyle, and personal history.
Unless we can surpass them, we can’t
win over those armed with the ideology
of communism.
We cannot restore a Cain nation
without a persuasive environment. Fur-
thermore, if the Cain nation can’t be
restored, then the restored nation that
could become the worldly nation cen-
tering on the heavenly nation, will not
be established. (46-123, 1971.8.13)

Job 13

Be quiet while I speak,
    then say what you will.
14 I will be responsible
    for what happens to me.
15 God may kill me, but still
I will trust him[a]
    and offer my defense.
16 This may be what saves me,
because no guilty person
    would come to his court.
17 Listen carefully to my words!
18 I have prepared my case well,
    and I am certain to win.
19 If you can prove me guilty,
    I will give up and die.

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

Although in the concluding period of the world people must attain a universal ideology, not an individual one, God does not allow them to attain this but drives them from the individual level to the societal, national and world levels. How are people going to face the situation in which they cannot believe on the individual level, the family level, the societal level, and the national level? This is a great problem about which humanity must now be concerned. This is the position we are in today.

Why is God conducting this kind of providence? It is because the faith, propriety and human principles you believe in cannot stand before Heaven eternally. This is the reason you must pass through a course of outright revolution. When we examine the Egyptian civilization of the past, it was struck down after its mission was completed. Opposition forces came forth and struck them. After that, when Greek civilization emerged, something new emerged to strike at that. Continue reading “Don’t Hold Grudges in the Environment of Exile”