Jesus Returns in the Same Manner He Left

Numbers 32:1

32 The tribes of Reuben and Gad owned a lot of cattle and sheep, and they saw that the regions of Jazer and Gilead had good pastureland. So they went to Moses, Eleazar, and the other leaders of Israel and said, 3-4 “The Lord has helped us capture the land around the towns of Ataroth, Dibon, Jazer, Nimrah, Heshbon, Elealeh, Sebam, Nebo, and Beon. That’s good pastureland, and since we own cattle and sheep, would you let us stay here east of the Jordan River and have this land as our own?”

Isaiah 31

The Egyptians are mere humans.
    They aren’t God.
Their horses are made of flesh;
    they can’t live forever.
When the Lord shows his power,
he will destroy the Egyptians
    and all who depend on them.
Together they will fall.

Let Us Love Heaven and Become Patriots

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 1, 1959

Matthew 5: 33-48

The time when we find our own world, our own people, our own tribe and our own nation and serve our Lord are the last days for which Heaven is hoping. This is the last days determined by Jesus, when he came to the earth for the sake of God’s will, the day of hope we should seek. It is the day for which Heaven, Jesus and all of us are hoping. Everything will be resolved on that day.

It is the Principle that the Lord of the Second Advent will return in the same way he left. When you lose something, you must look for it where you lost it. If something is broken, you must fix it in the pattern opposite to the way it was broken. Because this is an iron- clad rule which is bound by the principles governing human affairs, the Lord of the Second Advent will return in the same way he left. You have to understand that things are recovered in the same way they were lost.

Today is the time when all that was granted to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden will be recovered. All the people who live in this land today are descendants of fallen Adam and Eve. You are the descendants of fallen parents. You are not descendants of True Parents. Hence, you must become the descendants of True Parents again. What I mean is that you must receive the blessing of True Parents inside the realm of God’s love, where you can relate with God and True Parents directly. You must then form a couple and enter the lineage of the True Parents. Yet, until today, humanity has never properly governed the earth as children of the True Parents. They could not become the sons and daughters of the True Parents. Isn’t this true? Continue reading “Jesus Returns in the Same Manner He Left”

Toil in Place of Jesus

Deuteronomy 14

24 But suppose you can’t carry that ten percent of your harvest to the place where the Lord chooses to be worshiped. If you live too far away, or if the Lord gives you a big harvest, 25 then sell this part and take the money there instead. 

Matthew 18

15 If one of my followers[b] sins against you, go and point out what was wrong. But do it in private, just between the two of you. If that person listens, you have won back a follower. 16 But if that one refuses to listen, take along one or two others. The Scriptures teach that every complaint must be proven true by two or more witnesses. 17 If the follower refuses to listen to them, report the matter to the church. Anyone who refuses to listen to the church must be treated like an unbeliever or a tax collector.[c]

Who Will Eliminate the Debt of 6,000 Years?

Sun Myung Moon
April 28, 1958

You have toiled, up to this point, for the sake of your own salvation, not for the sake of God. There has been no one to date who completely indemnified his sin and about whom God could feel happy. What kind of person will he be who can comfort God by having indemnified all of his historical debt? He will be a person who toils of his own accord while belonging to the realm of the goodness of Heaven. He will not let the Father be concerned over his sin. In that sense, the more such vanguards of the new era emerge amongst the people of a nation, toiling for the sake of the will of Heaven, the better chance the people of that nation will have to take possession of Heaven’s ideology of absolute authority and educate the world.

Although Jesus went through the path of crucifixion to fulfill the will of salvation, he could not comfort God completely and succeed in fulfilling the will of total salvation. For that reason, we who are faced with the last days have to attain that while we wear this physical body.

Jesus wishes the faithful believers of the last days to seek and attain the level of such a heartistic standard. He also wishes them to become people who can toil in his place. You must know that only when you become such people will you, for the first time, be able to stand before Heaven as the qualified ones who have indemnified all debts incurred throughout history. Jesus left without being able to say everything he wanted to say after coming to this earth. Jesus said,

“I have yet many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now.”
(John 16:12)

Today, in this transitional period in history, Heaven wishes to see people emerge who can, not only indemnify such an enormous debt as this, but bless the individual with God. Filled with delight and happiness, holding hands, they can bless the denomination, the people of the nation and the humanity of the world. Going further, they can bless the many spiritual beings in the spirit world. You must know this clearly.

Accordingly, you must now realize that you, the infinitesimal beings of today, have such an enormous connection with Heaven. You must also know that each of you must become a person who has the confidence to step forth as the one sacrificial being who has cleared away all the debt left before Heaven and earth. You then will meet the requirements of having indemnified all historical debts for the first time.