Every Human Being is Struggling to Attain Life-long Happiness

Cheon Seong Gyeong 2194

Parents must provide the education
for their children to progress through the
stages of filial children, patriots, saints
and divine sons and daughters. They
have to teach them to perfect the dutiful
way of children of filial piety, patriots,
saints and divine sons and daughters, all
the way up to God. If there is a parent
who teaches in this way, then would not
God think, “My goodness! That parent
is doing what a parent should do. He is
doing what a real teacher should do. He
is doing what a real leader should do”?
When God says, “You are qualified
to be a real parent. You are qualified to
be a teacher,” then you become a father
who has the qualification to be a lead-
er, and, beyond that, a king. Today, the
concept of filial piety hardly exists in
western culture. The concept of becom-
ing a patriot does not exist. The concept
of becoming a saint does not exist. The
concept of becoming divine sons and
daughters does not exist. This is why
cultures will perish.
God wants you all to become divine
sons and daughters. Then, who wants
you to become a saint? The world does.
The country wants you to be a patriot.
The family wants you to become a filial
child. This is the way of absolute truth.
(285-218, 1997.5.19

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1090

On the first day of each month, the
husband and wife in each family should
offer a full bow together at five o’clock
in the morning, facing church head-
quarters. This should be done in a joyful
atmosphere. You should also do this at
five o’clock in the morning on Sundays.
You should report about everything in
your daily life during the week. Sunday
should be a joyful day that you long to
have come quickly. (13-104, 1963.11.1)

Richard: This refers to the Family Pledge, one of the Eight Sacred Textbooks of Holy Scripture: http://visionroot.org/resources/the-eight-books-of-holy-scripture/ .

Exposition of the Divine Principle
3 Color Edition-The Red part
Note: The red part contains the most important content of the Divine Principle.


Every human being is struggling to attain life-long happiness and
overcome misfortune.
How, then, does happiness arise? People feel joy when their desires are fulfilled.
We find a great contradiction in every person. Within the self-same
individual are two opposing inclinations: the original mind that desires
goodness and the evil mind that desires wickedness. They are engaged
in a fierce battle, striving to accomplish two conflicting purposes. Any
being possessing such a contradiction within itself is doomed to perish. Human beings, having acquired this contradiction, live on the brink
of destruction.
Christianity sees this state of destruction as the result of the human Fall.
Considered from the viewpoint of the intellect, the human Fall represents humanity’s descent into ignorance. People are composed of
two aspects: internal and external, or mind and body; likewise, the
intellect consists of two aspects: internal and external. In the same way,
there are two types of ignorance: internal ignorance and external ignorance.
Humanity through religion has followed the path of searching for internal truth, and through science has followed the path of seeking external truth.
Religion and science, setting out with the missions of dispelling the
two aspects of human ignorance, have seemed in the course of their
development to take positions that were contradictory and irreconcilable.
However, for humankind to completely overcome the two aspects of
ignorance and fully realize the goodness which the original mind desires,
at some point in history there must emerge a new truth which can reconcile religion and science and resolve their problems in an integrated undertaking.
What missions must the new truth fulfill? Therefore, in order for God’s providence of salvation to be completely fulfilled, this new truth should first elevate the idealism of the democratic world to a new level, then use it to assimilate materialism, and finally bring humanity into a new world. This truth must be able to embrace all historical religions, ideologies and philosophies and bring complete unity among them. The new truth should guide fallen human beings to return to their original state. To do this, it must reveal the purpose for which God created humankind and the universe, and teach about the process of their restoration and its ultimate goal.
God has sent one person to this earth to resolve the fundamental problems of human life and the universe. His name is Sun Myung Moon.

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