Before the Time of Rest There Will Be Suffering and Death

Cheon Seon Gyeong 2222

Thus, from Genesis to the present
day, the Creator God has not been able
to designate, among the people living on
the earth, anyone as His beloved son or
daughter, or as His filial child who can
represent Heaven and Earth. He has
been unable to designate anyone as His
loyal subject or as a virtuous woman
before Him.
We, who have fallen, long for the
nation where we can become the loyal
subjects approved by Heaven, and for
the world where we can become filial
children in the presence of True Parents.
This is the original world in which God
can embrace us in His bosom as true
brides and grooms. This is the great-
est goal desired by humankind. (9-102,

Cheon Seon Gyeong 1337

t the time we were going to hold the
Blessing for the 33 Couples, I sent out
invitations in my name to the parents of
the brides and grooms as follows: “Dear
father, mother, on such and such a date,
your son/daughter will be getting mar-
ried at Cheongpa-dong church. Please
note that you can attend the ceremony
only if you are dressed in holy robes of
such and such a style; otherwise, you will
not be welcomed.” That invitation creat-
ed havoc among the parents; you can’t
imagine how much noise they made over
this, crying, “How on earth can such a
thing happen? Who dares to send par-
ents invitations to the wedding of their
own children?” Well, they can make all
the noise they want. Once I have decided
to do something, I see it through to the
end. Even if they had called the police
on me, in the end everything would have
worked out the way I wanted it to, rather
than how they wanted it. (162-321, 1987.4.17)

God’s Possession and Our Possession

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
November 9, 1958

Matthew 6: 16-34

Now the time must come when, having passed the absolute age of the Word, we will have to build the absolute age of substance. Therefore, after going through the Word transit age, the final historic age of the substance transit age will come. This age is the so-called “age of judgment.”

When we consider this, we see that history is ringing an alarm for us today. The steps of the prophets and sages of the past are guiding our lives and their spirits are governing the trend of our thoughts in the background. For that reason, people who drift away will definitely see the day when heavenly laws will judge them.

What then will happen after God has reclaimed the earth, having restored an earthly person and made him Heaven’s? That person must recognize the day when he can boast that God’s life is his own. He must recognize the day when he can boast of God’s ideology and love before the whole universe and humankind.

Is there anyone among you today who can boast thus? If there is, please come out. Is there anyone who has wanted to risk even his life in trying to realize the heavenly kingdom of glory? If there is, please come out. Furthermore, is there anyone who can step forth saying that he will become God’s own and build the heavenly kingdom on this earth? Continue reading “Before the Time of Rest There Will Be Suffering and Death”