Jesus’ Ideology Has to be Manifested in the Physical World

CSG 1754

You did not know what makes a man
a man, and a woman a woman? The
answer is: the sexual organs. Is there
anyone here who dislikes them? If you
like them, how much do you like them?
Even if you hitherto disdained them, you
should henceforth esteem them. What
will the world be like in the future? If
it is a world that absolutely values the
sexual organs. Will that world be good
or bad? Will it prosper or perish? This
is not a joke. When God was creating
human beings, into which part did He
invest the greatest creative effort? Would
it be the eyes, the nose, the heart or the
brain? Do not all these organs eventual-
ly die? What is the purpose of the Fam-
ily Federation for World Peace? If there
were a world inhabited by people who
transcend all fields including morality
and religion, whose sexual organs are
harmonized into oneness so as to earn
God’s welcoming praise, what kind of
world would it be?
When men and women are born,
who do their sexual organs belong to?
The owner of the husband’s organ is
the wife, and vice versa. You have been
ignorant of the fact that the owners of
the sexual organs were interchanged.
This simple truth is undeniable and will
remain unchanging throughout history
forever to come. (279-244, 1996.9.15)

Richard:  The above truth is the ideology of heaven (abstinence before Blessed marriage; faithfulness in Blessed marriage centering on God, teach this truth to your children and society)

Isaiah 48

By the power of his Spirit
the Lord God has sent me
17     with this message:
People of Israel,
I am the holy Lord God,
    the one who rescues you.
For your own good,
I teach you,
and I lead you
    along the right path.
18 How I wish that you
    had obeyed my commands!
Your success and good fortune
would then have overflowed
    like a flooding river.
19 Your nation would be blessed
    with more people
than there are grains of sand
    along the seashore.
And I would never have let
    your country be destroyed.

Let Us Become Survivors

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
June 29, 1958

As He is eternal, God created all things with an eternal ideology. Because individuals, races, all humankind and all things failed to become beings of eternity, God has been seeking them with grief until today. In other words, though God lost the ideal garden of creation because of the human fall, He did not abandon hope for the created world. He fought relentlessly with Satan throughout a long history to fulfill the vast ideology of creation. He has been persevering until today. Continue reading “Jesus’ Ideology Has to be Manifested in the Physical World”