Center Your Soul on God

CSG 2244

Had Adam and Eve matured and
married, they would have been unified
within God’s realm of direct love. Who
is the center here? It is God. When that
happens, human beings become the
bodies of God, who takes on a substan-
tial form. Had Adam and Eve been thus
unified, they would have become God’s
bodies, the parents of humankind, and
the center for God. If God – however
omniscient and omnipotent – were to
start experiencing joy without a partner,
we would call Him crazy.
We human beings are relation-
al beings before the absolute God. We
must become as one body through abso-
lute love. If God, Adam, and Eve had
become as one body, the children born
through Adam and Eve would have been
theirs and God’s simultaneously. If that
had happened, then, as God’s offspring,
they would have established on earth a
family, tribe, people, nation and world.
As there would be no one to sever their
Chapter 1 • God’s True Love Is the Motivating Force for the Creation 2245
relationship based on God’s eternal love,
their nation in itself would have become
the kingdom on earth founded on His
love. (54-64, 1972.3.11)

CSG 1205

In order for the Western Civiliza-
tion to come to Asia, a bridge must be
made. If the archangel makes an offer-
ing, it cannot simply become the pos-
session of God. Since all things were
lost through Eve, he must make the
offering having established unity with
Eve. What belonged to heaven was tak-
en and belongs to Satan, so by the prin-
ciple of restoration through indemnity,
the archangel nation on God’s side must
gather and bring all material things and
then make unity with Eve. It must be
grafted onto Japan, which is the Eve
nation. Why did Japan become an eco-
nomic power in modern times? In the
age of this dispensation, bridges must be
built. Japan will inherit all that belongs
to America. This has been taking place
in the period of 120 years, from the
Meiji Reformation until 1988. Try to
calculate it. This is connected to 1988.
During this 120-year period that ends
next year, Japan is to inherit everything
from America. (166-292, 1987.6.14)

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