Allow God to Govern Your Life

Congratulations to Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Mrs Hyung Shil Kang on the occasion of the Cosmic Perfection Blessing and Holy Marriage of True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity on September 23, 2017!

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CSG 547

We must know that just as we need-
ed to be healthy in the womb to be born
to lead a healthy life on earth, we need a
wholesome earthly life to have a whole-
some life in heaven. As the world today
is one of conflict under the dominion
of evil, we must we must be resolved
to fight to the death in order to be
blessed with the cooperation of heaven
and earth and to keep in step with the
dynamic fortunes of the universe. We
must resolve that our descendants will
never be placed in the same position as
we have been.” (49-308, 1971.10.17)

Proverbs 22

Teach your children
    right from wrong,
    and when they are grown
    they will still do right.
The poor are ruled by the rich,
    and those who borrow
    are slaves of moneylenders.
Troublemakers get in trouble,
    and their terrible anger
    will get them nowhere.

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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