Christianity Must Go Beyond Individual Salvation to Family Salvation

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Happy Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth, established 1997. We will feature a special reading regarding the significance of this holiday over the next five days.

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon


But however many women there are, even if there are 2.5 billion women, and if there is not one single man, what would happen? Could they feel, “Oh, my love!”? If we look at the melodies of songs these days, all of them are about ”my loves” or about loving someone, all of them are like that, but can the 2.5 billion women of humanity say, “Oh, my love,” about one man? That’s a lie, a lie.

The word love, even if you open your eyes, what do you open them to see? You don’t need your eyes. You don’t need to smell, and you don’t need your mouth. If God is mumbling all alone, how could the flavor of whispering come about? He thinks in his mind and says everything, but he can’t feel it. The issue is that a companion is needed which can give rise to excitement and stimulation and relative JOY. If there is wind, the high and the lows of the water come about. Through that there is stimul~1 ion there. Everything is made like that. Everything that is stimulating, the creation of heaven and earth for the sake of feeling joy, is possible for the first time through the object partner being in front of the subject partner.

Even if God is the mighty Lord of heaven and earth, since He doesn’t have an object partner, He is frustrated. With what shall he look? Would God have eyes or not? No? Would God have had eyes before the creation of the world or not? [He would have.] Did you see that? [laughter] A person who says he didn’t have eyes, isn’t he crazy? He had eyes; he had ears; he had a nose; he had hands, and he had all of the five organs of sense. But however great he was, and even though he was the God who created heaven and earth, if he just laughs “Ha, ha, ha,” all alone, he is crazy. If without a companion I said, “Oh my beloved,” and laughed, “Ho, ho,” and danced around, I’d be crazy. It’s the same for God. Do you understand? Continue reading “Christianity Must Go Beyond Individual Salvation to Family Salvation”