Christianity Must Go Beyond Individual Salvation to Family Salvation

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Happy Declaration of the Realm of the Cosmic Sabbath for Parents of Heaven and Earth, established 1997. We will feature a special reading regarding the significance of this holiday over the next five days.

August 9, 1997
Rev. Sun Myung Moon


But however many women there are, even if there are 2.5 billion women, and if there is not one single man, what would happen? Could they feel, “Oh, my love!”? If we look at the melodies of songs these days, all of them are about ”my loves” or about loving someone, all of them are like that, but can the 2.5 billion women of humanity say, “Oh, my love,” about one man? That’s a lie, a lie.

The word love, even if you open your eyes, what do you open them to see? You don’t need your eyes. You don’t need to smell, and you don’t need your mouth. If God is mumbling all alone, how could the flavor of whispering come about? He thinks in his mind and says everything, but he can’t feel it. The issue is that a companion is needed which can give rise to excitement and stimulation and relative JOY. If there is wind, the high and the lows of the water come about. Through that there is stimul~1 ion there. Everything is made like that. Everything that is stimulating, the creation of heaven and earth for the sake of feeling joy, is possible for the first time through the object partner being in front of the subject partner.

Even if God is the mighty Lord of heaven and earth, since He doesn’t have an object partner, He is frustrated. With what shall he look? Would God have eyes or not? No? Would God have had eyes before the creation of the world or not? [He would have.] Did you see that? [laughter] A person who says he didn’t have eyes, isn’t he crazy? He had eyes; he had ears; he had a nose; he had hands, and he had all of the five organs of sense. But however great he was, and even though he was the God who created heaven and earth, if he just laughs “Ha, ha, ha,” all alone, he is crazy. If without a companion I said, “Oh my beloved,” and laughed, “Ho, ho,” and danced around, I’d be crazy. It’s the same for God. Do you understand? What does God need? God need~ a compan10n, too. The established churches today don’t know this. They say, “God is the absolute, holy creator. People are secular beings.” There is no concept of love and no concept of the ideal in that. And then they talk loudly saying the world is such and such, but that will all be ruined and disappear. Only by knowing all that clearly are you God’s sons and daughters. Because God knows everything, no matter how much they talk or dance on that footing which has fallen behind, because they could not become his companions, everything will be ruined.

   What is the difference between Christian and secular society? Can you find true love there? Far from it. Well, then, if God is alone, would he be lonely, or not? [He would be lonely.] Just as God sought for a companion he could love, isn’t this how he would choose a son?
   This time for my second to the last son, although there were so many girls, I was considering which girl to choose as a daughter-in-law; then would that be something I did playfully or seriously? It’s serious whether she respects her family and whether the family is an exemplary family of the Unification Church. This cannot be done playfully. No matter how many loving companions there might be, he cannot love them.

Are there two companions or is there one? [There is one.] Who taught you that? Why is there one? [That’s because God is one.] Because God is one person. God does not have two eyes; and he does not have two noses. What these five organs of sense follow as much as God is the direction of love. Because they were born for love, the five organs of sense must be concentrated on the direction which can unite with the purpose of love. It will not do for the five organs of sense to divide in to five.
   Because of that, when a young woman or a young man reach the age of puberty…. even if the young woman is the most beautiful under heaven, would she say, “Oh, I don’t need a young man. Amen.” How about it? Wouldn’t she say, “I need a young man. Amen,”? Is that an Amen? [Yes.] You know it after all.

The conclusion is that this animal called a woman must go and. die in the embrace of a man; she must live for a man, and she must die because of a man. And this monster called a man, no matter how handsome he may be, he must go and die in the embrace of a woman, and must live in the embrace of a woman. Why is this gentleman looking at me strangely? He must be one of the people on the advisory board {of the Segye Times newspaper.} [No, I’m not.] Since you’re not used to my words, and 1 ‘m saying things like this it sounds like sounds coming from the first cousins, second cousins and fourth cousins from Satan’s realm.

Do you understand the content of what I’m saying? People who think that “God doesn’t need a companion,” raise your hands. Those are crazy people and dolls. Speaking even in this kind of vulgar slang will make people wonder how there could be this kind of minister. There can’t, so what does it matter how much I say? There can’t, so I can’t be accused. (laughter)

   Well, people who say that God needs an object partner, raise your hands. Because you’re not God, you don’t know, do you? If we ask people, even if we ask a hundred persons, because all one hundred of them say that he needs a companion, if we ask God, “God, do you need a companion, too?” and He answers, “No, I don’t,” then if we say, “When I asked one hundred of your sons and daughters, all of them said it was good, but while using the name of Father, why do you ~ay it’s bad?” God will give up and say, “Did they say · that? Then I think so, too.” Do you understand what I’m saying? [Yes.] Did you get it? [Yes.} If you get it, you may die. You must get it and get over it. {This was a play on the words “to understand” and “to be ill” which sound similar.}

   Well, then the word “True Parents” existed from before the creation of the world. How many years do you think it took when God was creating? Well in the Bible it says, six days, but God doesn’t use those kinds of goblin games, there are laws. There is a time for all the things of the world of creation to be able to grow, a time to sow seeds, a time for buds to sprout, a time to grow, a time to blossom into flower, a time to bear fruit, and a time to harvest the fruit. So after going through one cycle, one goes back to the original homeland. The fruit bears seeds and after going through one season, one must return. Without returning, the fruit does not come.
   Well, when looked at like that, the name of True Parents has appeared for the first time in the world of creation, in the universe. [Amen.] You say “Amen” very well. If you would like to say “Amen”, you should have the kind of qualification to say, “That’s right. I will become the substantiation of that,” but who has become like that? You’re saying “Amen” out of habit. If one speaks as a chestnut, one should say, “Amen” as a fully ripened chestnut, but if you say, “Amen,” without even being like ripe chestnuts and have rotten centers, the “Amen” becomes “Nomen,” and everything goes into the pillar of fire. Do you know that?

   May the name of True Parents be praised. [Amen.] Did you understand again? We must not praise the Lord, the Lord of the Second Advent, we must praise the True Parents. And we don’t praise Jesus, either.  Do you understand? [Yes.] As for the True Parents, their church is one with a goal to save the families, but the established church people are all the sons and daughters of the archangel who have the goal of individual salvation. The position as sons and daughters of the archangel will be destroyed. It must go beyond that to the providence of salvation of the family. The age of world Christianity is a realm of angelic religions. They couldn’t marry. Jesus was not able to marry, either. He can only do the mission of the archangel. He cannot carry out the mission of the son. Do you understand? If he comes on the clouds, will he be able to carry out the role of the son or not?

He will come on the clouds? If Adam and Eve were lost on the earth, then they must be found on the earth; they were lost and are being sought, then can that be done on a cloud? Break through that false illusion, and go forward. The old and the new churches are in ruins World Christianity, and all the Protestants together could not throw out this one founder of the Unification Church. They did all sorts of things, but did they lose to me or win over me? Why did they lose? All the families were taken away.

   The mother and father of the Pope, the mother and father of the Presidents of the Synods, all of them …. they are in a situation such that they can’t help having to be cast out even if they deny it saying that they don’t have a mother or father. Until now the religions have carried out the providence of individual salvation 7 they did not include the salvation of the family. Individual salvation is the realm of the Archangel 2 but the archangel did not have a relative ideology, and did not have property rights. Because of that, today on the earth all the families, or systems, or nations, or the property rights must go forward to the age of the property rights of the world.

According to the determination of the UN, the affairs of a nation can be decided as they wish. A nation can be destroyed. If they say, “This nation and that nation, unite,” then they have to do that. National property rights, human rights, other rights, even if all are denied, that can be affirmed….. It cannot be communicated through conversation. From that kind of meaning, communism is like that. The laborers and the farmers are at the tail end. In the center of God’s Will, the smart people got ahead in life. Then next, using power, in this age of imperialism, the people got ahead through power more than by being smart, and we came into the age of unreasonableness.

What this is, is an age of self-confidence, audacity. Without anything else, with just self-confidence, if people wrestle, or whatever they do, the people who are strong use their fists. If we go down from there, there is the age of laborers and farmers. We come down to the feet. Whether a brain, or strength or self-confidence, none of them are needed. All of the heads which are exploiting the laborers and the farmers are told to get out. What this is is that the upper part is heaven, but the lower part is cast out by Satan, and because there is no foundation to live on, until now through all nations Satan has been attended, but since everything will be taken away by God, since his foundation was taken away, in order to make it so that God has no foundation on which he can land, Satan is insisting on atheism which says there is no God. Those jerks. Who beat them? The True Parents came and beat them all. What is atheism? What is imperialism? What is the world ideology? There cannot be a world ideology which denies heaven. There can be no utopia.

So the Unification Church swept them all away, and what ideology is it advocating? Did it advocate the ideology of Marx? Did it insist on the ideology of Reverend Moon? What ideology is -that? It’s the ideology of Reverend Moon. Is it the ideology of God? [God.] That is Reverend Moon’s wisdom. An ideology which advocates people finishes in the first generation.
   One generation, it can’t go for three generations. It is not eternal. Therefore, the Unification Church is not right-wing or left-wing, it advocates God’s ideology centered on head-wing thought. Isn’t that Reverend Moon’s ideology? Even if it’s love ideology, it’s Reverend Moon’s ideology. I mean that at the same time that it is God’s ideology, the ideology of God’s love is head-wing thought.

The head, head-wing, all of these are areas which manage love. If we look 4t heads, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, all of their going back and forth, is going back and forth to earn money. Did they go back and forth looking for the way of love? Which one? Have you thought about it? It’s not for money. They go back and forth for their children. Money changes, and knowledge changes. Because of power, all of them, the presidents try to take it and die. They go into an age where the family can be destroyed. God does not allow that.

   From the time of Park Chung Hee, the person most indebted to me is Park Chung Hee. That party opposed me, and threw Reverend Moon out. The New Village Movement was ordered by Reverend Moon. He changed the movement of the Unification Church entirely into his New Village Movement, and if he revealed the name of Reverend Moon, since it would all be taken away, he just put it aside. What happened to that couple?

Chun Doo H wan was someone I had selected as president. He’s up in the mountains…. Go and ask. These days if he hears those things, he’ll be surprised. In this way, I even made him president, but when he took over the administration, the Christians in the party were opposed, and he didn’t even know the name of Reverend – 17 –

Moon. They betrayed me, and when they sought to organize centered on the anti -communism federation, they found out that our International Federation for Victory over Communism was ahead. At that time if the Federation for Victory over Communism had been put in the forefront, unification would have come to the earth. Since his head was a stonehead, Chun Doo Hwan was a real stonehead, he ordered that the Federation for Victory over Communism be disbanded. So, “Go ahead and try to disband it, you jerk. I’ll reveal all my secrets.” I still have all the documents showing that. Go to that party and talk to them, say Reverend Moon says this. Those dirty remnants will still be in the Party.

I’m saying this to make them feel bad. I’m saying this to make the Park Chung Hee people feel bad. And what about after the New Village Movement? I’m the person who advocated the New Village Movement, the New Spirit Movement~ and even the New Person Movement. I had organized the youth of the nation and laid a foundation, and educated them, and did many various things, but that doesn’t go for ten thousand years. Reverend Moon who was thrown out is still alive, but the people who threw him out have all gone to the mountain graveyards. Look at it. Chun Doo Hwan’s going to prison is not Kim Young Sam’s will, it’s heaven’s punishment.

And next there’s Roh Tae Woo, that jerk named Roh Tae Woo. Saying he wanted to be president, he came to my house three times. But I told him not to do it. There are no secrets in this world. I even have a written statement. If I revealed that, the world would be thrown up in arms. “No matter what it is, I will do what you say.” Having written that, he did what he pleased. He didn’t have a single person from the Unification Church at the inauguration. (He bought persimmons and came and bowed and said he would do it this way… Report it to him, go ahead and eat it up. Let’s see, you guys, you Unification Church.) 

If our Unification Church had penetrated down into the district and neighborhood levels, Kim Young Sam would not have become president. I insisted so much on penetrating down to the district and neighborhood levels, but the Unification Church members didn’t know the time. If it were I, in that kind of position, I would have done everything and become a person who could save the nation, but all this just flowed by. Kim Young Sam became the president, and centered on Christianity, the president did many strange things. I have so many different kinds of negative information. I have all the reports of the media organizations. I know all the secrets of how he got everything.

In that way, if a Christian elder becomes the president, they said that for sure the Unification Church would disappear, but is the Unification Church that easy to deal with? Throughout the world, centered on mother, from the government of the United States, from the Hall of the General Assembly of the United Nations, from the Kremlin, from the Great Hall of the People, at the congresses of eight nations of the world, mother spoke, and they are surrounding us. Japan itself is opening all its doors. The Japanese Diet. The Korean Assembly, all are seeking to open their doors. Facing such an amazing flight, without their knowing it, all of the complaints of the assemblies were thrown aside. That is to say, heaven set up all the central framework, and all the ideological systems that could be established. Yeah, go ahead and try to oppose us; let’s see who breaks. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Where is the place where True Parents will stay and live? Where is the place where True Parents can live? It is the center of the universe. So at the same time that it is the center of the universe, it is the place of the king of the sovereignty where god can settle down. Do you understand? The place of the king of heaven, and the place of the king of the earth, how can they be connected centered on the qualification of the two parents? It’s not by money. People who like money, raise your hands. Those who have come to the Unification Church and raise your hands, cut those hands off with a sword. If I liked money, I would have become one of the rich people of Korea. If I liked knowledge, I would have become the president of Seoul National University first. I’m a person who has the presidents of universities as my disciples. Isn’t that true? I also make more money than anyone else. And I am a person who can move a lot of money around, and I am a person who thinks of people with many skills as my disciples and kick them, and send people who have been kings on errands.

And next kings, if you look at just South America, there is no president who does not know me. If I ask them to come, they come. All of the Cain type kings are a problem. If three former ministers decide to do something, and if they tell current ministers to come or go, they go. I’m a person who has laid that kind of foundation.

So what? I’m a person with power who doesn’t need knowledge, who doesn’t need money, and next who doesn’t peed authority. What kind of power? [The power of love.] What kind of love? There’s puppy love, and all sorts of love. People who know God’s love and true love, raise both hands. What’s true love? Try to answer. [It’s giving and forgetting you gave.] How can giving and forgetting you gave be true love? If you give and forget it, there is no companion. Without a companion, how can there be true love?

To be true love, it must have the power of love which can exceed the love of the satanic world. As for Satan’s world, if we look at the course of history, it develops from the formation and the Old Testament Age, the New Testament Age, to the Completed Testament Age. 
   The love of the satanic world became one with a woman and killed her husband, the first Adam. Is that right or not? (It’s right.] In order to resolve Eve’s grief of having lost Adam in her family, the grief of women, and the grief of mothers, Jesus, who was the second Adam, comes as the bridegroom.

The nation of Israel, the family which had been lost entirely, could not help but be sought on the national level. It can’t be found on the family level. The nations, because many families are in them, on the family level foundation, if many nations are made into one, the ideologies which Satan has won will all disappear. It was in order to restore in the nation the things which could not be done in the family. The second Adam came with the Will to make them like one household centered on those sons and the nation’s entire Cain realm of the fallen blood lineage, by becoming the king of the nation, by becoming the queen of the nation, by becoming the royalty of the nation. With the name of True Parents, I have been completing the national level domain for the restoration of the~ Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Do you understand? [Yes.]

The True Parents are family level True Parents. If one becomes family level True Parents, and connects to children’s level true families, then it becomes a family where God can dwell. He can dwell in individual families, of course, but he can also dwell in national families, too. Because Jesus could not become the True Parent and could not have true sons and daughters united in the form of a nation, he lost everything by dying on the cross. He established only the promise of coming again to realize it. He said, “I will come on the clouds. I will hold the banquet of the lamb,” but do you know what the banquet of the lamb is? It is prophesying the marriage ceremony of the True Parents. None of the Christians know these kinds of things, and they are foolish, and they think everything will be as they wish. They’re crazy. The ignorant people will become servants or be ruined. As for the Unification Church, because they are members of the smart Unification Church, they can become kings or lords. It can’t be helped. It can’t be helped even if you’re sad. Wait and see. Does it seem as though all the families of Christianity will be taken away by Reverend Moon or won’t be taken away? [They’ll be taken away.] I ’11 put all the elders and deacons in the back, and they’ll go to a place where the minister can’t see and be blessed, and then if the whole group goes and _says, “We have all been blessed; Reverend, give us a blessing which can be a greater blessing,” then would he run away or not? Oh, they ‘re false.


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