Embrace the Bigger Heart of Heaven

CSG 2068

Whether it is in the Citizens Feder-
ation, the VOC organization or in the
Unification Church, the place where all
of you must work is not in the offices.
Go do the tong ban breakthrough activ-
ities first and fight if you have to. You
should compete to see who will go into
their neighborhood and influence it the
most, who will go into their commu-
nity and get the most people to become
activists to liberate North Korea, and
who will inspire the most families to fol-
low the direction of their regional lead-
ers under the authority of the commit-
tee chairmen. If I had not told you this
publicly, then everything would have
fallen apart. You professors did not even
think of this. Do you know how much
I have thought about these things? So
my conclusion is that all the professors
here should become the leaders of tong
and ban (local communities and home
neighborhoods), regardless of whether
they are located in provinces or coun-
ties or towns. I mean that all professors
should pack their bags and go to their

CSG 1707

1.3. The sexual organs: the
beginning and the end in solving
fundamental problems
Women, you must not defile your
sexual organs. Who did I say owns that
which belongs to woman? Don’t laugh! I
am revealing a fundamental principle of
the universe. Think about whether this
is true or not. Can you imagine how I
worked my fingers to the bone to find
this out? The words in themselves sound
simple, but do you realize how awesome
their meaning is? This will divide heav-
en and earth and the world into two
groups of people – evil and good. (177-219,

Let Us Be Persons of Forbearance

Sun Myung Moon
May 18, 1958

Matthew 24: 1-14

Now let’s not speak ill of others, saying that we family members have become the target that is being harassed. The people who have slandered others by mentioning their demerits and attempted to obtain their own profits thereby have perished. For that reason, today you should not lament over not having truth in your mind and body. You should not sigh for grief, saying that you do not know anything or have anything. You should not heave a sigh, saying that you do not have authority and influence. You should be able to pray, “Father, even if we are dispossessed of everything, please allow us to become Heaven’s elite pioneers who can defend the path of Jesus to the end. Please allow us to be the instruments of victory at the last.”

Jesus lost even his parents. He lost his relatives. He lost his own denomination and all the people whom he was to govern. Though he lost everything, he did not sigh for grief. Embracing the bigger heart of Heaven, emulating God’s patience, he endured even in the face of death. Although the souls of the martyrs have gone to the spirit world, the martyrs who died only wanting to be saved themselves did not reach a good place. However, the person who said a sinner like himself deserved to die a million times over ended up being in a high place in Heaven. Continue reading “Embrace the Bigger Heart of Heaven”