Loving People in Place of God

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CSG 2220

Everyone must realize that free sex
is Satan’s domain of love filled with
ensnaring evil spirits to bring about the
downfall of humankind and expand
hell on earth. From the viewpoint of
the God of absolute love, the grand-
mother and grandfather are one; they
cannot be separated. They must abso-
lutely become one centering on God,
and centering on love. What is love? It
is fitting convex and concave together
absolutely; mother and father, husband
and wife, son and daughter – all must
unite in this way absolutely. This is what
God wants. (280-135, 1996.11.24)

Richard:  You gotta believe in something!  If you/your children are not teaching/encouraging good sex, then the word’s teaching of bad sex will fill the vacuum.  Why not attend the upcoming STAR Interfaith Leadership Training Conference to equip yourself and your children with a value system centered on absolutely good sex, the teaching of Rev. Sun Myung Moon?

CSG 2167

You people have to become those
who can deny themselves and live for
the nation and that purpose. No mat-
ter what kind of difficult situation you
find yourselves in, you have to be people
who can fight and overcome it thinking
of the hope that your father has in you.
You have to become that kind of person
before you can be called God’s true son
or daughter.

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

We who are living on the earth now must rectify justice through the human principles and clarify the heavenly way through faith and religion. You stand in the position where you must establish the heavenly principles that can fulfill the eternal hope. You must realize that not only do you need to be connected to propriety and the way of the human principles; you also need the one hero to whom you can entrust your life and in whom you can rest your heart in peace the hero who can represent the heavenly principles. Continue reading “Loving People in Place of God”