Do Not Be Cruel to Those who Apologize Sincerely

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Cheon Seong Gyeong 2128

Under the rule of Japan, I had reason
to harbor resentment even toward its
emperor, but he had already been defeat-
ed. Heaven does not strike a person who
is defeated, but rather shows mercy
toward those who repent their sins and
apologize. As this is Heaven’s way, those
who raise their sword to strike a defeated
person will find their own descendants
driven to ruin.
The United States is also a coun-
try that considered me its enemy. Yet I
left my family behind and diverted my
attention from my Korean homeland to
bring salvation to that nation which had
fallen into great moral decay. I threw
away everything that belonged to me in
order to bring salvation to the world of
How much have established church-
es hated the Unification Church? Yet we
must not fight each other as enemies. We
must come together in love. When we do
that, we will lead the Republic of Korea
into fulfilling God’s will so as to digest
North Korea. If the established churches
and the Unification Church had become
one immediately after Korea’s liberation
from Japan, all problems would have
been solved.

Jeremiah 6

I am the Lord All-Powerful,
and I will command these armies
    to chop down trees
and build a ramp up to the walls
    of Jerusalem.

People of Jerusalem,
I must punish you
    for your injustice.
Evil pours from your city
    like water from a spring.
Sounds of violent crimes
    echo within your walls;
victims are everywhere,
    wounded and dying.

Let Us Become Beloved Children and Receive the Seals

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
September 14, 1958

John 10:31-36Contemporary English Version (CEV)

31 Once again the Jewish leaders picked up stones in order to kill Jesus. 32 But he said, “I have shown you many good things that my Father sent me to do. Which one are you going to stone me for?”

33 They answered, “We are not stoning you because of any good thing you did. We are stoning you because you did a terrible thing. You are just a man, and here you are claiming to be God!”

34 Jesus replied:

In your Scriptures doesn’t God say, “You are gods”? 35 You can’t argue with the Scriptures, and God spoke to those people and called them gods. 36 So why do you accuse me of a terrible sin for saying that I am the Son of God? After all, it is the Father who prepared me for this work. He is also the one who sent me into the world.


Father, we have realized that without the desire to serve and humbly bow down to You, we can have no relationship with You in the other world of eternity. We long for the day when our heart opens to feel Your Shim Jung in our center, so that our body follows our mind as the subject. Please guide us to regain our lost bodies today by hearing Your voice from the depth of our hearts. Let us realize Your suffering course to find each of us and humbly bow down to You. Guide us to feel a deep gratitude toward You.

We thought that You, Father, come to us only in glory. In fact, You came in sorrow and suffering, with a face stricken with misfortune. Since we did not know this, we wanted to lay our sorrow, our sufferings and our misfortunes upon You. Please forgive us.

We should realize that we are a fallen race who cannot call You Father. You have come through such sorrows and sighs in history. We should relieve Your burden of 10,000 years. I sincerely pray that no one will be ignorant of Your path of sorrow.

You have called us today, but do we deserve it? I sincerely pray that those who are gathered here can resolve Your situation and that their hearts are filled with such matters. Please embrace us at this time. Restore Your lost grace and remove our sins. I sincerely pray for and desire this.

Father, please take dominion in this service. I am giving a speech today. Do not let the hearts of the giver and receivers be divided. We know that the one who attacks on this point is not us, but Satan. We do not want our secular minds to communicate with Satan. Therefore, please guide us to believe in Your will alone. We repent before You. Do not let us follow this path with a heart different from Yours. If there is such a heartistic gap, even to a small degree, I pray that we may all work together seriously to overcome it.

Today is a holy day. Bless those who do not yet realize Your will, the pitiful thirty million people of Korea. Bless Your children everywhere who bow down to You for the sake of the nation on this day. Have mercy on the people who are screaming and fighting, and broaden their hearts to be able to tolerate and accept one another.

Now is the time to cry with the earth for the sake of Your situation. I believe You will take those to Your side who possess Your Shim Jung. Please forgive our baseness. Please forgive those pitiful people who follow the enemy while professing to follow Heaven. Please forgive those foolish people who take as enemies those who are not, in fact, enemies and persecute them. Who can preserve their life? Who will shed light on their path? I earnestly pray and desire that they can truly receive Your word.

Father! We know Your heart agonizes over the fate of the nation. Father, who worries about the future of the nation, have pity on this nation, which is cornered all around by the world. Please remember those who are piling up conditions before You, as representatives of the nation. Guide us to able to plead that the whip of judgment does not descend upon this nation in the last days. I sincerely pray and desire this.

Now we have realized that we have the responsibility to, first, call upon You and then proceed. If we live, pray and plead to Heaven, and make You the center of our lives for the sake of this responsibility, we know that necessarily Your will shall be fulfilled upon the earth. Thus, I eagerly pray that You will place these people in that position.

Please come and rule over this time. We pray all these words in the name of the Lord. Amen.