Heaven’s Side is Magnanimous

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CSG 614

Although our subject partner is
established, we cannot feel it. We cannot
conclusively distinguish such a spiritu-
al thing as clearly as we perceive things
with our five physical senses. When we
consider from where we should begin
approaching this problem, we under-
stand that we cannot start by looking
into the subject partner. We could not
possibly start by looking into God Him-
self. We should, to that end, begin look-
ing into ourselves first. Each individual
has a mind and body. Although we have
both mind and body we cannot, howev-
er, begin to seek within ourselves for this
position centering on our body. Only by
centering on the mind should the exam-
ination be carried out.

CSG 1250

Adam and Eve should have fully
matured and become the object partners
of God as the bride and groom. Then
they should have received the Blessing of
God and become a family through His
love. This would have created the realm
of perfected love that was achievable in
the Garden of Eden without the Fall. If
Adam and Eve had fulfilled individual
maturity, they would have risen to the
position where they could receive the
Blessing. (76-45, 1975.1.26)

What Is God Going to Do with Exiled Humanity?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 30, 1958

If there is a place where such a will is manifested today and can represent the heavenly principles, you will hope for that place with the utmost sincerity. Furthermore, if the will, centered on the way of the heavenly principles, is to be manifested, then you must be determined to offer your lives for the sake of that will. Accordingly, now you must become the same as Jesus, who forgot all kinds of love in this world and led his life intoxicated with the love of Heaven. He stood as the embodiment of the love of Heaven and the bridegroom of all humanity.

You wish that such a will would be manifested to the Korean people. However, if this will manifests itself before this people, you will be driven out on the individual level, and later on the world level. However, I believe that the period of suffering will not be long.

Therefore, now you must understand that the reason you are in the position of being chased out is not to bring you to ruin, but to let you inherit the blessing. Furthermore, you are put in this kind of sorrowful position so that you can inherit the blessing on the world level connected to the family, the society, the church, the nation, and the blessing of the heavenly principles kept inside the cosmos. Accordingly, if you have the desire to step above the laws of the heavenly principles and stand before the will of God in the last days, you must have the determination to overcome life and death.

Why did Jesus wish blessings upon his enemies? If the heavenly side wishes for the blessing of the enemy Satan, then Satan must hand something over to the heavenly side. Although Satan betrayed the heavenly way and tried to replace God by asserting his own authority, though he should have attended God, because Satan is fundamentally demolished when people display the magnanimous heart that even loves their enemies, Jesus wished blessings upon his enemies. In other words, though Jesus was betrayed on the individual level, the societal level, the national level and the world level, he did not condemn them. On the contrary, he had a loving heart toward them. This is the reason Jesus cried out that we should love our enemies.

Why did he speak those words? He spoke those words because he wants to take back, even the enemies who are inside the realm of Satan. Because Jesus could raise his hand on behalf of Heaven and wish blessings upon his enemies, even as they struck him, even they could become the place of rest where Heaven could dwell.

Because this is what the spirit of Jesus was like, Christians who believe in Jesus today have to be able to endure indignation on a one- on-one basis. One cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven alone. If one cannot endure the cross and persecution of the family, then one will go to a Kingdom of Heaven smaller than a family. Accordingly, you have to clearly understand that only when you can overcome the persecution of a society, a nation and the world can you enter a higher realm of the Kingdom of Heaven. Thus, Jesus died on the cross to introduce this to the humanity of the time and to the faithful people of future generations.

Which state is your mind stuck in today? Today, because we are the founders of a new universe, it is not enough to only deal with the old. We must have something new. We must become one in heart with this kind of conviction. In our life, we have to have the conviction that what we speak is not for ourselves; what we eat and drink is not for ourselves. It is for the sake of the 2.4 billion people of humanity.

If there are many people who have this kind of will, they can turn this world upside down. Because God has transcended the world and is conducting the providence with this kind of universal ideology of unification, if there is a people who have this kind of ideology, then God will raise them as the foremost people of the world.