Only then Would the Original Ideal Before the Fall be Achieved

Cheon Seong Gyeong 853

    When God looks at you in the spirit world, if you reach the place where your heart resonates with the bell of love, the light of your love gradually intensifies. This light shines radiantly in five colors. In God’s eyes, it looks brighter than a diamond. God doesn’t simply like this light; He is drawn to it, especially because there is a pleasing taste within the light. The more He looks at it, the more He becomes intoxicated.
    For this reason, God talks about love. If your heart is ringing with the bell of love, then heaven and earth will be moved. If you can move the hearts of people from all races, God will exclaim, “Ah!” and be moved. You have to realize that there is such a bell. Therefore, however many tears you have shed for love and however many heartbreaks of love you have experienced – these are your fortune. (103-28, 1979.1.28)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 580

    Who is the origin of life? Not I. Both the origin and the purpose of life must transcend me. My life did not originate from my parents, society, a people or nation but from the transcendent absolute God. The motive must be firmly connected to the transcendent motive that stands in the absolute position. It should not be linked to historical relational factors, environmental relational factors, or social factors. Only when you link your origin to the transcendent cause, the transcendent purpose, can you extricate yourself, make a leap, and transcend. You must link your life to the transcendent motive; it does not begin with yourself.
    It began with the absolute God. When you link yourself to the transcendent motive, even if you die, it will be within a transcendent process because of God’s will. (36-63, 1970.11.15)

Owner of Peace, Owner of Lineage

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
July 7, 2009

Nothing needs to be learned or found for I have taught you everything to the very last. Since it was difficult to teach you I had a textbook made, which is this book ; so what should you do with it? In the US, the President should say in regard to this book, “Hey, you parents should teach about this book in your families and even in kindergartens.” There are even some families that have not only twelve sons but even thirty-something sons and daughters. Such families should equip themselves with thirty-something books and the mother and father, as representatives of the number thirteen and in the position of having been killed due to the opposition of the twelve apostles, should center on the kingship and teach their sons and daughters on that basis on behalf of the authority of the Heavenly Kingdom and the Kingship.

In the main text there is a song for a baby, isn’t there? “Dear baby, sleep tight. We are preparing a world of dreams, a world of eternal prosperity, for you, and they will become your royal family and your followers and your kinsmen.” More songs with such lyrics should be composed. I am telling you to create more songs.

It is like the flower and the fragrance in the satanic world. The flower and the fragrance are both beautiful, and in addition to them there is the fruit, the three representing the formation, growth and perfection. The seed centered on God, Cain centered on the flower and the fragrance, and Abel centered on the beauty, the three should be united into one, and when the man and woman who are born inheriting those things come together as husband and wife, then heaven and earth would also come together in unity, and thus the site of the Kingdom of Peace would come to a settlement in heaven and on earth, with no places left out. And finally the Parents would come to a settlement on earth and everything would be completed.

Then it would not be heaven and earth but instead earth and heaven. In the human world, the grandson would take the place of the grandfather, and the father the place of the son. By coming to a settlement in reverse, everything would finally be settled in their original places, and wherever one went, the links in the settlement would be connected even to the ends of the world forevermore. Planting the seed of settlement, the Heavenly Kingdom would naturally sprout and grow, and give birth to sons and daughters who can move it to the perfected position of the Kingdom of Heaven and together enter the Kingdom of Heaven; only then would the original ideal before the Fall be achieved, would it not? There is no other theory than the theory of being re-created and perfected, and thus entering the position of the Kingdom of Heaven of the Ideal of Creation. There is no other truth, no other connection of lineage.

There, because of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, one could not be estranged even after thousands of years. Even if one died a million times, one would not be able to detach oneself from there. Whether you are white or black, your histories have nothing to boast about. Everything should be cast away and the roots should be engrafted there. There is only one central root. Everything is OK, and when I say everything is OK, by OK I mean the Open Kingdom! To the Americans it would mean Open the Kitchen! Next comes Korea. Korea is the site for the liberation of the fatherland.

There is no more explanation to add. When you go into the kitchen you open the refrigerator. In the kitchen you drink water, and if you are hungry and find bread, you eat it, and if you find meat, you can also eat that too. If you were on the verge of starving to death, would I tell you not to eat them, if you were my brother or the kinsman of my sons and daughters? There would be no one to say no.

Where did I go yesterday? Las Vegas is Cain, and the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas is the center. At the top there is MGM and Bellagio, which are Cain and Abel. The Mirage and Venetian are also Cain and Abel. The Mandalay refers to the group of people who hang others. The “lay” refers to the fact that it is connected. So it is the Mandalay Bay, meaning the bay of hanging people. It means coming to the edge of the final cliff and drowning in water. The question is, would you fall or not? Why does Bay come after? It is the matter of sitting at the top and falling and dying or not.
Richard:  Here, Rev. Moon has prescience about the possibility of a tragedy happening at the Mandalay Bay hotel.  In fact, 58 people were murdered when a man in that hotel shot at the crowd gathered below for a country music festival.