The Marriage Feast of the Lamb has Occurred

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1794

According to the US Statistics
Bureau, the soaring divorce rate showed
a threefold rise between 1970 and 1990,
with the conclusion that one family out
of six has a divorce, and the reality is
that nationwide, thirty percent of chil-
dren are being raised by single parents.
Furthermore, the strange, decadent
phenomenon of gay married couples is
spreading. (288-197, 1997.11.28)

Richard:  Family breakdown and “bad sex” (sex outside of marriage, including homosexual sex) is the core reason that our society is disintegrating.  Emergency treatment is needed right away.  One way you can help and have access to materials teaching about the benefits of “good sex” is to subscribe tot he Urban Life Training Teacher Web Portal:

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1368

Thus, I have blessed the 6000 Couples
on the foundation of the 1800 Couples.
What that represents is the complete
restoration of number six from Satan’s
dominion. The number 6,000 signifies
that Blessed Families have no connec-
tion whatsoever with Satan. Through the
6000 Couples, surmounting the number
of the satanic world, we can advance into
the realm of liberation. (260-150, 1994.5.2)

Richard:  Stacey and I are prat of the “6000 couples Blessing”  This is also known as the “8000 couples Blessing”, including the 2075 couples Blessed in marriage at Madison Square Garden in New York City on July 1, 1982.  Later, on October 14, 1982, 6000 couples were Blessed in Korea.

True Parents Day 1966 excerpts
Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Women must solve problems that men cannot solve. No matter how many people may be alive on the earth, they are all born as the descendants of the fallen lineage, so one true woman must appear who can give motherly love.

Today’s women are being liberated so they can stand in this position, so now is the time when a true mother must appear. We need to be able to attend this mother here on earth. Isn’t that right? Humanity has come to where it is today and is searching for God, so a bride must be established here on the earth. Without parents, there can be no children; without children, there cannot be a family; without a family, there cannot be a tribe; without a tribe, there cannot be a people; without a people, there cannot be a nation; and without a nation, there cannot be a world.

It is only when Adam and Eve attend God with God’s love, or parental love, that we can have the humanity and world that God created. This mission could not be accomplished in the family of Adam or the family of Joseph. So this needs to be corrected. A new world needs to be built through God’s overall will.

But not everyone can be this bride. Not everyone who enters a marathon can finish first. Everyone who runs has the right to finish first, but only person first to cross the finish line can be the ultimate victor. In the same way, everyone has God’s permission to become the bride, but no one can be the bride without being chosen by God. Only the person chosen by God
can be the bride.

What does God look for in the many bride candidates? He looks for a person who will attend the coming Lord. Continue reading “The Marriage Feast of the Lamb has Occurred”