Feel that the Father is Your Father

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CSG 1083

You may use words spontaneously,
but if you make a mistake in choosing
one word, its influence will last for one
year. If you misuse one word for one sec-
ond, you will be put in a situation where
you will have to pay the price for one
year. (43-111, 1971.4.25)

Ezekiel 1

12 Wherever the four living creatures went, they moved together without turning their bodies, because each creature faced straight ahead. 13 The creatures were glowing like hot coals, and I saw something like a flaming torch moving back and forth among them. Lightning flashed from the torch every time its flame blazed up.[f] 14 The creatures themselves moved as quickly as sparks jumping from a fire.[g] Continue reading “Feel that the Father is Your Father”