Jesus is the Master of Ideals, Justice and Life

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Exodus 20

The people trembled with fear when they heard the thunder and the trumpet and saw the lightning and the smoke coming from the mountain. They stood a long way off 19 and said to Moses, “If you speak to us, we will listen. But don’t let God speak to us, or we will die!”

20 “Don’t be afraid!” Moses replied. “God has come only to test you, so that by obeying him you won’t sin.” 21 But when Moses went near the thick cloud where God was, the people stayed a long way off.

Richard:  The Israelites were fearful of God.  Now God is giving the message of the Rod of Iron.  We should not be fearful, but understand about sovereignty and our responsibility.

Ezekiel 38

14 I, the Lord God, know that when you see[d] my people Israel living in peace, 15 you will lead your powerful cavalry from your kingdom in the north. 16 You will attack my people like a storm-cloud that covers their land. I will let you invade my country Israel, so that every nation on earth will know that I, the Lord, am holy.

Let Us Possess the Everlasting Love of the Father

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
October 5, 1958

Matthew 22: 34-40

When we ponder God, who exists as an Absolute Being in the world of relationship, and cannot deny the reality of His existence, we should feel that God has the same movements of life, ideals and affection as ours. This is because we have all of His attributes, since we were born of Him. Thus, we should know that our form reflects God’s.

Though God should appear to us as the subject of life, hope and love, He does not. This is the cause of humanity s sighing and sorrow today. To remove this, God maintains an inseparable relationship with humanity. To resolve human suffering, God has sent a substantial incarnation as the master of ideals, justice and life. This is Jesus. Continue reading “Jesus is the Master of Ideals, Justice and Life”

Struggle to Find the One True Person

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Luke 11:39

37 When Jesus finished speaking, a Pharisee invited him home for a meal. Jesus went and sat down to eat.[e] 38 The Pharisee was surprised that he did not wash his hands[f] before eating. 39 So the Lord said to him:

You Pharisees clean the outside of cups and dishes, but on the inside you are greedy and evil. 40 You fools! Didn’t God make both the outside and the inside?[g] 41 If you would only give what you have to the poor, everything you do would please God.

42 You Pharisees are in for trouble! You give God a tenth of the spices from your gardens, such as mint and rue. But you cheat people, and you don’t love God. You should be fair and kind to others and still give a tenth to God.

43 You Pharisees are in for trouble! You love the front seats in the meeting places, and you like to be greeted with honor in the market. 44 But you are in for trouble! You are like unmarked graves[h] that people walk on without even knowing it.

Ezekiel 21

19 Ezekiel, son of man, mark two roads for the king of Babylonia to follow when he comes with his sword. The roads will begin at the same place, but be sure to put up a signpost where the two roads separate and go in different directions. 20 Clearly mark where the two roads lead. One goes to Rabbah, the capital of Ammon, and the other goes to Jerusalem, the fortified capital of Judah. 21 When the Babylonian king stands at that signpost, he will decide which way to go by shaking his arrows, by asking his idols, and by carefully looking at the liver of a sacrificed animal.[d] 22 His right hand will pull out the arrow marked “Jerusalem.” 

Richard:  God’s sword of wrath is way worse than the human sword of wrath.  We have to choose to follow God’s way as shown by Christ.

Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
April 20, 1958

In this hour today, I will speak briefly to you on the title “Let Us Become the True Sons God Wants.” When you try to seek the true, you must have such a mind that can find it. If you want to find the truth over which Heaven and earth can rejoice, you must set the true reciprocal foundation, based upon which your bodies can become true on their own initiative.

When we think about this, we find that although the ways of existence for the true God, the true truth, and true human beings are different, they are moving in the same direction from an internal standpoint. In other words, God and truth exist eternally, while heading in the same direction.

The Agony of People of Faith

As we look over the land in which we live today, everyone is lamenting over the fact that this world has not become a true one. Moreover, as we reflect on ourselves, we mourn over the fact that we have not become true selves. As we walk the path of faith, we want to find the true God, yet we lament over the fact that we have failed to find Him. You probably know well that this is the agony of people of faith. Continue reading “Struggle to Find the One True Person”

Put the Will Into Practice

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Daniel 5

Daniel answered:

Your Majesty, I will read the writing and tell you what it means. But you may keep your gifts or give them to someone else. 18 Sir, the Most High God made your father a great and powerful man and brought him much honor and glory. 19 God did such great things for him that people of all nations and races shook with fear.

Your father had the power of life or death over everyone, and he could honor or ruin anyone he chose. 20 But when he became proud and stubborn, his glorious kingdom was taken from him. 21 His mind became like that of an animal, and he was forced to stay away from people and live with wild donkeys. Your father ate grass like an ox, and he slept outside where his body was soaked with dew. He was forced to do this until he learned that the Most High God rules all kingdoms on earth and chooses their kings.

Ezekiel 46

At all other festivals and celebrations, twenty pounds of grain will be offered with a bull, and twenty pounds will be offered with a ram. The worshipers can offer as much grain as they want with each lamb. Four quarts of olive oil must be offered with every twenty pounds of grain.

12 If the ruler voluntarily offers a sacrifice to please me or to ask my blessing, the east gate of the inner courtyard will be opened for him. He will offer his sacrifices just as he does on each Sabbath; then he will leave, and the gate will be closed.

13 Each morning a year-old lamb that has nothing wrong with it must be offered as a sacrifice to please me. 14 Along with it, three pounds of fine flour mixed with a quart of olive oil must be offered as a grain sacrifice. This law will never change— 15 the lamb, the flour, and the olive oil will be offered to me every morning for all time.

The Heart of Jesus Who Must Restore All Tasks

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 23, 1958

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Find the Central Point

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CSG 799

This universe is a museum of love.
Human beings must become the own-
ers of this museum. The mineral world
and plant world multiply centering on
relationships of love. Without love, his-
tory would end. History can continue
because there is reproduction. Conse-
quently, man and woman should mar-
ry and give birth to children. Without
doing so, they cannot find their place in
the spirit world. When a baby is born,
you should come before God and offer
that baby as a gift to Him. Without
this gift, you cannot hold your head up
When you go back to your home-
town, what is it you will be most proud
of and want to show your parents? You
will take pride in how well you raised
your children. It is the same in the spirit
world. When you go before God, there is
no greater gift than bringing God’s chil-
dren, the people of heaven, whom you
have raised on this earth. Money, power,
and knowledge are not important. (229-
15, 1992.4.9)

Ezekiel 4

Ezekiel, son of man, find a brick and sketch a picture of Jerusalem on it. Then prepare to attack the brick as if it were a real city. Build a dirt mound and a ramp up to the top and surround the brick with enemy camps. On every side put large wooden poles as though you were going to break down the gate to the city. Set up an iron pan like a wall between you and the brick. All this will be a warning for the people of Israel.

To Whom Do You Belong?

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
March 16, 1958

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Feel that the Father is Your Father

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CSG 1083

You may use words spontaneously,
but if you make a mistake in choosing
one word, its influence will last for one
year. If you misuse one word for one sec-
ond, you will be put in a situation where
you will have to pay the price for one
year. (43-111, 1971.4.25)

Ezekiel 1

12 Wherever the four living creatures went, they moved together without turning their bodies, because each creature faced straight ahead. 13 The creatures were glowing like hot coals, and I saw something like a flaming torch moving back and forth among them. Lightning flashed from the torch every time its flame blazed up.[f] 14 The creatures themselves moved as quickly as sparks jumping from a fire.[g] Continue reading “Feel that the Father is Your Father”

Find the Life and Love to Connect to God

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Ezekiel 15

I, the Lord God, promise that just as the wood of a grapevine is burned as firewood, I will punish the people of Jerusalem with fire. Some of them have escaped one destruction, but soon they will be completely burned. And when that happens, you, Ezekiel, will know that I am the LordI will make their country an empty wasteland, because they have not been loyal to me. I, the Lord God, have spoken.

Job 18

18 Bildad from Shuah[a] said:

How long will you talk?
    Be sensible! Let us speak.
Or do you think that we
    are dumb animals?
You cut yourself in anger.
Will that shake the earth
    or even move the rocks?

The lamps of sinful people
soon are snuffed out,
    leaving their tents dark.
Their powerful legs become weak,
and they stumble on schemes
    of their own doing.
Before they know it,
they are trapped
in a net,
10     hidden along the path.
11 Terror strikes and pursues
    from every side.
12 Starving, they run,
    only to meet disaster,
13 then afterwards to be eaten alive
    by death itself.

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Understand the Heart of God

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CSG 2092

Once you become the head of the
family, all your relatives will go out to
fight if there’s a battle. Then you can
take a rest while commanding them!
That is why I have told you to take up
the mission as tribal messiahs. What am
I telling you to do? I am telling you to do
your mission as tribal messiahs. Until
now, in reality, you have lived away
from home. Now you must go look for
your hometown. You must break into
tears and put your whole heart into your
Just as the Israelites lived in Egypt
for four hundred years, we have done the
same for the past forty-three years. Now
we must return to our hometown and
let love take root. You must love God,
your parents, and your brothers and sis-
ters. You must disconnect the source by
which the worldwide Satan can falsely
accuse you. The establishment of the ide-
al heavenly kingdom in the blessed land
of Canaan was not fulfilled because the
Israelites could not remove that source.
Therefore, do not expect anything from
the satanic world. Even if we must con-
tinue carrying a burden, we are the best.
Even if we get cursed or the dog in the
village barks at us at night, we are the
best. You must go forward, progressing
by digesting the villages and marching
proudly with an outcry of love. With
this in mind, I want you to fight onward.
(178-139, 1988.6.1)

Ezekiel 34

23 After that, I will give you a shepherd from the family of my servant King David. All of you, both strong and weak, will have the same shepherd, and he will take good care of you. 24 He will be your leader, and I will be your God. I, the Lord, have spoken. Continue reading “Understand the Heart of God”

Discuss Things With God

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Ezekiel 20

27 Ezekiel, tell the people of Israel that their ancestors also rejected and insulted me 28 by offering sacrifices, incense, and wine to gods on every hill and under every large tree. I was very angry, because they did these things in the land I had given them! 29 I asked them where they went to worship those gods, and they answered, “At the local shrines.”[b] And those places of worship are still called shrines.

30 Then ask the Israelites why they are following the example of their wicked ancestors 31 by worshiping idols and by sacrificing their own children as offerings. They commit these sins and still think they can ask me for a message. As surely as I am the living Lord God, I will give them no answer. 32 They may think they can be like other nations and get away with worshiping idols made of wood and stone. But that will never happen!

Psalm 105

When the Lord rescued
his chosen people from Egypt,
    they celebrated with songs.
44 The Lord gave them the land
    and everything else
    the nations had worked for.
45 He did this so that his people
    would obey all of his laws.
    Shout praises to the Lord!

Oh, Father! We Welcome You

Sun Myung Moon
March 9, 1958


Beloved Father, please watch over us. Although our minds are in all kinds of conditions, please allow Your nature to be manifested in our lives. Allow us to become the righteous embodiments who can move when the Father moves and halt when the Father halts.

The Father knows that we have knelt before Him and are facing Heaven. Therefore, even if our bodies have been captured in some vulgarity and are blocking the Father’s grace, please allow us to manifest Your hyung sang through our minds and bodies by subjugating every vulgar thing. Father, please perform Your works so that we can feel in our minds and sense in our bodies that this providential will, this providential grace and providential love, are linked to You.

Our minds are dashing toward absolute goodness today, but our bodies try to seize vulgar things and are making endless attacks upon our minds. Father, please allow our minds and bodies to become one, centering on the Father’s will. On that foundation, Father, we ardently hope that You will break down the gap of heart that exists between the Father and us so that the foundation for the activities of Satan within us can be completely uprooted.

Even though Heaven wants to cling to our bodies when they are centered on our minds and wants to love us, until now we have failed to manifest ourselves as perfect objects of beauty before the sung sang and hyung sang of the Father, filled with true feelings. We know that this is the sorrow and lament of history. Our minds and bodies have no choice but to kneel before the Father’s knees. We are tainted by sin and unworthy, yet we desire the abundant grace of the Father. Please do not allow us to have anything that we do not rightfully possess. Please cling to our whole minds and bodies. All that You have given us is not ours but Yours, so please be with us and govern us.

Please allow us to return joy before the Father’s Sung sang and emerge as people who can respond to the Father. Please allow us now to set the standard of hope for which the Father has been longing for 6,000 years. Let us kneel before the solemn presence of the Father and return glory to Him. Beloved Father, we earnestly wish that You will allow this to be a moment when we can manifest Your Sung sang so that You can rest in peace.

We know that all doctrines, assertions and authority that human beings have will disappear. Please let us enter the basic position where our minds and bodies can exist eternally in order to attain the newly exploding power in our hearts and the eyes of resurrection. Father, we sincerely wish that You will guide us to forsake a self-centered lifestyle and return to the lifestyle centered on the cosmos.

Father, please allow us to represent the people. Allow us to represent the humanity of the world and all the things of creation. Beloved Father, we ardently wish that You will allow us to bow our heads before the Father and alleviate the bitter heart which has been bound for 6,000 years. Allow us to become sons and daughters about whom the Father can boast before Satan.

Father, please bless the countless altars who have gathered today, because they long for Your solemn presence. Please show compassion toward these people, lamenting in misery. Though these people do not understand the Father’s will and are enslaved in the realm of death, there are many who belong to the altar of life. Father, please grant grace upon them. Beloved Father, we sincerely pray that by constructing the one victorious garden and realizing the will of the Father, You will allow the day of rejoicing for the whole universe to come quickly.

We offer everything we have to You. Father, please receive it with joy and govern us as Your own. Centering on the words I want to give, please allow the grace of re-creation. Please let the heart of the speaker and the hearts of the listeners not become divided. We understand that the will of the heavenly principles centering on us is urgent. Please be with us so that our minds can move naturally to fulfill the will of God in an efficient manner.

Beloved Father, we sincerely wish that You will allow this to be an hour when we can feel the mind of the Father as if it were our own and experience the heart of the Father as if it were our own. We have entrusted everything to You. Please do as You will. We offer this prayer in the name of the Lord. Amen.

The Original Garden of Eden and God

The title of the speech I want to share with you today is, “Oh, Father! We Welcome You.” I will speak upon this topic.

We know that the garden without the fall is the garden where God can freely contact all things and visit people freely to discuss things with them. This is the garden of glory where not only people, but also all the things of creation (which were created for people) can serve God. It is the garden of joy where man can consult with God. However, we also know that, with the birth of the term “the fall,” people could not relate with God nor could all things rejoice with God.

God created all things of the universe. He created people as the center of all things, so that He could dwell with them eternally. Therefore, we must come to a new realization today that all the things of creation should have revealed the glory of God through people and returned joy to God through them. Yet because that garden of creation did not come about, God set the day this can be accomplished as the culminating point of history, the one standard of hope. He has been guiding the providence based on that.

What kind of garden is the ideal garden that is sought, yearned for, and admired by the countless people of today who have inherited the lineage of the fall and cannot escape from its kinship? That garden is the place where you can call God, the Creator of heaven and earth, “Father.” It is where you can attend the Creator and feel His joy with Him. Not only that, it is a garden where this joy can be sent to all things through us. If this garden is not materialized, then the whole ideology of the creation of God will turn into a failure. The providential will that humankind has served during the course of history also will come to naught. You have to experience the day when you sense deep in your bone marrow that if this takes place, then even all things, which have looked up to humankind, will return to the realm of anguish.

Our minds must be moved by this heart and our bodies must feel it. Only in this situation can we face Heaven and long for the Creator. Only when we attain the original beauty in regard to all things can we become the resurrected embodiment whom the Father can work through. In this kind of position, there must be a moment when we can unveil ourselves before the Creator and all things of creation, and analyze ourselves. You must understand that if we do not experience this, then God’s heart cannot seep into us, and the sorrow of all things cannot be liberated through us.

Originally, people should have attended God in their lives. All things should have attended God and rejoiced. However, we have lost the Father who created us, the Master who should rule us. Therefore, we have become pitiful people, much like orphans. From the moment we realize this, we can seek the new providential will.

When have human beings ever called the Creator whom they lost in the Garden of Eden “our Father”? When did we feel that the garden of goodness we lost in Eden is where we were originally supposed to live? Although several thousand years have passed, such a time has not yet emerged in the human world.



Jacob Could Not Rest Due to Heaven’s Insistence

What is God’s Plan for Sex Leadership Training Seminar, July 15th:

Exodus 20

26 And don’t build an altar that requires steps; you might expose yourself when you climb up.

Richard:  God emphasizes the importance of modesty and sexual purity before marriage and faithfulness within marriage.

Ezekiel 44

23 Priests must teach my people the difference between what is sacred and what is ordinary, and between what is clean and what is unclean.

Richard:  We have to teach the Divine Principle so people can know the way to live.

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Propagate and Embody God’s Word

What is God’s Plan for Sex Leadership Training Seminar, July 15th:


The War on President Trump:

Ezekiel 31

14 Never again will any tree dare to grow as tall as this tree, no matter how much water it has. Every tree must die, just as humans die and go down to the world of the dead.

Jeremiah 34

34 King Nebuchadnezzar[a] had a large army made up of people from every kingdom in his empire. He and his army were attacking Jerusalem and all the nearby towns, when the Lord told me to say to King Zedekiah:[b]

I am the Lord, and I am going to let Nebuchadnezzar capture this city and burn it down. You will be taken prisoner and brought to Nebuchadnezzar, and he will speak with you face to face. Then you will be led away to Babylonia.
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