The Structure of Discipleship is Important in the Kingdom of Heaven

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Ruth 4

In the meanwhile, Boaz had gone to the meeting place at the town gate and was sitting there when the other close relative came by. So Boaz invited him to come over and sit down, and he did. Then Boaz got ten of the town leaders and also asked them to sit down. After they had sat down, he said to the man:

Naomi has come back from Moab and is selling the land that belonged to her husband Elimelech. I am telling you about this, since you are his closest relative and have the right to buy the property. If you want it, you can buy it now. These ten men and the others standing here can be witnesses. But if you don’t want the property, let me know, because I am next in line.

The man replied, “I will buy it!”

“If you do buy it from Naomi,” Boaz told him, “you must also marry Ruth. Then if you have a son by her, the property will stay in the family of Ruth’s first husband.”

The man answered, “If that’s the case, I don’t want to buy it! That would make problems with the property I already own.[a] You may buy it yourself, because I cannot.”

Richard:  Interestingly, property and lineage are connected in this story.  You could infer that true property rights, or ownership, stem from lineage.  True property rights means having the lineage of God and owning property, not just buying some land.

Habakkuk 1

The people you put on this earth
are like fish or reptiles
    without a leader.
15 Then an enemy comes along
and takes them captive
    with hooks and nets.
It makes him so happy
16 that he offers sacrifices
    to his fishing nets,
because they make him rich
    and provide choice foods.
17 Will he keep hauling in his nets
and destroying nations
    without showing mercy?

Richard:  Here Habukkuk cries out for mercy from God.  I remember when I was Inaugurated as the DC leader for the Sanctuary Church, the sermon that Sunday was about being caught in the nets of Satan.  How ironic that now Sanctuary members are also caught in Satan’s nets, as they promote a false gun teaching.  See the latest Richard Urban show:

Let Us Follow the Way of Jesus

Sun Myung Moon
April 26, 1959

Matthew 7:1-20

Herein lies the important problem for today’s believers. We should be the ones who feel the heart with which Jesus asked, looking at the sad world. We should be the ones who possess the heart with which Jesus sought, looking at the deadened earth. We should be the ones who possess the heart with which Jesus knocked, looking at the world falling into ruins, eagerly trying to bring new life. Unless people of such heart appear with the heavenly purpose and come forward with a determination to dare to fight against the earth when it does not follow, Heaven will not be able to lead us to the path of Jesus; nor can we enter his gate.

We know that the believers of the last days must resolve the historical resentment. By failing to achieve the original purpose for which they were chosen, the first Israel lost the right of being the chosen people. Because of the truth Jesus proclaimed, however, Christians worldwide received the right of being the chosen people, the second Israel. Christians in the last days, who have received the right of being the second Israel, should become the second Israel before the Lord of the Second Coming instead of being like Israel at the time of Jesus. They should properly replace the lost first Israel.

What is Jesus working on in the heavenly kingdom? His grief is that he failed to build the kingdom of the second Israel with a living body while on the earth. Therefore, he and the Holy Spirit have been mobilizing all the people and trying to form the realm of the chosen people of the second Israel for two thousand years. Continue reading “The Structure of Discipleship is Important in the Kingdom of Heaven”