Build the Ranks of Heaven

I was glad to attend the memorial service for Edward Abendroth yesterday, August 18th.  Edward died suddenly on August 10th when a car ran into him while bicycling.  Let us remember Edward and his family in our prayers, including his wife Aika Becker Abendroth.

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CSG 1366

Currently the United Nations has
183 member states. Didn’t I bless 1800
couples? Similarly, in this period of
transition, 180 nations must be turned
around. The numbers 180 and 1800 sig-
nify the completion of the satanic num-
ber. These numbers come from six mul-
tiplied by three and four multiplied
by four. They are the numbers Satan
usurped from God, which is why we as
tribal messiahs were to originally restore
180 families; however, that number can
be reduced to 160 – they are providen-
tially equivalent. In fact, four times four
is the ideal number.
In the Seoul Olympics, 160 nations
participated. The number sixteen is also
involved in North and South Korea join-
ing the United Nations: North Korea, a
suzerain state of Satan, joined the Unit-
ed Nations as the 160th member state,
and South Korea joined as the 161st, sig-
nifying a new beginning. In terms of
indemnification, South Korea is stand-
ing in the lead. (272-284, 1995.10.8)

CSG 1398

Originally, through our achiev-
ing the Blessing of 36 Million Couples,
everything would be made flat. In order
for any water to flow into the sea, it must
reach that level first. What type of water
flowing into the sea flows in the slow-
est? The waters of the great rivers are
the slowest in flowing into the sea. Does
it look like that? It flows in as slowly as
possible because river water wants to be
absorbed completely by seawater, which
is the main body. Everything in nature
moves and continues to exist accord-
ing to the laws of heaven and earth.
Then why would we begin to make fast-
er progress after the completion of the
Blessing of 36 Million Couples? That is
because we have already reached the bot-
tom of the mountain and the terrain has
become flat. Since we have surmount-
ed the peaks of formation and growth,
in terms of the realm of Satan we have
reached the point of surpassing the top
of the growth stage. Isn’t our next goal
360 million couples? That would be the
realm of completion. (288-148, 1997.11.27)

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