Believe in Yourself as a Substantial Embodiment

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Deuteromomy 29

29 So Moses finished telling the Israelites what they had to do in order to keep the agreement the Lord was making with them in Moab, which was in addition to the one the Lord had made with them at Mount Sinai.

Richard:  Keeping your word is very important.

Habakkuk 1

12 Holy Lord God, mighty rock,[d]
you are eternal,
    and we[e] are safe from death.
You are using those Babylonians
    to judge and punish others.[f]
13 But you can’t stand sin or wrong.
So don’t sit by in silence
    while they gobble down people
who are better than they are.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
August 30, 1959

John 14:11

1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

Since there is no longer an altar of substance and evidence, where is the heavenly prince of faith who can build a substantial altar? Such a person is needed. There is no need for large multitudes. What we need is not a general who can command many soldiers majestically, but a general who cannot sleep at night because he is concerned about his soldiers. In history God worried about people who were cold, too hot, or hungry.

Although the Pharisees stood on the front-line and boasted about themselves, Jesus turned around and shed tears. This was the true side of Jesus. The one who shouts loudly in the front is not the one who will save humanity. History has been able to at least reach this point because of the people who, even when they were falling down, clung to Heaven and said in tears, “Please sympathize with them. What can we do about them?” There will come a time when those who are ignorant of this will be struck.

No matter how great the teachings of the Unification Church may be, there will come a time when attention will focus on not the contents of its teaching but on its actual state of being. What do you possess? We have to understand that we need to become the embodiments of faith, hope and love. If we can achieve that, even if the Lord comes a thousand years later, he will not abandon us. There is no worry as long as you can become someone who can say, “I am where faith, hope and love are.”

The time is nearing when we must explain history in substantial terms. Our one day of hope is the day we can meet the embodiment. This is the truth. It is not fancy or fabrication.

Is there anyone among you who is qualified to become the bride of the Lord? Who makes that claim? Have you ever seen someone make this claim? Although there are many people who say that they will achieve it, no one has actually achieved it. Then what kind of contents should we develop? We should develop the contents of historical faith, historical hope and the heart of the historical God. We have to become qualified to alleviate the grief of God, who has led the six-thousand-year history concentrating on a substantial person who possesses all these contents. Only then can we attend the Lord.

This world is unbearable even to think about. The six-thousand-year history to find the embodiment is a distressing history fraught with countless human betrayals. It is a history God does not want to repeat ever again, even in His dreams. However, it is the job of the incarnated one to hold onto it, to reflect upon it, to mourn over it, and to repeat it. That is the sole issue.

Then what must you do? You should have the confidence that faith, hope and love belong to you. You should be qualified to believe in yourself for many thousands of years. Do you understand what I am saying? You should believe in yourself more than you believe in God, who carried on the providence for six thousand years. You should be able to say, “I am the incarnation of faith, hope and love.”

Do you believe in your bodies? Do you believe in your minds? Do you believe in your hearts? You should believe in them. God gave you everything that He believes in as a gift in order to find you. Therefore, we should fight against evil on behalf of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and all people. We should believe in ourselves, that we are qualified to act as the judge and destroy all that is wrong. That is the level we must attain.