America’s Existence Was According to God’s Providence

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God’s Hope for America

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Lisner Auditorium, Washington DC
October 21, 1973

God cannot be pleased with man if we live in a self-centered way. I met Jesus personally, and I received a revelation through which I learned that God’s grief is great. His heart is broken. Today God is working ceaselessly for the ultimate salvation of all mankind. He needs His champion to 7 of 16 succeed in this work. The purpose of God’s church is to save the entire world. The church is the instrument of God, and it was this very fact that the chosen people of Israel forgot at the time of Jesus.

Beginning with this knowledge, let us now continue our historical perspective and determine how America has become blessed.

After Jesus’ crucifixion and glorious resurrection, the Christian church spread throughout Asia Minor. The principal thrust was Rome. Rome was the target because at that time Rome was “the world.” For the world to be saved Rome had to be conquered by the army of Jesus Christ. But this was an impossible battle, an inconceivable goal. The Roman Empire appeared as an impregnable fortress not subject to conquest. Jesus’ army was barehanded. They-used no weapons, neither swords nor spears. They were armed only with their love of God and Jesus Christ. They marched fearlessly onward in conviction and strength. They paid the price in blood and sacrifice.

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