Become God’s Grandchildren

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Everyone’s Property Rights Must Be Respected

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1731

Adam and Eve came into being from the invisible dual characteristics of God. Those two characteristics, which are invisible, together make up the one being. They are harmonized based on true love. In this state, God stands in the masculine position, and created His son and daughter to be in the objective position to His dual characteristics. Thus, when they grew up and became husband and wife centering on love, God on high could come down to where they were. He would stand as the invisible Parent and they as the visible parents, were to be united through true love. (222-317, 1991.11.6)

Cheon Seong Gyeong 1360

I held a joint wedding for Unification Church members. At the time of the ceremony, people from all over the world flocked to Korea. There is no one who could accomplish such a task in the whole world apart from Rev. Moon. If awards were given to those who performed the greatest number of weddings, I would definitely receive first prize for bringing together 777 Couples from ten nations across the world. When you consider these facts, you cannot help but be astounded. (41-43, 1971.2.12)

Family Pledge

Rev. Sun Myung Moon

Family Pledge 3; Perfecting the Four Great Realms of Heart, the Three Great Kingships and the Realm of the Royal family (continued)

You should understand that the position of the second creators was promised, but God was not able to see the third creators, His grandchildren. Therefore, you should also understand that it is you who should become God’s grandchildren. Grandchildren should recapture all of the past history of the first invisible God and the second visible God, and make them feel the love of two worlds through which they can rejoice. It is the grandchildren who stand in that position. It is not God, nor is it Adam or Eve.
    That is why even God reveres his own sons and daughters, why he even reveres his grandchildren. Adam too, then, should also revere his children. He must make sure not to neglect his children or fail in raising them in the right way. For this reason, if one of the children in the Blessed Families happens to fall, the result is the corruption of the entire family, the family fall. You should understand that it carries this kind of devastating result.
   You should perfect the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. Your grandfather represents God. Because your father stands at the center of the second generation, he stands in the position of the king of your family in this world. You should, therefore, attend your parents as if they were a king and a queen. Likewise, you should attend your grandparents as if they were God. So by receiving these two loves, by receiving the two loves of your father and mother who represent God, you, in the place of the grandchild, start to expand the heavenly kingdom on earth and in heaven. The love spills over and forms Heaven in this way. (264-195, 1994.10.9) p. 2446

The perfection of the Four Great Realms of Heart can only be obtained through oneness between husband and wife based on love in marriage. If this oneness is broken, the result is the imperfection of the children’s realm of heart, the siblings’ realm of heart, the husband and wife’s realm of heart and the parents’ realm of heart; all of these will be left incomplete. Before going to the spirit world, we have to perfect these Four Great Realms of Heart, but because of the Fall, these realms of heart have never been completed. That is the reason why we need restoration through indemnity. (249-289, 1993.10.11) p. 2447

Core Concept 46:  The Three Great Kingships are the kingships of grandparents, parents and children.  Love has to unfold through these three stages.


3.2. The Three Great Kingships
3.2.1. The Three Great Kingships are the basic framework of the ideal of creation

What is the position and significance of grandfathers and grandmothers? They are the ambassadors dispatched by the heavenly kingdom with full and complete authority. That is why you should attend your grandfather and grandmother in the same way as you attend God. Your mother and father are the king and the queen of the present human family of five billion people. You yourselves are princes and princesses who will inherit the kingship of the future. This is the tradition of which you are a part.
    So then for what purpose do human beings live? The purpose of human life is to inherit each and every kinship realm of the heavenly kingdom: the kingship of the past, the kingship of the present and the kingship of the future. Isn’t that true? Doesn’t everyone want to be a king or a queen? Based on this kind of thinking as the mainstream thought of life, we become a people who form reciprocal bonds of heart as brothers and sisters, and create that brotherly realm of the heart. Centering on the lineage passed down through the eldest son’s line, this foundation of heart will be passed on into the eternal future for a thousand, for ten thousand generations, as the lineage of the royal family. (228-282, 1992.7.5) pp. 2449-2550

3.2.2. Restoration of the right of the first son, the right of the parent and the right of kingship

What are these Three Great Kingships? The grandparents are the king and queen of the Kingdom of Heaven, the parents are the king and queen here on earth, and you yourselves are the kings and queens of the future. For this reason, you should humbly follow the teachings and instructions of your grandparents, who represent the spirit world, and also the teachings and instructions of your parents. Because it is even more important for you to walk the path of patriots even more than it is for you to walk the way of filial children, you must obey humbly and absolutely. The grandchildren, the children of Adam and Eve, were to receive love both from their parents and also from God, the grandparent. Adam and Eve only experienced the parental love of God; they were unable to receive the love of a grandparent. On the other hand, Adam’s children were meant to receive the love of grandparents, and this is how the three generations were intended to be formed. Only once the grandparents’ love is received does horizontal expansion begin. The love needs to unfold through three stages. This, then, is a model. It is the four-position-foundation. These three generations must be connected, and for this reason, when grandchildren receive their grandparents’ love, they are connected to the kingdom of spirit while they are still alive on the earth. They become the successors of the royalty of the kingdom of spirit, the heavenly kingdom, likewise, the successors of the royalty of the earth. (283-79, 1997.4.8) pp. 2455-2456

The political system of the democratic world is a system of conflict and struggle. This is the reason why we have to rise to up to the position of parents. It’s the only way we can stop the fighting. With the parents at the center, all the brothers become united. That’s the only way. First, we need to find the True Parents, and then it becomes possible to find true children, true nations and true peace. There is no other way. (205-190, 1990.9.1) p. 2457