The Israelites did not Know the Heart of Moses

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Cheon Seong Gyeong

At Seodaemun prison, a lady evangelist
who had persevered for a time in
the Unification Church but who then left
after things did not turn out the way she
wanted, said to me, “Oh, this has turned
out well for you. Would this happen to
the son of God?” I answered “Yes, I am
not someone who will disappear in prison.
I will make great leaps toward a liberated
world.” I will never forget her face. I
heard that she recently died in miserable
circumstances, and I felt pity for her. This
is how I live. I know everything about
how the five presidents of Korea treated
me. Yet I do not show this. I do not
seek revenge. They did not know. I have
to meet them and teach them. After saying
what I need to say, I have to resolve
everything. (204-118, 1990.7.1)

p. 157 pr. 4

Cain and Abel have no original portion
of responsibility to fulfill. Then who
would have had responsibility? It would
be Adam and Eve, the parents. Since I
was given this obligation in the providence
of restoration, I took responsibility
for what you had failed to achieve
and for the errors committed by Christianity.
For forty years, in the position
of the parents, I corrected everything
on the levels of the individual, family,
tribe, people, nation and world. In
this way, I completed the individual’s
portion of responsibility in restoration
through indemnity, erected walls
to shut Satan out, and established the
realm of the fulfillment of one’s portion
of responsibility. This is how a new
world can begin thenceforth.
Since I have now achieved all this on
a level even beyond that of the world, it
has now become possible to build God’s
kingdom. Thus, a new term has emerged
– the establishment of God’s Kingdom
1608 Book 10 • The Way in the Completed Testament Age
or homeland. This is all in accordance
with the Principle. (148-163, 1986.10.8)

p. 1607 pr.4

Let Us Be Israel, the Chosen People of God

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 9, 1958

What can we learn from all this? If the question is whether only our ancestors, Jacob and Moses, must walk this kind of course and bear this kind of responsibility, the answer is no, that is not the case. Not only Jacob had to carry out the responsibility. All the members of Jacob’s family had to appeal to Heaven with a fretful Shim Jung and bear the responsibility, even more so than Jacob. Nevertheless, the family members of Jacob did not know this. This was the very point of Heaven’s sorrow.

Moses stepped forth to look for the Israelites, trusting the word God had declared in the Midian wilderness that even if heaven and earth might change, His promise would not change. Moses appeared again before the Israelites with a firm resolution and determination. There were not only the trials from God; there was also opposition from the Pharaoh’s royal court, like the opposition Jacob received from Esau. You may know it very well from the teachings of the Divine Principle, but you will have to look again at the fact that the Israelites built a nationwide level altar for the second time through subjugating Pharaoh and by bringing down upon Egypt ten calamities, which indemnified the fact that Jacob had been cheated ten times.

If God felt sorrow, what could have been the reason? If God felt sorrow, that sorrow was not because the enemies were evil. It was because the altar of the Israelites who had followed on the road of God’s toil had collapsed. You should realize that was the source of God’s sorrow, and it was the grief of humanity.

For Moses, who had to go into the land of Canaan leading the mass of 600,000 people, there were yet other trials barring his passage. These were none other than the Red Sea course and the wilderness course. What does this mean? It means that Moses had to pass through his wilderness course of an ordeal on a nationwide level. Moses drove the Israelites along toward this fate.

In the wilderness, the Israelites had to lift their hands if Moses lifted his hands. If he sat, they had to sit. If he went, they had to go. In other words, by becoming the second Moses, the mass of 600,000 people should have represented Moses and God. Instead, they forgot about this. To put it another way, when God pulled them out of the Pharaoh’s court, the Israelites considered God to be their loving God and they were grateful. Since there was a solemn promise yet to be fulfilled, they expected Him to guide them as far as the land of Canaan.

Why, then, did this people fall in the wilderness? It is because they did not have the mind of Moses while living the life of wandering shepherds for forty years in the wilderness. Moses had fought with a heart of integrity for the sake of the chosen people God loved. If the Israelites had had even a little bit of that heart, they would not have collapsed.

God wished to establish the blessing of Israel on a nationwide level. His hope was for Moses and the people to become one. However, since they became divided, the representative, Moses, also collapsed. As Moses fell, the Israelites came to pieces. You should know this.

When the people came out to the wilderness and said they were hungry, God fed them with quail and manna. Why did this same God let the Amalekites attack the Israelites? This is because man had betrayed the will of the heavenly principles. Whenever human beings attempt to seek the will of the heavenly principles, there remains a providential condition to be satisfied for God to strike from the opposite side. For this reason, God could not help but attack the Israelites through the Amalekites. You should understand that Heaven had this kind of fretful Shim Jung.

Moses should not have died, and the race should not have fallen and collapsed. This happened because they failed to pass this test. Moses had responsibility toward the race as a guardian, so even though he had not erred himself, Moses built an altar of atonement for forty days after climbing Mt. Sinai. He represented the race that had distrusted, and he fasted and sacrificed in order to restore Israel, which was on the brink of collapse.

If the Israelites had kept the qualification of being the chosen people, then when Moses went up to Mt. Sinai with a grievous heart, the mass of 600,000 people surrounding that mountain should have been diligent in their prayers, saying, “Oh, God, please send our guardian Moses back down to us.” They should have appealed to Heaven without sleeping and eating. However, there was no such person at all.

It was not for his own sake but for the benefit of the race that Moses had to fast and pray. Yet because the people were not even dreaming about it, they had no choice but to meet with destruction. Even though Moses faced the peak of difficulty, like Jacob praying on the banks of the Jabbok River, no one could lead the mass of 600,000 Israelites into the right path in Moses’ place. If even one such person had emerged and led the nation, they would not have been in a difficult position, but would have stayed in a comfortable place. Since that was not the case, Satan took the people. This is the kind of path our ancestors walked.

Richard:  Rev. Moon, like Moses, died before entering the promised land, or seeing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth established.  Hi inheritor, Pastor Hyung Jin Moon has explained that if we don’t see the establishment of the Kingdom, the next generation will.  The Kingdom will come on the foundation of the release of the Cheon Il Guk Constitution:  (pdf file):

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