The Most Holy Place are the Sexaul Organs-Do Not Defile Them

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What is the difference between patriots
and saints? Loyal patriots are always
ready to sacrifice their lives for their
nation, and they live and invest themselves
for the public good. Saints, however,
transcend their race and nation, and
live for all humankind. Going beyond
that, they live for God who dwells in
the public domain of the cosmos. More
than just following the way of filial piety
in the family or loyalty to the nation,
saints are determined to fulfill the way
of loyalty and filial piety in front of all
humankind. They are willing to abandon
their position as loyal patriots and
forget their country and king. Even if
the king grabs their hands and pleads
with them, saying, “Our country will be
brought to ruin if you go,” saints won’t
concern themselves with their king’s situation.
After they fulfill the way of the
saint in the world, they will be recognized
by heaven as having done something
far greater than just being a loyal
patriot to their king. (101-150, 1978.10.29)

p. 2182 p.1

Sexual organs are so precious for
they are the royal palace of life, love and
lineage. But if you treat them like libertines,
as if they were bull’s balls, how
are you going to pay the price of that
sin? Isn’t this a serious problem? This
is a holy place. It is the most holy place,
which God created as the most precious
organ. What happens when it is defiled?
In Moses’ course, were not those who
defiled the Ark of the Covenant killed on
the spot? This is the same. Defiling the
1150 Book 8 • Sin and Restoration Through Indemnity
stronghold of love, which is the same as
the most holy place, cannot be forgiven.
Man and woman embrace each other.
Loving each other is a cosmic act. It is
the touchstone for forming the realm of
oneness of God and humankind. In this
moment man and woman are granted
the relationship that connects the finite
to the infinite. (218-133, 1991.7.14)

p. 1149-1150

Let Us Be Israel, the Chosen People of God

Rev. Sun Myung Moon
February 9, 1958

By again setting up guardians, Joshua and Caleb, who substituted for Moses, the second generation was led into the land of Canaan. Once inside the land of Canaan, the Israelites had to make material the ideology of the sacred temple and be united into one with it. However, since they could not, the Israelite people fell down. In the fullness of time, the race which does not unify centering on the word will inevitably be forsaken by God.

Adam and Eve could not become the masters of all creation. All of creation was created through six periods centering on the word. Therefore, when the time to cross the hill of the worldwide level came after crossing the nationwide level hill of the restoration of all creation, the trial of whether or not to erect the word of God will inevitably take place in relation to the number six. The matter of attacking Adam in place of the archangel will inevitably take place.

That is why six centuries before Jesus’ coming, the Israelites were tested as to whether they kept to the word of the Old Testament. When the time came for the Israelites to spread the will throughout the world, Heaven struck the people. This is the period when the Israelites were taken captive in Babylon. Subsequently, this race, which had betrayed God in the past, stood at a crossroads where they had to settle the grave issue of whether or not to betray again.

Because they had betrayed Heaven, when this race came to cross the hill of the new number six, Heaven could not help but allow Satan to attack and strike. This is why God allowed the Babylonian captivity.

What should the Israelites have done at that time? Holding onto the word God gave, entertaining the Shim Jung with which Moses looked out for God’s concerns and loved the nation even while wandering about in the wilderness, they should have gone to the enemy country Babylon and defended the word to the death. They should have been that kind of race. Since they were not, the Israelites disintegrated.

The Israelites stood on the historical course to restore the standard of the word on the second nationwide level centering on the Old Testament. If they had kept the heart of integrity of being God’s chosen people, then even if they were taken captive in Babylon, a new leader like Moses could have emerged to guide them onward.

After the lapse of six centuries, what took place? Just as Jacob ignored Esau’s being in the line of direct descent, and as Moses ignored the chosen Israelites because of the will, Jesus came to the earth and stepped forward ignoring the Old Testament, which was the Esau-like word. The Israelites, who were in Esau’s position and were to welcome Jesus, could not receive him favorably. That’s why the realm of death on the worldwide level has been formed. You should understand this.

What kind of people were the Israelites? They resembled the archangel who tested Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Five hundred years ago, there was some attack upon the New Testament. The Renaissance, centering on humanism, caused the feudalistic society centering on Christianity to collapse. The sovereignty of the Papal court crumbled, and it was destined to go through a period of captivity in Avignon, owing to the attack of France. What does this explain? In the course of restoration, the second Israelites should have been formed at the time of Jesus. However, since Christianity, which bore the new mission of the second Israel, could not fulfill its mission, Christianity was struck on the worldwide level. You know this very well from study of the Principle.

The Pope had to repent before Heaven and entertain the heart of integrity that God had established. By upholding this will until the final days, he was to arrive at today. Then at the time of the final days, what will the Popes have to do? They should understand that the established word and denominations will be in the position of Esau, and they will stand in the position of the Israelites.

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