Unite Religions and Politics with the Teaching of the True Parent

I joined the Unification Movement, accepting the Messianic mission of Rev. Sun Myung Moon 42 years ago today!

CSG 320

Although it is invisible, love is the
most precious treasure on earth. That is
because it is unchanging in nature. Gold
is precious because of its unchanging col-
or, a diamond is precious because of its
unchanging hardness, and a pearl is pre-
cious because of the unchanging harmo-
ny of its colors. However, these precious
treasures do not have life in them. True
love, on the other hand, is a treasure that
has life, and is therefore more precious
than all of them. (201-142, 1990.3.30)

CSG 1047

Cain-Abel relationships
between members
When we look at the members of the
Unification Church and ask the ques-
tion who is Cain and who is Abel, hor-
izontally, those who joined earlier are
Abel, while vertically, those who joined
recently are Abel. In the vertical and
horizontal relationships, the horizontal
must be attentive to the vertical and not
the other way around. This is how it will
become. (49-214, 1971.10.10)

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