Be Loyal to God and Serve the True Parent

CSG 2224

Humankind is faced with the plight
of being children of filial impiety. People
are the chief culprits who brought about
unhappiness. Having been unspeak-
ably impious toward God, such chil-
dren must occupy the position that will
enable them to become filial sons and
daughters, and recover their dignity
before Heaven.
Unification Church members are
proud of themselves, saying that they
have pledged to become filial sons and
daughters of Heaven. However, we need
to dispassionately undertake a criti-
cal reappraisal of ourselves. We have to
ask ourselves how much our hands have
become the hands of a filial child that
Heaven longs for, and how much our
faces have become the faces of filial chil-
dren that Heaven can long for.
If we ask ourselves whether or not
we have personally become the cata-
lyst of filial piety, overcoming whatever
adversities we may face, day or night,
and whether or not we have succeeded
in resembling our Father who has toiled
relentlessly in order to allow us to pio-
neer the way of filial piety, we do not
have that confidence. (60-19, 1972.8.1)

1 Samuel 23

18 They both promised the Lord that they would always be loyal to each other. Then Jonathan went home, but David stayed at Horesh.

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Rev. Moon’s Vision for Peace through Soccer and Fishing Tournament

1 Samuel 7

15 Samuel was a leader[d] in Israel all his life. 16 Every year he would go around to the towns of Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah where he served as judge for the people. 17 Then he would go back to his home in Ramah and do the same thing there. He also had an altar built for the Lord at Ramah.

Richard:  Starting in the summer of 2019, Stacey and I will travel to relatives and friends and bring teachings on Entrepreneurship and Absolutely Good Sex.

Exodus 12

Moses called the leaders of Israel together and said:

Each family is to pick out a sheep and kill it for Passover. 22 Make a brush from a few small branches of a hyssop plant and dip the brush in the bowl that has the blood of the animal in it. Then brush some of the blood above the door and on the posts at each side of the door of your house. After this, everyone is to stay inside.

Richard:  Pastor Hyung Jin has told us to be prepared internally and externally.  Internally we study Hoon Dok Hae every day and keep the words and commandments of God expressed in the Bible and int he Words of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.  Externally, we should have some food stored and also be able to defend ourselves.

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Engraft to the Sweet Persimmon Tree

CSG 2184

In front of God what must you long to
become? First, you must become devot-
ed children. Second, you must become
loyal subjects and patriots. Is there any-
one above loyal subjects and patriots?
Saints are higher. Devoted children in
the family are absolutely loyal to their
parents. Patriots are absolutely loyal to
their nation. Then, what kind of people
are saints? They are people like Jesus,
Buddha and Confucius – people who
assert God’s existence, not people who
assert themselves. They lead God-cen-
tered lives and do not cause any harm,
but instead try to benefit humankind.
Moreover, they are not nationalists, but
rather globalists. (54-214, 1972.3.24)

2 Chronicles 14

Asa had a large army of brave soldiers: Three hundred thousand of them were from the tribe of Judah and were armed with shields and spears; two hundred eighty thousand were from Benjamin and were armed with bows and arrows

Richard:  Although you could look at this verse externally, and say that you should be ready to defend yourself physically, which is good, we have another shield and spear.  That is the Word of God.  Specifically, our shield and spear is to maintain sexual purity before Blessed marriage and fidelity within marriage.  When you do not follow that plan, Satan has a strong condition to invade your life.

Rev Sun Myung Moon Hoon Dok Hae-8/2/04

Kodiak AK  9 pm

In Japan, in Tokyo, I walked down the street in Tokyo.  You don’t know what I experienced as a Korean, as a student.  If they know I am Korean, I will be rejected.  Even by the skinny lady.

There are many women in Japan.  They serve God. His (fight) His saints and sages in SW, having educated them last five years they are so surprised.  So many things happened.  AS a righteous man and never left anything ashamed in Japan.  Father knows that Japan destroyed Korean women.  There is no way that Japan can be saved.  Even China.  It’s like fishing like hook and it’s a bait.  Japan is having a hard time, and China also and Europe also and Soviet Union also, they are having a hard time .  There is no liberation without Father.  We need absolute sex, not free sex.  This is the only way for the solution.

During Father’s student time in Japan and Korea.  Japanese women were a very fearful thing. When Father tried to teach 170,000 women in Korea. They already forgot about their face and their appearance.  Do you understand Japanese sisters?  Do you understand all Japanese members?  Don’t be proud of yourself.  Don’t be proud of your education.  Never proud of yourself.

Things that have earthly value have no value in spirit world.

From now there is a new direction in America.  No other religion can surpass the Unification Church.  You must have that kind of spirit and tradition. Eleven religious groups came this time and had the Sports Festival.  This never happened before in history.  It’s a spiritual Olympics.  That’s Father’s vision, Father’s spirit.  …We are in an emergency time.  Having a fishing tournament here.  What is the name of this fishing tournament?. What is the name of this fishing tournament? Do you know?

Who is the peace King?  That is God.  God is the owner of the fishing tournament.  God is the owner of the hunting tournament….  You cannot just connect horizontally to it. ….

(The Interreligious and International Sports Festival……Is a cultural sports festival.  Not in the history in the past has that kind of world cultural and sports festival taken place.  We have to be grateful that one (representative) of Shintoism participated in the Blessing [and was forgiven 100%].

[You should] be able to bless even the King, even children in the womb.  That way the fallen lineage will disappear.  ..The birth certificate is going to disappear and [that person] will be reborn again.  You have to progress by annihilating sin.  You have to become a sweet persimmon.  You have to engraft to the true olive tree.  You have to become part of the sweet persimmon tree, not bitter persimmon.  After engrafting to the sweet persimmon tree, within 4 years you become part of the [sweet tree]….  Even 8 year old child up to the old grandpa branches north, south, east west, Establish 4 position foundation.  The bitter persimmon tree  [must be]engrafted to the sweet tree.  The bitter persimmon tree has grown for 6000 years but a person who is engrafted can become the sweet persimmon tree within 4 years.

You can engraft bitter tree immediately.  It won’t take a long time.  Even Congressman and senators can be engrafted.  Even within one week, we will be able to Bless them, and Japan will be registered as the kingdom of God.  Then Japan will become the place where the sun never sets.  Gather all the hard working Japanese brothers and sisters and invite them for the workshop.  You have to make a strong decision.


…..Father says to Mrs. McDevitt “How can you go to the bathroom during HDK?  You cannot do like that.(That may have been said somewhat in jest)

How miserable is the history behind you as a representative of Japan.  I will give light to the meaning of Wakarimashda, which means “do you understand”, but also, wakari means “separate”.  Do you understand even daytime and night time?  The settlement of noon.  Changing  utterly hell into the heavenly kingdom. The liberation.  We have to change the fallen lineage.  The fallen lineage has to disappear.  Even the emperor of Japan has to understand this.

….  In the hell Satan will bury you for a 1000 years. Our ancestors… come to bow to True Parents with the mercy of God.

Father asks “How old are you, in the back?” (to one brother who is doing ocean church in San Francisco).  33 years old.  You are 33, but you look more like 50 years old.  How can you look more older?  What kind of business do you do?  I am doing Ocean Church in San Francisco.  You have been treated very bad by Americans.  That’s  why you become very old.  Do your best.”

You have to hurry up.  We have to become the owner of the harvest.  You have to offer the Japanese nation to God.  You are doing, though you will not be able to stand in the SW.  You have to be serious.  I am not talking about the Japanese sword.  Making a serious determination without defeat.

There is no enemy before God.  Remember the atomic bomb. Even we are in the era when the satellite can destroy the enemy.  How can you win with the Japanese sword?

If you study the life behind all of the Samarai’s, the sword fighter, they felt there is nothing to fear under the sun.  It’s a miracle that kind of Japan is assigned by Father as the Eve nation.  So now you come to understand the heart of God.  Only Father knows the heart of God and knows God.  For 44 years Father went through suffering since Father was 40, after the 2nd World War.  If England, France,  & Germany, and the Chrisitan Cultures had accepted Father, then when Father became 40 years old he would have educated all the presidents and national the time of the liberation of Korea.  We are now facing almost the same time period as that after WWII when Father could have been accepted.

Unite Religions and Politics with the Teaching of the True Parent

I joined the Unification Movement, accepting the Messianic mission of Rev. Sun Myung Moon 42 years ago today!

CSG 320

Although it is invisible, love is the
most precious treasure on earth. That is
because it is unchanging in nature. Gold
is precious because of its unchanging col-
or, a diamond is precious because of its
unchanging hardness, and a pearl is pre-
cious because of the unchanging harmo-
ny of its colors. However, these precious
treasures do not have life in them. True
love, on the other hand, is a treasure that
has life, and is therefore more precious
than all of them. (201-142, 1990.3.30)

CSG 1047

Cain-Abel relationships
between members
When we look at the members of the
Unification Church and ask the ques-
tion who is Cain and who is Abel, hor-
izontally, those who joined earlier are
Abel, while vertically, those who joined
recently are Abel. In the vertical and
horizontal relationships, the horizontal
must be attentive to the vertical and not
the other way around. This is how it will
become. (49-214, 1971.10.10)

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Japanese People Must Know Their Ancestors and Spirit World

Proverbs 30

These are the sayings
    and the message
    of Agur son of Jakeh.
Someone cries out to God,
    “I am completely worn out!
    How can I last?[a]
I am far too stupid
    to be considered human.
I never was wise,
    and I don’t understand
    what God is like.”

Has anyone gone up to heaven
    and come back down?
    Has anyone grabbed hold
    of the wind?
Has anyone wrapped up the sea
    or marked out boundaries
    for the earth?
If you know of any
    who have done such things,
    then tell me their names
    and their children’s names.

Everything God says is true—
    and it’s a shield for all
    who come to him for safety.
Don’t change what God has said!
    He will correct you and show
    that you are a liar.

Mark 2

Jesus went back to Capernaum, and a few days later people heard that he was at home.[a] Then so many of them came to the house that there wasn’t even standing room left in front of the door.

Jesus was still teaching when four people came up, carrying a crippled man on a mat. But because of the crowd, they could not get him to Jesus. So they made a hole in the roof[b] above him and let the man down in front of everyone.

When Jesus saw how much faith they had, he said to the crippled man, “My friend, your sins are forgiven.”

Some of the teachers of the Law of Moses were sitting there. They started wondering, “Why would he say such a thing? He must think he is God! Only God can forgive sins.”

Right away, Jesus knew what they were thinking, and he said, “Why are you thinking such things? Is it easier for me to tell this crippled man that his sins are forgiven or to tell him to get up and pick up his mat and go on home? 10 I will show you that the Son of Man has the right to forgive sins here on earth.” So Jesus said to the man, 11 “Get up! Pick up your mat and go on home.”

12 The man got right up. He picked up his mat and went out while everyone watched in amazement. They praised God and said, “We have never seen anything like this!”

Rev. Sun Myung Moon-HDK-8/2/04

Kodiak AK  9 pm

All True World Group Members must attend this HDK.  The Japanese Emperor’s spiritual message, I must deliver tonight here, especially 138 generation kings, their message, do you know that one.  If you know that  raise your hand?  You Japanese should published the SW message book and spread it out to every corner of Japan.  That way they will understand the ancestors, this is preparation to go the way the world should go.  Even though you are busy this HDK is very important.  You somehow connect with the spirit world message and connect with your ancestors. Whatever you do, fishing or any athletic activity or hunting, tomorrow you can do, but tonight we  are doing this HDK, especially Japanese members, Mr. Sun Gam Pak, all Japanese True World Group members should gather tonight here, and read the special message from the Japanese Kings.  Ah mo so Kami, he is a man or a woman?  If he is a woman, Ah mo so Kami should receive Blessing or not?  Ah mo so Kami is a human being or ghost or man and woman,  we are going to decide who is this.  We should know this fundamental issue, because this is the root of Japan;  we must know the root of how this was founded in Japan, and if you know that way/ideas you can receive help from the ancestors from Japan.  This is a very important issue.

You should know your emperor in Japan, you should know the ancestors.  You should be clear as to the direction where you will go in the future.  If we don’t know these ideas, we Japanese do not know where to go.  This is not using force.  We should acknowledge and recognize these whole content ideas.  Please start:……

[HDK read in Korean, and then translated into Japanese;  Father comments:]

It is so complicated, … that’s why we need one language.

Father wondered where is the first part

Father is really confused.  Three different languages, which one is which one.  (arranging translators)

American members should understand the difficulty in the Japanese spirit world. …Divine Principle is like a compass to guide all people.  Japan doesn’t know God is the Parent of Humankind.

In the Japanese spirit world there is darkness.  There is a small hot place with an incense smell; something is wrong there. People are eating worms in a dark corner.  Even if you have a big earthly position, you need to know God.  Follow Rev. Moon to find the new Truth.  ….All Japanese leaders must be lecturers.

The Japans spirit world reality is such a terrible reality.  You do not know what is truly the reality.  If you do not follow the Principle Ideas, you ancestors will take you away to spirit world, otherwise the future of Japan will have such a darkness.  Father knows all these ideas how to deal with, how to bring Japan to a better place, that is what Father is thinking now.

Kabaru(?) is the name of a Korean, also Kabura means no value.  When you think about the Meiji, there is no blood relationship.  It’s like the people fighting each other, but still the women have  Nothing to do with the heavenly lineage.   It is so confused.

It’s a Meji? Issue.  Matsushida, means under the pine tree, tanaka, Kawada, those names didn’t exist before the (meji issue).  Religion, Buddhism, Christianity, their laws came from Italy, Japan imitated the legal system from Italy.  Japan imported all of the political system from Europe,  and the German military, the Italian laws,  after 1000 years, it never changed.

Around the nation of Japan, .. great continent there is the bush spirit, the sword fighter spirit.  They are against the enemy, and they invade Kodota, which is Korea.(part of Korea)  Japanese island called Korea , Kodota-nai, that means ‘no value’, In Chinese tradition culture, established by Koreans.  There is no sense that Korea belongs to Japan.

The island of Okinawa has been against Japan for a thousand years.  .  It’s a culture that comes from Korean culture.  That’s nonsense that Japan thinks they are ancestors. It’s not.  Japanese came from Korea.  All the criminals ran away from Korea and crossed the Japanese Ocean and went to Japan.  They rose against (those runaways) to get revenge against Korea.  The runaways are very miserable people.

When Japan the island nation had a hard time, they tried to invade Korea, using a battle ship, and tried to invade the southern part of Korea many times. How can God ask me to love Japan? When I think of past history there are 18,000 religions recorded in the Japanese education department.  Island nation.  Reviewing Japanese history, didn’t they think that they are number one under heaven?  In this world there is so much  information, so it has become clear what Japan did in Korea.  Through a computer website, you cannot hide anymore.  All the truth is revealed.

False transmission of information cannot reveal the truth.  You need to explain the true fact.  The world has to become the peaceful world.  Japan doesn’t know how to get out from this mess.  China, Russia, 360 million people. Middle East religion.  Soviet, India has Hinduism.  How can we absorb this religion.  We cannot embrace by Japanese Military or money.  How can you overcome.

Think of Genghis Khan, tried to invade the world, but he failed to invade Korea, he ran away from Korea.

You don’t read this kind of history. For 40 years Japan was under Korean occupation  Young people who are guided by Rev Moon  have to pay off the debt.  Unification Church women have to stand in the forefront and persevere.  Do you understand Japanese women?  Amito seri, Japanese God is a female God.

….  Father ordered Japanese women to Come to America.  Father is finding the way for Japan through Japanese women.

(General Macarthur) had a headquarters in Tokyo.  To be able to restore the Japanese after the Second World War.  There were ashes in Tokyo.  In 20 years Japan rebuilt again.  It is not because Japan is great, but because Father chose Japan as an Eve nation.

Japanese economic prosperity is not for Japan.

Baltic fleet defeated the Russian fleet.  They thought they can take over the world.  But God has a Providence for Japan as an Eve nation.