Work to Build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth

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CSG 2172

Jesus said, “Worry not what you will
wear or what you will eat, for the Gen-
tiles seek after these. Seek ye first the
Kingdom of God, and His righteous-
ness.” As this shows, the central stream
of thought in the Bible is that kingdom.
This philosophy says to seek that nation.
It does not say to seek your own happi-
ness. If you are born as a citizen of that
nation and you have a husband, then
that husband represents that nation, so
you have to love that nation before you
can love your husband. And the wife
also represents the nation; you have to
love that nation before you can love your
wife. You have to be able to ask him or
her to die in the position of being able
to say, “I did everything I could; there
is nothing more I could have done.” It is
no good if you die having said, “I should
have tried such and such.” For this rea-
son, we are busy even though we may
have accomplished a certain amount.
Even if you walk a way on the path, you
have got to go even further. When every-
one else is sleeping, we have to go one
step further. “Hey Satan’s world! Take it
easy! You guys, rest the whole day if you
like! We are going off to seek that nation.”
That is what you have got to say.
Fellow compatriots, all you who seek
the unification of the North and South! I
especially want to say the mission of you
women is to restore the young men and
women, and the mission of the students
is to be true children through true edu-
cation. That is what you must do.
And beyond that, mothers and chil-
dren have to unite to set the standard, so
that the husbands can be raised and edu-
cated to be the true sons of Heaven. Then
following True Parents, and attending
God, restore the ideal of the Kingdom
of Heaven on Earth.
In closing, let me say that it is my
fervent hope that these words today will
help you build a nationwide movement
to bring closer the day when North and
South meet in true love.
May God’s blessing be with both you
and your families. Thank you.

CSG 1520

If you cannot experience heavenly
love on earth, you are not able to enter
God’s Kingdom in the spirit world. Have
you sincerely loved a Cain-type person?
In order to go to the Kingdom of Heav-
en, your love should surpass the paren-
tal love and conjugal love of the satanic
world. If the parents in the satanic world
are able to die for the sake of their child,
we should demonstrate a love that sur-
passes them. (Blessed Family – 953)

Let Us Experience the Sorrow of God

Sun Myung Moon
March 2, 1958

The people who are experiencing the heart of God in their lives as He works amid the historical sorrow cannot behold God without shedding tears, no matter where they are. When you are aware of the will of God and are fighting to become His sons and daughters, if you have a comrade with whom you share the same cause, God will come there and shed tears.

Where is the source of God’s grief? It is inside us. At the same time it is inside this nation, this world and all things. We must bring an end to this and carry on the movement to restore the joy of God. The center of life for us is experiencing the grief of God.

The problem is whether we have set the standard to mobilize the spirits of the spirit world, of which people are not aware, and have them bear witness. The spirit world is also demanding this. Because the spirit world is aware of the heart of God, if there are people on the earth who make such an appeal, then the spirit world will mobilize the spirits to help in the affairs of the earth in seeking to realize the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven.

What is the reason that the spirits in the spirit world cannot come to this earth? It is because this earth is made up of barriers of lamentation. If the environment we dwell in is free of the conditions of lamentation, if through our bodies we can become free from the conditions of sorrow, and if we have entered the realm of peaceful rest in which we do not feel any fear when we are threatened by Satan, then God will help us. To cling to the people who mourn, worry and shed tears for the sake of the Father, Satan must stand in the same position. The forces of Satan will then be fundamentally dismantled.

For this reason, you must experience the sorrow of God, who has been guiding the providence for several thousand years. Taking responsibility for all of heaven and earth, you should be able to say, “Please take us as the sacrifice and make us into the bombs that can explode Satan! Please uproot the sorrow of God.” Jesus came with this kind of heart.

In the same way that Jesus could become the bomb that could produce the resurrection of new life and could perform the works of re- creation by walking the path of Golgotha, you must also produce these kinds of works. After experiencing the heart of God, who has been guiding the providence until now, you must become the people who have the determination and the resolution to offer your minds and bodies for the sake of this world. God is seeking these sons and daughters, one family, one nation and one world.

If you experience this heart of God in your daily life, you then will grieve infinitely over God. God immediately senses the presence of such people. Therefore, you must become such people. If you have failed to become thus, you then must bow down before such people.

Those who can bow down before such people must become the true sons and daughters. Only after that is done can you inherit the great work of the creation of the heavenly principles. Are there such sons and daughters on the earth? You have to become such people. You have to remember that if you fail to do so, you will become sinners who cannot dare to raise their heads before Heaven.

The ears through which you hear, the eyes with which you see, the mouths through which you speak and the feelings that you feel today exist for what purpose? They exist to fulfill the will of the heavenly principles. However, if they deviate from the will of the heavenly principles, they then will surely be confronted with the day of judgment. Since you have come to understand these facts, you must first judge yourself; after then judging the surrounding environment, you can step forward. In other words, the path of the cross is making the judgment upon yourself. You are to first judge your life and then judge your death. Only after passing through the day of resurrection in this manner can you finally become the true sons and daughters which Heaven can recognize.

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